Yes, The Walking Dead Rick and Michonne Grimes spin-off is happening!

Well, the biggest question on every fan of The Walking Dead’s mind may finally be answered. Where is Rick Grimes?

He’s starring in his own spin-off with Michonne, AKA: Michonne Grimes. Yes, the king and queen of the apocalypse will be starring in their own, currently unnamed, spin-off!

The announcement came during San Diego Comic-Con and received jovial applause from excited fans! Keep in mind this six episode spin-off will not be airing until next year.

What will this spin-off be about? Well according to the logline as quoted by Variety, “Rick and Michonne are thrown into another world, built on a war against the dead… And ultimately, a war against the living. Can they find each other and who they were in a place and situation unlike any they’ve ever known before?”

What will happen in The Walking Dead Rick and Michonne Grimes spin-off?

Sadly, as many recall, Michonne had assumed Rick died, even when others like Daryl continued to search for him. It wasn’t until she met Virgil that she had her first clue of Rick’s survival and whereabouts.

It has been several years since they were last together. Long enough for Michonne to have their son, RJ, whom Rick doesn’t know exists.

Long enough for The Whisperers to come and go and the group being discovered by The Commonwealth. Rick was taken by Jadis AKA: Anne by the Civic Republic who, as we’ve seen in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, aren’t heroes but villains.

Many assumed Rick was going to be one of the soldiers, practically brainwashed to obey the Civic Republic, believing in the cause. Which let’s be honest, the cause is basically sacrificing innocent lives (and possible threats) in the name of science and understanding walkers.

But did Rick go down that path? If so, is he simply faking it so he can one day escape and return to his friends and family?

Has both he and Michonne changed to the point where their solid and unbreakable relationship will be nonexistent. We don’t think so.

Sure, the two have had their disagreements in the past and perhaps at one point been strangers to one another. But their relationship, is one the most powerful examples of how love can find itself and thrive even in the darkest of times and places.

How do you feel about a Rick Grimes and Michonne spin-off? What do you think will happen?

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