Vampire Academy season 1 episode 10 Recap: Ascension

VAMPIRE ACADEMY -- “Ascension” Episode 110 -- Pictured: Andre Dae Kim as Christian Ozera -- (Photo by: Jose Haro/Peacock)
VAMPIRE ACADEMY -- “Ascension” Episode 110 -- Pictured: Andre Dae Kim as Christian Ozera -- (Photo by: Jose Haro/Peacock) /

This article contains SPOILERS for Vampire Academy season 1 episode 10.

The Dominion faces its greatest enemies yet, in the exciting season finale.

Catch up here on everything from the last episode!

The episode begins with St. Vladimir’s in chaos due to the Strigoi attack from the end of the last episode. Through it all, an injured Alberta manages to make it to where Dimitri is locked up and lets him out.

He is concerned about her injury, but he eventually leaves when she repeatedly tells him to go. Christian and Mia head to the buses to evacuate St. Vladimir’s.

Mia remarks that there aren’t enough buses for everyone. Christian starts feeling as though the whole attack is his fault.

He runs into a monk who is responsible for sealing the wards.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 10: Chaos in the Dominion, but there’s hope?

The monk tells him that the stake they use to seal the wards is missing; therefore, the wards cannot be closed. Mia is told that Non-Royals are being evacuated in the next wave once all the Royals are out.

Christian says that Mia can have his place and that he’s going to the archives. She is concerned about the Strigoi, but he reminds her it will be daylight soon.

They will be safe from the Strigoi. However, they will be doomed if they don’t seal the wards by the next night.

Victor finds Mia and asks if she can forgive him. According to Mia, she’s not the one he should be asking.

Victor calls after her as she runs away from her father. Rose and Mason are seen leaving, when she can still sense Lissa’s feelings strongly enough to know something is going on.

She comforts herself by saying that Lissa can take care of herself and has Dimitri to protect her. Mason says that Lissa doesn’t exactly have Dimitri’s protection anymore.

Lissa and the Queen discuss how the Queen went over evacuation protocol with Andre when he was the heir, but she never thought it would happen. Lissa wonders how the Queen is so calm.

She explains that being a ruler sometimes means ignoring your fear. The Queen tells Lissa that there is always hope and that sometimes all a ruler can do is project that belief onto others.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 10: Tatiana did what?

The Queen’s feeder dies, and one of the Guardians says that it seems to be poison. Tatiana walks down the street and thinks about how helpful Andre has been to her.

He is the one who alerted her to the rule about needing a quorum to rule, which led to the attack on St. Jude’s and Lissa losing her chance to be Queen. Of course, Andre was unaware of that.

Tatiana’s thoughts also reveal that she told Christian’s parents to attack the limo with the Dragomirs in it, the night of the accident. Andre was her target.

She talks to Andre, asking him what would happen if not all the Council members were present to vote for her to be Queen. Andre responds that the remaining members could call for a vote.

Rose and Mason return to the Dominion because she is worried about Lissa. The buses aren’t returning for the non-Royal Moroi because they don’t want to risk another attack by walking to the plane even though it’s daylight.

Meredith knows another way, but it’s dangerous as it is a tunnel where Strigoi could hide. Rose, however, can sense the Strigoi.

She asks who’s coming with her, and Mason volunteers Dimitri because he has the most experience.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 10: Lissa’s quorum returned?

Christian reaches the archives, where the High Priestess decapitates a Strigoi about to attack him. She tells him the archives are off-limits, but he replies that he heard about the missing stake.

Christian wants to help with possibly making a new stake. According to the High Priestess Irene, it can’t be done.

Christian asks her how the stake was made, and she wonders if he will tell his Strigoi mother. Instead, he wants to make up for what his parents have done.

The Queen’s doctor is missing, and the Royals took theirs. Therefore, the Queen is sick from the poison that the feeder had.

Lissa tries to heal the Queen while comforting her. However, she is unable to cure the Queen.

The Queen tells Lissa that she and Christian are married in the eyes of the Church, which means Lissa now has a quorum. Therefore, the Council could vote for her to be Queen.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 10: Dragomir fleeing and stake-making possibly

Lissa is upset, feeling that she’s not ready to be Queen. The Queen says no one ever is.

She tells Lissa to go, and offers to cover her with the Strigoi, using her air powers. Lissa finally flees, only to run into a Strigoi, but the Queen takes care of it.

Elsewhere, Andre escapes from where Tatiana is holding him and runs away. Rose and Dimitri head to the tunnel to clear it of Strigoi so that the Moroi can evacuate.

Meanwhile, Christian and Irene discuss how the stake was made by combining the blood of Moroi, who specialize in each of the four elements and then imbued with something from St. Vladimir himself. Christian believes that St. Vladimir imbued the stakes with his Spirit powers.

Irene reveals that Christian’s father was sick and that his parents became Strigoi so that his death would not part them. Christian didn’t even know his father was sick.

Irene says he can start with her blood, as she is an air user. She gives him a blade used only by monks and tells him she decides who can become a monk.

Lissa runs into Mia, who has an idea about how they can get Lissa out of there.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 10:  Alchemists and Strigoi, oh my!

Rose and Dimitri check the tunnels, where they find symbols that are made by Alchemists. Alchemists are humans who have to keep the Moroi and Dhampirs secret from other humans.

They believe that Moroi and Dhampirs are evil, an abomination against God. Dimitri warns Rose to run if she sees one of the symbols in the human world with Mason.

They run into a Strigoi and kill it. The Council hears that the Queen is dead and then gets attacked by Strigoi.

Mia and Lissa run into Jesse and Silver, the dhampir girl he likes, preparing to flee. Mia tells Jesse that she and Lissa need his car.

After coaxing from Silver, he agrees to let them come in his car. His father arrives but won’t get in the car unless Silver gets out.

Silver and Lissa tell him to get in, but he refuses, with a Strigoi is behind him, ready to attack. Eventually, Jesse drives away, telling his father there is no room for him in the car.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 10: Lissa’s place is there

Dimitri tells Rose about his favorite book and how he admires humans for their ability to always believe that a better world is possible. He adds that Rose has that ability.

It’s one of the things he loves about her. Unfortunately, they’re interrupted by another Strigoi attack.

Dimitri is bitten by one of the Strigoi, but Rose gets it off him. Her mother joins Rose as she continues to fight the Strigoi.

Meanwhile, Lissa sees that Eddie is injured while she’s leaving in Jesse’s car. She decides to stay, wanting to help where she can, feeling that this is her place, especially now.

Mia chooses to stay, too, not wanting to leave Lissa alone. Lissa heals as many people as can and then says it’s Mia’s turn.

They discuss Lissa’s bond with Rose. Mia says it’s like Sonya’s with all the birds she saved.

She feels bad for calling her sister the bird lady. Lissa comforts her by reassuring that Sonya knew how much Mia loved her, just as she knew how much her brother Andre loved her.

Just then, Andre appears! Lissa thinks it’s part of Spirit’s Darkness, but he’s real.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 10: Tatiana isn’t what she seems

The two siblings hug, with Andre telling Lissa he’s proud of her and that she has to get out of the Dominion. He adds that Tatiana isn’t who she seems to be.

Christian’s mother attacks Andre. Lissa tries to help him but cannot do so.

Christian’s mother feeds her blood to Andre. Christian shows up and uses his fire magic against his mother, but she runs away with Andre in tow.

Rose feels Lissa’s feelings throughout it all and becomes extremely upset. Mia, Lissa, and Christian arrive, where the guardians are set to fight the Strigoi.

Christian asks Lissa to use her Spirit powers on the stake so that he can put it back where it goes and close the wards. She doesn’t feel she has anything left to give, but Rose appears and says they can do it together.

They do so successfully, resulting in Lissa passing out. Rose calls Dimitri to get Lissa somewhere safe.

She’ll cover Christian with the Strigoi as he works to get the wards back up. Sonya finds Victor in the Church, and he asks if she can forgive him.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 10: Queen who? / Wards are restored

Rose and the rest of the guardians continue to fight the Strigoi, while Christian arrives to put the stake where it goes and close the wards. He eventually succeeds, but it comes at a cost.

Mason is severely injured. Rose goes to see how he is, but Mia tells her that she needs to find Dimitri and get Lissa out of the Dominion.

Rose leaves to do just that, as Tatiana is unanimously voted Queen of the Dominion. She says that Lissa is wanted for questioning in the assassination of the previous Queen, Marina.

Meredith goes to see Mia, telling her that Mason is in surgery. The two hug and kiss.

Meredith agrees to stay with Mia. Lissa wakes up to find she’s in a car, with Christian.

He tells her that she’s wanted for questioning because of Queen Marina’s assassination. Lissa remembers Andre saying that Tatiana isn’t who she says she is, while handing her an unfamiliar object.

Rose and Dimitri discuss how going to the human world isn’t safe for Lissa.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 10: Rose and Lissa head out

Rose tells Dimitri to fight for Lissa there. He says that he could go and be someone that Rose would like better.

She replies that he is everything she never wanted to fall in love with. Dimitri responds that it is true of her for him too and they kiss.

Rose’s mother tells her to take care of herself and Lissa out in the human world. She gives Rose a card with a number to call if she needs anything.

The number belongs to Rose’s father. With Lissa driving, she and Rose leave the Dominion in a car.

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What will happen now that Tatiana is Queen of the Dominion? What will Lissa and Rose face in the human world?

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