Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 4 Recap: “The Ruthless Pursuit of Blood With All a Child’s Demanding”

Bailey Bass as Claudia - Interview with the Vampire _ Season 1, First Look - Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC
Bailey Bass as Claudia - Interview with the Vampire _ Season 1, First Look - Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC /

This article contains SPOILERS for Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 4.

Louis rescues Claudia, as he and Lestat teach her about being a vampire. But the harsh reality of vampirism quickly begins to set in for Claudia.

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The episode begins with Daniel on the phone telling someone that he can’t tell them certain things and that what he’s working on will be a book. The man who works for Louis interrupts him.

He tells Daniel that Louis has arranged for him to receive a transfusion tomorrow and that Louis will be resting that day. Daniel is given access to information from the archives, a different perspective on the years he is interested in.

He finds journals and reads from them, one of them being Claudia’s. She describes a “black angel” (Louis) rescuing her and bringing her to a nice house.

There a “white angel” (Lestat) bit her and let her drink his blood. She comes to the conclusion that she isn’t in heaven and that Louis and Lestat are demons.

Claudia decides to make the best of the situation.

Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 4: A daughter for Louis and Lestat?

Claudia has a lot of questions for Louis and Lestat. She realizes she isn’t human anymore.

She and Louis communicate through their thoughts, but Lestat can’t hear them. He sneaks up behind Claudia, and she wonders how he did it.

He says he’ll teach her, but not if there are family secrets. Claudia asks if they’re a family, and Louis assures they are, but with no secrets.

She repeats a question from earlier about the incinerator that Louis and Lestat have. Lestat tells her it’s where they burn bodies.

Claudia asks why they burn bodies. Louis and Lestat take her out to eat her first human.

Louis initially thinks she takes after him and doesn’t want to kill anyone. His thoughts change when she runs after a man, a police officer, and attacks him after luring him to her.

When they return home, she says she’s hungry. Louis and Lestat want her to wait since she just ate the man, and it isn’t good to overindulge as a vampire.

Claudia begs them to eat something and eventually disappears.

Interview With the Vampire season 1 episode 4: Works like love

Louis goes after Claudia, who is then seen watching bodies burn. She observes in her journal that she doesn’t like eating what she used to eat as a human.

Claudia also writes that she has figured out how to make her life more fun since when she goes to bed, most kids are waking up. Claudia asks Lestat who made him since he made Louis and her.

Lestat avoids answering her question, stating he is tired and not in the best mood. Louis and Lestat fight over Claudia in French.

They buy Claudia her own coffin, and Lestat attacks the owner of the establishment because he sensed something was wrong. Claudia writes about how she likes having her own space and notices Lestat sneaking into Louis’ coffin.

She tells Louis that she thinks Lestat has secrets. Louis replies that Lestat is older than them and might not want to talk about his past.

She then asks how love between two men works. Louis explains that it works like love.

Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 4: Likable killing machine

Claudia asks Louis if he ever liked girls. Louis replies that he used to pretend to but doesn’t anymore.

He adds that Lestat does sometimes. Claudia wonders if Lestat is seeing a woman when he leaves at night.

Louis says that sometimes Lestat’s kills get extravagant, and he doesn’t want to see them. As Louis drains a fish, Claudia is baffled as she doesn’t know how he does it.

He replies that he tries to enjoy the taste of animal blood. He asserts that killing people can have consequences, such as the fire in Claudia’s house.

Interview With the Vampire season 1 episode 4: Claudia
Bailey Bass as Claudia – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 1, First Look – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC /

Louis tells her that the fire was a consequence of one of his kills. He used to be overinvolved in human affairs before she came along.

Daniel finds Rashid, the man who works for Louis, praying. He asks him how Muhammad feels about vampires.

Rashid asks Daniel if he has everything he needs. Daniel quips about a cure for Parkinson’s, and Rashid asks how the reading is going.

Daniel adds that he likes Claudia even though she’s a killing machine. He feels bad for interrupting Rashid’s praying, adds to his notes about the man, and opens Claudia’s other journal.

Interview With the Vampire season 1 episode 4: The end of the easy times

Claudia writes about her happy home with Lestat and Louis, although it is an odd one. She tells her diary that she has her own room and is happy about that.

She writes about how she, Louis, and Lestat live like mortals do since they experience a wide range of emotions and states, including eating, laughter, and love. Claudia also adds that Louis and Lestat have their issues, but they’re usually solved quickly.

If the issue can’t be solved quickly, Claudia writes that she can always get in the middle and help them. Then, the phone rings, and Claudia writes that the easy times stopped.

Louis’ mother died, and he brings Claudia and Lestat to the wake with him. Claudia remarks to Grace and Levi that she’d never seen a dead person look so peaceful and wonders what her last words were.

Grace warns Louis not to bring Lestat and Claudia to the funeral. Louis says that he doesn’t know if he can make it.

Levi says that they’ve heard that a lot. Grace wants to talk about the house with Louis.

Interview With the Vampire season 1 episode 4: Claudia the hunter

Grace tells Louis he’s doing fine and doesn’t need the money. She and Levi offer to pay him in installments for the house.

Louis warns his sister to calm herself and reminds her what he did to the door of her and Levi’s house. Lestat and Claudia appear behind Louis.

Lestat states that Claudia wants to go home. She complains about the smell at the wake.

Louis kisses his sister Grace on her cheeks to say goodbye. He tells her that he’ll have the papers drawn up.

Claudia writes that Louis told her that she hadn’t been around humans for too long and forgot how to behave around them. Lestat, however, felt she behaved just fine.

He takes Claudia to a place where young lovers meet. She attacks a couple, and when the woman runs away, Lestat gets her.

Louis and Lestat fight over Lestat taking Claudia to hunt.

Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 4: Claudia’s secret

Claudia realizes she’s been 18 for seven months and should act like it. She begins wearing different clothes, one that she’d stolen from a woman between speakeasies.

Louis tells Claudia in his thoughts that she shouldn’t do what Lestat would do. Claudia warns Louis that she’ll tell Lestat that Louis spoke to her in his thoughts, when they’re not supposed to have secrets.

She goes out to hunt and is about to attack a group of young women who are making fun of her, when she runs into a young man named Charlie. She scares his horse and writes in her diary about how she can’t sleep or eat, which makes things boring.

She likes Charlie and is pleased when he takes her home in his buggy and looks up when he’s driving someone else home. He leaves her flowers, and she writes about how she finally has secrets of her own.

She blocks Louis out of her head when he wonders who Charlie is. Claudia and Charlie go on a date and end up kissing, but she accidentally kills him.

Lestat warns Claudia against getting close to a mortal because they always end up dead. In the present, Louis finds Daniel reading Claudia’s diary.

Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 4:  Anne Frank meets Stephen King

Louis tells Daniel that Claudia is a very vivid writer. Daniel compares her writing to Anne Frank and Stephen King.

He wonders where all of the diaries were during their previous interview. Louis says that they were scattered, with one in New Orleans, and another in Paris.

Louis wonders if Daniel would have shared his daughter’s diaries with a reporter like him if they detailed all of his many failures. In the past, Claudia writes in her diary that she was on the right path because Charlie called her an angel.

She puts her hand into the sun, and it burns. Claudia screams, and with that, the episode ends.

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