Who is joining the Queen Charlotte Bridgerton spinoff cast?

Queen Charlotte’s story on the Netflix romantic drama Bridgerton is only the peak of undoubtedly a gigantic iceberg. Calm, stoic, but passionate at her core, Queen Charlotte has more than any woman of the time could possibly dream of.

Her power and influence are immeasurable. But that doesn’t mean she’s not withholding a lot of sorrow as well.

Thus far in Bridgerton seasons 1 and 2, audiences caught glimpses into her marriage to the rarely seen King George. At best, he is happy and pleasant, at worst he is ill-tempered and near-violent.

The series doesn’t specifically outright say what is troubling the king although many have their theories. Regardless of what the situation might be, this is hardly what their marriage once was.

Who will be playing Vivian and Lord Ledger on the Bridgerton Queen Charlotte spin-off?

How did such a presumed happy and amorous relationship take such a drastic turn? We’re hoping these questions are answered in the upcoming Bridgerton spinoff which will serve as a prequel for Queen Charlotte, Violet Bridgerton and Lady Danbury.

The cast has been growing, as it has been announced previously that India Amarteifio, Arsema Thomas and Corey Mylchreest are joining the highly anticipated spin-off. Most recently, according to Deadline, actors Katie Brayben (TV series The Alienist, The Wheel of Time) and Keir Charles (TV series Back to Life, Silent Witness) have joined the cast playing the roles of Vivian Ledger and Lord Ledger.

How will their characters affect the story? Who are Vivian and Lord Ledger?

How many other characters do you think the spin-off will introduce? We look forward hearing and reading more updates and developments!

Which character are you most excited to see in the upcoming Bridgerton spinoff? Share your answers in the comments below!