Euphoria season 2 episode 6 recap: Does Kat have a brain disease?

Euphoria season 2
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On this episode of Euphoria season 2, Ali bonds with Gia, Maddy bonds with Samantha, and Nate bonds with his mom.

Read on to discover what happened in Euphoria season 2 episode 6, “A Thousand Little Trees of Blood.”

Euphoria season 2 episode 6 recap: Does Ali forgive Rue?

Rue is going through bad withdrawals, shaking so hard she can’t even manage to open a Jolly Rancher as her mom and sister take care of her. She feels awful about what she said to Ali, having reduced his life to a single moment and punishing him for it, knowing it wasn’t fair of her. She calls him to apologize, and he forgives her. Only then can she finally open the Jolly Rancher.

Ali stops by and cooks dinner for the family, talking to Gia as they prepare the food and assuring her it’s okay to be angry at her sister. When they sit down to eat, they ask Rue if this is her rock bottom, and she promises she wants to get clean and apologize. Gia admits to being skeptical, which Ali tells her is okay. No one knows for sure if she will get clean.

That night, Gia climbs into bed with Rue. Rue sadly says she doesn’t feel like she knows anything about her life anymore, and Gia promises to tell her all about it when she gets back from rehab. While the two sleep, Rue’s mom calls the hospital and pleads with them to let Rue into an in-patient hospital rehab and not just detox, as she’s scared Rue is going to try and kill herself.

Euphoria season 2 episode 6 recap: Does Kat have a brain disease?

Cassie calls Nate incessantly after Maddy finds out about them, but Maddy doesn’t contact at all, which scares him. She’s loyal and would bury anyone who crossed her. Maddy tells Kat she wants to kill Cassie, and Kat admits she never trusted her.

Heartbroken and depressed in addition to angry, Maddy distracts herself by trying on babysitting mom Samantha’s clothes again. Samantha invites her to drink and swim, and Maddy tells her all about Cassie. Samantha admits she did something similar to Cassie in college and was messy and loved to fight in high school — something Maddy can relate to. Samantha says they’d be having a different conversation if she was still dating people like Nate in her 40s but it doesn’t matter now since she’s still so young. Samantha eventually found her husband and calmed down — but she and her friend never made up.

Kat talks to Maddy on the phone while at dinner with Ethan, which annoys him. Once she ends the call, she tells him she has a terminal brain disorder and that they should break up because it would all be too hard. Ethan is confused and thinks she’s lying just because she doesn’t want to break up with him outright, breaking up with her instead for her strange behavior.

Euphoria season 2 episode 6 recap: What’s Lexi’s play about?

Euphoria season 2
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Cassie’s mom is afraid she’s going to try and kill herself over Nate, making Lexi hide the knives in the bushes. This causes Lexi to have second thoughts about her play, confiding to Fez that she’s worried Cassie will freak out.

Fez calms her down, reminding her this is the first time she’s ever done anything for herself. He tells her that, based on what she’s told him about it, her play sounds like Stand By Me — one of both of their favorite movies. She’s honored by the comparison, and they watch it together.

After growing closer to Fez, she’s defensive of him toward Cassie and understands why he did what he did to Nate. She refuses to give Cassie all the information, however, assuming she would just go back and relay it to Nate. Cassie is livid at Rue for what she said about Nate, but Lexi and her mom both defend Rue and her actions considering her life and problems, which makes Cassie even angrier.

Things are not looking good for Fez and Ashtray. Custer fells Faye the police questioned him about Mouse, as the mother of his child has been talking to the authorities. It sounds like Custer is cooperating with the police against him.

Euphoria season 2 episode 6 recap: Does Nate want to kill Maddy?

Euphoria season 2
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Nate and his mom Marsha are both glad Nate’s dad is gone, celebrating being free from him. Marsha, however, tells Nate not to take his anger out on her, which irritates him — he says his anger was specific and only directed at his father.

Marsha admits she’s glad Nate and Maddy broke up, as she was always scared Maddy would get pregnant and keep the baby just to trap and spite Nate. She says she’s even proud of him for gabbing Maddy at the fair and sticking up for his family.

Nate gets annoyed his mom is acting like a teenager about the divorce, and Marsha’s mood deflates. She asks why he got all of his dad’s bad qualities yet none of his good ones. She muses that he was such a sweet, considerate kid but that something switched in him as she grew up. Nate doesn’t like what she’s implying.

Nate cares about his dad’s business because he’ll inherit it someday and knows the disc of him and Jules puts that all in jeopardy. He sneaks into Maddy’s house with a gun to get it back. Terrified, she says she loves him, but he says he knows it’s over since he humiliated her.

He loads the gun and holds it to her head before turning it on his own, telling her he needs the disc. Maddy cries and admits it’s in her purse, and Nate goes to retrieve it. He apologizes for scaring her, saying it was all a joke and there were no bullets in the gun, but Maddy is traumatized.

Nate calls Jules and tells her he needs to talk. He apologizes for everything he did, saying he was trying to protect someone who didn’t deserve it. Nate gives her the disc, saying she can do what she wants with it. Not many people have seen it, and it’s the only copy. He tells her everything he said was true, and she says the same.

Jules watches the video, stunned and disturbed, while Nate goes to Cassie. He tells her to pack a suitcase and come stay with him because he loves her. Cassie agrees, sharing pointed looks with her mother on her way out of her own house and another with Nate’s mom as she goes into his home. Cassie tells Nate she ruined her entire life for him and starts hitting him until he kisses her.

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