Obi-Wan Kenobi season 1 episode 1 recap: 10 Years Later

This article contains SPOILERS for Obi-Wan Kenobi season 1 episode 1.

10 years after he failed his student, Obi-Wan Kenobi is given a chance to fix some of his wrongs in the first episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi season 1.

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Opening up, younglings and their Jedi master are being attacked by the Clone Troopers running during Order 66. On Tatooine 10 years later, a Grand Inquisitor, Third Sister, and Fifth Brother enter a saloon looking for a Jedi that the Empire troopers heard was here.

Third Sister throws a knife at the saloon’s owner, but the Jedi stops it before immediately trying to run away and declaring their hunt as useless. Third Sister tries to kill the Jedi but the Grand Inquisitor stops her.

The Jedi successfully gets away due to the Third Sister’s recklessness. She explains she wants bigger prey like Obi-Wan Kenobi, but the Grand Inquisitor forbids it.

At a mobile meatpacking facility built off a dead creature, Obi-Wan is suppressing his instincts to help a person in need, even while he and his fellow workers are not being paid or treated fairly. After making the trek back to his isolated home, Obi-Wan barters with a Jawa named Teeka who sells him a little model skyhopper.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) in Lucasfilm’s OBI-WAN KENOBI, exclusively on Disney+. © 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

That night, Obi-Wan has nightmares of Anakin due to the fact his former Padawan became Darth Vader. He views this as his biggest failure in life and as a Jedi.

Obi-Wan Kenobi season 1 episode 1: Checking in on Luke

The next morning Obi-Wan does his duties by checking in on young Luke Skywalker with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. Luke is showing interest in piloting like his father and as a natural Jedi, something which Obi-Wan is excited about.

While he is walking back to his cave one night, the Jedi from the saloon approaches. He tries to convince Obi-Wan that they need to hurry to continue “the fight.”

Obi-Wan says his name is Ben and pretends to not know what the young Jedi is talking about. Eventually, Obi-Wan gives in and instructs the weary traveler to run and forget about his training.

An establishing shot of what turns out to be Alderaan is next as audiences see a young Princess Leia getting prepared for an important function. Her mother, Queen Breha Organa, comes to pick her up when she discovers that this is not her daughter.

It turns out Leia pulled a Padme Amidala and used a body double. In actuality, an adorable decade old Leia is running in the woods with her little pet-like droid so they can watch ships take off and land while predicting what kind of job each is doing.

Breha comes to get her and gives her daughter a talk on responsibility and only getting what you put into something. As the royal duo leaves for the function, a shadowy and mysterious figure watches on.

Obi-Wan Kenobi season 1 episode 1: The Dark Side gets closer to Kenobi

When Obi-Wan is returning home one day from his meatpacking job with his little extra sliver of meat he cuts for himself, Owen approaches him. The uncle returns the skyhopper toy and demands that Ben stays away from his home and his nephew.

Ben tries to reason with Owen, but the farmer hears none of it based on how Obi-Wan trained Anakin. As Owen is leaving, Third Sister and Fifth Brother enter the area to make their presence known.

Obi-Wan hides in response. When Third Sister senses something in Owen, Luke’s uncle explains how he would never help a Jedi because they are vermin.

Third Sister almost takes it too far when Fifth Brother steps in and leaves with his partner.

(L-R): Owen Lars (Joel Edgerton) and Reva (Moses Ingram) in Lucasfilm’s OBI-WAN KENOBI, exclusively on Disney+. © 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

Before they take off, Fifth Brother has a similar talk with Third Sister about her hunt for Kenobi but she dismisses these worries again. In doing so, she maintains her belief that she will get what she is owed if she turns in Kenobi.

Obi-Wan Kenobi season 1 episode 1: Young Leia shows signs of rebellion

Back on Alderaan at the capital, the royal family of Naboo visit which means Leia is spending time with her cousins who are around the same age as her. The older and snobby cousin tries to act tough but the quick-witted Leia easily puts him in his place with her words.

Leia is scolded later by her parents but once it is just Leia and her father Bail Organa, the mighty grown adult gives in to his adorable daughter. This allows the young princess to escape and run through the woods again.

However, this time the creepy figure approaches Leia. The figure, along with his two associates begins chasing her through the woods.

The unmarked thugs are able to capture her and escape. This leads to Bail and Breha trying to call Obi-Wan so he can help get their daughter back.

Because Obi-Wan has been a hermit for ten years, he tells the Organa parents to find someone else to help them.

Obi-Wan Kenobi season 1 episode 1: Help Us Obi-Wan

Leaving work one day, Obi-Wan and the rest of the town are devastated to see the dead corpse of the fleeing Jedi being strung up in the middle of the street. This is the same Jedi who begged for Obi-Wan’s help.

Back at his home, Obi-Wan is greeted by Bail Organa making one last plea to his old friend. Even going as far as to call him out for using Luke as a crutch.

But the disgruntled Jedi Master still declines. While she is being held captive, Leia tries to use her droid Lola to get free.

Unfortunately, the main thug arrives and destroys the droid while reinforcing the threat that the princess is alone. After this, the thug takes a call from Third Sister stating that Obi-Wan will come to save Leia since the Jedi hunt themselves.

Finally, on Tatooine, Obi-Wan gets aboard a transport ship, with his lightsaber on his waist, going to save young Leia.

Do you think Obi-Wan will able to save the young Leia? How do you think Obi-Wan’s relationship with Uncle Owen will impact him watching over Luke?

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