Euphoria season 2 episode 5 recap: What does Laurie do to Rue?

Zendaya in Euphoria - Photo Courtesy of Eddy Chen/HBO
Zendaya in Euphoria - Photo Courtesy of Eddy Chen/HBO /

This week on Euphoria season 2, Rue reaches a breaking point when her mother finds out about her drug usage. Desperate for a fix, she burns bridges with Jules and finds herself in a dangerous situation after going to Laurie’s house.

Read on to discover what happened in Euphoria season 2 episode 5, “Stand Still Like the Hummingbird.”

Euphoria season 2 episode 5 recap: Who told Rue’s mom she relapsed?

Rue’s mom finds out she is doing drugs again, which makes Rue livid at Gia, assuming her sister is the one who told on her. To make matters worse, the suitcase with all of the pills she’s supposed to sell for Laurie is gone. This makes Rue lash out, even getting violent toward Gia. Her mother, in return, slaps Rue and tells her to get out. Rue breaks down, saying she can’t get clean and apologizing for scaring them.

Things escalate when she finds out Jules and Elliot are in her living room and that Jules is the one who told her mother — as well as flushed all the pills down the toilet. Rue screams at Jules, telling her she’s the worst thing to ever happen to her and that she sucks the life out of people. She accuses her of simply loving being loved and abandoning her when she needed her most. Elliot reflects that she shouldn’t have said anything about Rue not being clean to Jules, as he liked Rue the way she was and it wasn’t his place.

Rue sobs about missing her dad before finally allowing her mom to take her to the hospital. On the way, she admits she relapsed as soon as she left rehab last time. When she learns her mom wants to take her back to rehab — not the ER — she jumps out of the car and runs away.

Euphoria season 2 episode 5 recap: Does Rue get arrested?

Euphoria season 2
Euphoria season 2 /

Rue goes to Lexi’s, telling her she needs to use the bathroom. All of the girls are there, and Lexi’s mom questions Rue about how she’s doing. This turns into an intervention of sorts, with Rue saying she can’t stay clean. Cassie tells her to take it one day at a time, which annoys Rue to the point where she outs Cassie and Nate — right in front of Maddy. This makes Maddy lose it, and Rue uses the chaos to slip out of the house and run away again.

Rue goes to Fez’s house and attempts to steal pills, but Fez kicks her out. She instead sneaks under the garage door of a random couple’s house to steal some jewelry. Though she makes it past the guard dog, she’s caught by the homeowners when hiding under the bed and escapes.

The cops see her on the street and are suspicious, asking her if everything is okay. Rue immediately pukes and flees, ruining a birthday party, hopping over a fence, and even hiding in a trash can to avoid being caught.

Euphoria season 2 episode 5 recap: What does Laurie do to Rue?

Not seeing any other options, Rue goes to Laurie’s house, giving her $2,000 and the jewelry she stole since she doesn’t have the money from the pills. Laurie is eerily calm, thanking her for coming to her house and saying she knew Rue lied to her about being sober. She shares her own story of addiction, telling her it happened after she had surgery.

Laurie tells Rue she can’t take the jewelry but does wish she had gotten to her house earlier so she could have had something to help her with her withdrawal. The only thing she has now is morphine, which she finally injects when helping Rue bathe since she’s desperate for anything at this point. Rue sinks into sleep, remembering her father’s funeral and going to the beach with him.

Rue wakes up in a strange, bird-themed room with needle marks in her arm. She panics and tries to leave the house, finding the front door is locked. She struggles to find the correct keys while her hands shake. She manages not to wake any of the people sleeping on the couches, escaping and finally getting back home.

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