Top Moments from Peacock TV’s Vampire Academy Season 1

VAMPIRE ACADEMY -- "TBD" Episode 102 -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Jose Haro/Peacock)
VAMPIRE ACADEMY -- "TBD" Episode 102 -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Jose Haro/Peacock) /

This article contains SPOILERS for Vampire Academy Season 1!

Join us as we discuss the top moments of Vampire Academy season 1 so far.

Catch up here on everything that happened in the last episode!

Vampire Academy season 1 has taken fans on one intriguing ride. It has been full of exciting moments from Dimitri and Rose’s kiss to Mikhail turning into a Strigoi.

We are counting down the top moments from season 1 as we prepare for the season finale. Want to know what other moments made our list?

Continue reading as we go over some of the top moments of Vampire Academy season 1.

1. Vampire Academy Season 1 Top Moments: The accident

The first top moment happens during Vampire Academy season 1 episode 1. It is, of course, the accident that changes everything for Lissa and Rose.

This moment kicks off the story and sets the plot’s events in motion. Without this accident, Lissa and Rose would have had entirely different experiences.

Both main characters were somewhat sheltered due to the protection of Lissa’s parents. Their loss, and the supposed loss of Andre, changes everything for the characters, emotionally and externally.

Lissa’s parents’ loss and Andre’s supposed loss has Lissa step up as the last member of the Dragomir family. And Rose, being her best friend and Guardian, has to step up as well.

Of course, the accident also causes Lissa to bring Rose back, creating their bond and making Rose shadow-kissed. Without the accident, it might have taken ages for Lissa to discover her Spirit abilities, not to mention, she and Rose would not have the special connection they do.

2. Vampire Academy Season 1 Top Moments: Lissa is chosen as the next Queen of the Moroi for the first time

This top moment also takes place during Vampire Academy season 1 episode 1. It is when the Queen announces at a party that she wants Lissa to be her successor.

This is a big moment, not only for Lissa, who is shocked to be named the next Queen, but for Rose as well. After all, if Lissa is going to be Queen, Rose will either be sent or will have a difficult task as her Guardian.

In addition, Rose is feeling all of Lissa’s emotions when the Moroi Queen makes this announcement. This moment showcases the special connection between the two friends.

Before this moment, the Queen summons Rose to ask about Lissa. This conversation possibly leads to the Queen making this decision, showing how Lissa and Rose’s fates are intertwined.

During this conversation, Rose praises Lissa’s kindness and compassion, which are good qualities for a ruler to have.

3. Vampire Academy Season 1 Top Moments: The Strigoi attack at St. Jude’s

This top moment occurs in Vampire Academy season 1 episode 3. This moment changes everything, not just for Rose and Lissa but for the Moroi and Dhampirs.

As a result of this attack, many Dhampir Guardians are lost. That makes everyone around, including Rose, even more precious to the Moroi.

In addition, two of Lissa’s second cousins die in this attack. As a result, Lissa loses her quorum and cannot be a Council member or Queen of the Dominion.

Christian also deals with the result of this attack, particularly since his parents led it. He begins to get “presents” from his Strigoi parents.

This attack is tragic for the entire Dominion, particularly for the characters the audience knows and loves.

4. Vampire Academy Season 1 Top Moments: Lissa finds out about the existence of Spirit

This top moment also occurs during Vampire Academy season 1 episode 3. Christian finds Lissa at the Death Watch and tells her about the existence of the fifth element, Spirit.

This moment leads to so many others, both big and small. Lissa, knowing about the existence of Spirit, is a blessing and a curse.

It is a blessing because she knows that she has magic, but it is also a curse because of the negative effects of using Spirit. Not to mention, the fact that it causes Lissa a lot of pain.

Without Spirit, she would have specialized in one of the other four elements during her Specialization Ceremony. Without Spirit, Christian wouldn’t have felt the need to break up with her at the Death Watch to protect her.

Lissa knowing about the existence of Spirit also leads to her wanting to find out more about her mysterious powers, which is an ongoing quest of hers throughout Vampire Academy season 1.

5. Vampire Academy Season 1 Top Moments: Mikhail is turned into a Strigoi, and Rose kills Strigoi Mikhail.

This top moment takes place during Vampire Academy season 1 episode 5. Rose and the other novices are meant to fight one Strigoi, and Mikhail comes to grade them.

However, Mikhail returns to Bravo Team’s camp to find his fellow Guardians killed by the Strigoi. The Strigoi turns Mikhail into a Strigoi as well.

This moment causes a continous chain reaction. For example, Rose is traumatized by Mikhail’s demise, especially since she does not want to kill her friend and fellow Guardian.

This leads to her seeking out Mikhail’s family, including his sister Sasha. Dimitri covers for Rose, who told Sasha to run from the other Guardians.

In the latest episode, Dimitri is arrested for treason and locked up, awaiting sentencing by the Queen of the Dominion. Sonya is also traumatized by losing Mikhail, leading her to heal her father, Victor, not wanting to lose another man she loves.

She heals Victor multiple times, and eventually, Spirit’s Darkness becomes too much. She turns Strigoi herself.

6. Vampire Academy Season 1 Top Moments: Lissa meets Adrian Ivashkov

This top moment occurs during Vampire Academy season 1 episode 6. In her quest to understand her Spirit abilities, Lissa heads to Lisbon to meet the owner of the painting of St. Vladimir that she saw at home.

That owner is Adrian Ivashkov. He shows her his private collection, where she sees some other abilities of Spirit, including dream-walking.

Adrian then appears in her dreams. Lissa asks if he is a Spirit user as well.

He confirms he is. Adrian is the one who encourages Lissa to seek out the writer, who was considered a heretic by the Moroi church.

He is also the first Spirit user Lissa meets after learning about her abilities. He is the only Spirit user that Lissa knows is a Spirit user.

She discovers this almost immediately because she finds out about Sonya’s abilities after the latter has already turned into a Strigoi.

7. Vampire Academy Season 1 Top Moments: Rose and Dimitri kiss

This top moment also occurs during Vampire Academy season 1 episode 6. At the end of the episode, they kiss after Dimitri gives Rose her Molnija mark.

This is the beginning of their relationship and the end of tons of tension between the two characters. It’s satisfying for the audience, who have most likely rooted for such an outcome.

However, it is bittersweet for the characters in the end. This moment also leads to others.

It leads to Rose and Dimitri sneaking around, the two growing closer while escorting Lissa and Adrian to the heretical writer, and ultimately to them breaking up because Dimitri doesn’t want to get in between Rose and her duty as a Guardian. It also possibly leads to Rose being frustrated with Lissa.

Her relationship with Dimitri ended because he did not want to get in between their friendship. However, when Lissa tells Rose that she does not want her as a Guardian, it is understandably annoying.

Rose has given up a lot, including Dimitri, to be Lissa’s Guardian. She also fights Dimitri during episode 8, partly because she cares about him so much and wants him to listen to what she has to say.

Even in the latest episode, Rose and Dimitri’s relationship plays a role as she visits him.

8. Vampire Academy Season 1 Top Moments: Lissa learns the truth about St. Vladimir and her and Rose’s bond

This top moment occurs during Vampire Academy season 1 episode 7. When Lissa and Adrian visit the heretical writer, they discover that Vladimir passed some of the Darkness of Spirit to Anna through their bond.

As Lissa leaves, the writer tells her about how Vladimir and Anna’s bond was created and the meaning of the words shadow-kissed. Vladimir’s ultimate sin was to bring Anna back to life with his Spirit abilities.

That created a bond between them. It is the same case for Lissa and Rose.

After the accident, when Rose died saving her best friend, Lissa brought her back. This creates a bond between them making Rose shadow-kissed as she died and returned.

This moment of learning the truth about St. Vladimir is pivotal for Lissa and Rose. Lissa feels that St. Vladimir is just another predatory Moroi and doesn’t want to be like that with Rose.

As a result, she decides that she will not have Rose as her Guardian. Understandably, this is frustrating for Rose.

Yet it makes sense for Lissa to make this choice regardless, given what she finds out. Lissa does not want to hurt her best friend; therefore, she decides to avoid her.

This leads to the two friends falling out for a while, though they do eventually make up. Lissa does get closer to fully understanding the mysteries of her Spirit abilities.

9. Vampire Academy Season 1 Top Moments: Lissa is announced as the Queen’s successor for the second time

This last top moment occurs during Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9. Lissa goes to the current Queen of the Moroi and tells her that she has a proposal for her.

The Queen is then seen announcing Lissa as the heir to the throne. The current Queen will remain the ruler until Lissa is ready to assume the role.

This is not only an important moment for Lissa but leads to consequences even within episode 9 itself. These consequences will most likely continue to be felt in the season finale of Vampire Academy season 1.

One such consequence is that Tatiana drops the wards at St. Vladimir’s, allowing the Strigoi to infiltrate the province. Tatiana will probably say she is innocent, but hopefully, Lissa or one of the other characters will discover the truth.

There is a definite possibility, especially since Andre is possibly alive, just held by Tatiana, that Lissa herself could find out and expose Tatiana. However, Vampire Academy fans will have to wait for the finale to know for sure.

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