Wednesday Addams and Jenna Ortega is taking the world by storm

Wednesday. (L to R) Thing, Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in episode 104 of Wednesday. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Wednesday. (L to R) Thing, Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in episode 104 of Wednesday. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

Netflix’s Wednesday sets off with the troublesome teen getting into conflict at school. In her eyes, it’s just a simple situation; a sister defending her little brother from bullying.

It’s how every parent wants their eldest to be; protecting family at all costs.

After all, nobody gets to torture her brother but her. However, Wednesday goes a little too far with the task by putting piranhas into the school pool of the culprits.

She is expelled and her parents send her to Nevermore. Nevermore is a boarding school where her parents met and fell in love years ago.

Morticia and Gomez are still incredibly in love after all these years. They are very affectionate in an almost disgusting way to their teenage daughter.

They can only hope the same for Wednesday or at least finding herself some friends who have much more in common with her. Upon entering her room, we meet Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s roommate.

They couldn’t be more different but as the saying goes opposites attract. Enid is very much into gossip, very outgoing, blonde, and up to date one everything mainstream.

Wednesday is a great fencer, brilliant and headstrong. Unlike the Wednesday we know of the past, I would say this Wednesday has more of a heart.

Sometimes in this show you forget the evilness of the Addams family when you watch her working to right the wrongs at the school.

One of the biggest highlights of Wednesday is Larissa Weems played by the phenomenal Gwendoline Christie. She is the principal of Nevermore who is tasked with taking Wednesday to her therapy sessions.

There is always something about Christie’s characters that make you fall in love with them. The red lips and icy blonde hair bring sophistication and colorful beauty to Wednesday.

The show is a dark and mysterious murder mystery, to keep it simple. A masterful Tim Burton project through and through.

Jenna Ortega’ s portrayal completely captivates the audience. It was not the Wednesday I was expecting.

Dark, cold, chills to the spine. For this Wednesday, it feels like there are so many layers to her. You don’t just get the simple, I want to kill everything and everyone darkness is my oxygen character.

We see her form these bonds with other people and show care for them. I loved the scene between Xavier and Wednesday, where the story is told of how she saved him directly after saving her from a falling gargoyle.

They were once together at his godmother’s funeral. He got himself locked in a casket that was on it’s way to the crematorium.

Wednesday heard muffled screams and hit the stop button. In a school full of outcasts, there is sure to be some common ground between characters as uniquely different as they are.

It becomes quite the intruiging trio between Enid, Wednesday and her trusty hand sidekick, Thing.

Things start getting hairy with these reoccurring monster attacks. Wednesday wants to get to the bottom of what’s happening and who’s behind it.

It all became hard to know who to trust. At certain points it seemed like any one of them could be behind the attacks, given the powers that so many of the outcasts hold.

There are monsters everywhere and it shows how if pushed hard enough any of them could be one. She spends the majority of the time blaming Xavier as the Hyde.

And for someone as intelligent as she is, she’s been dead wrong about him from the start. It becomes pretty clear that Xavier likes her, but Wednesday can’t look past the job.

I think she wanted him to be responsible because she wanted to solve it and it makes the most sense. We later find out why.

But that’s just what the true person behind it wanted. All of them at odds trying to figure out the mystery to bide time.

Bianca is one of the coolest things to come out of the show. Her insane beauty and captivating blue eyes, locks you into her.

She is a siren, who has the ability to persuade people into doing what she wants. A very interesting skill to have.

She is just alluring. Bianca first comes across as the popular mean girl but when it’s revealed she has struggles with her family and other things internally, its make your heart grow for her.

Joy Sunday gives a miraculous performance.

Intelligence is at its highest form with Wednesday Addams

Wednesday does figure out there are two killers involved. One doing the work, and the master controlling them.

Tyler seems to have real feelings for Wednesday, even as she ghosts him. Further on Wednesday confronts Tyler knowing he is now the Hyde responsible for the killings.

I have to hand it to her, she gets most of the story right except one major thing. Xavier Thorpe is not the Hyde.

He was framed, so it explains why Wednesday was so persistent her accusations. Our old Wednesday (Christina Ricci) now playing the character Miss Thornhill, becomes the villain in this story.

Our new and improved Wednesday becomes the hero of the story by taking her down. The professor was the one behind the killings.

It was her who had the Hyde/Tyler in her control to commit the murders. It was really refreshing to see both Wednesdays.

The Wednesday that I grew up knowing and this new one for our next generation. It gave a lot of nostalgia.

I like to think that Tyler had real feelings for Wednesday and wasn’t completely using her to keep her off his trail. I also think Xavier had feelings for her as well, as you could see his pain every time he was being accused of the murders.

It’s hard to care about someone and have them think so lowly of you as person. Enid really brings something out in Wednesday.

She may be tough and happy, but her experience in creating bonds with all these people are starting to engrave something deep within her. For a person who thrives being alone, she goes out of her way to protect these friends she’s attained throughout her journey at Nevermore.

Wednesday: Jenna Ortega learning from the best

Jenna Ortega goes toe to toe with the seasoned Christina Ricci. When Wednesday confronts Ms. Thornhill, Jenna steals the scene with power and confidence.

Ms. Thornhill manipulated Tyler to be her pawn in exchange for information about his mother. He thought knowing more would free him, but instead it imprisoned him in Marilyn’s sick game.

Ortega is not new to acting but it feels like she has taken the world by storm overnight. Her early works include acting in Disney productions.

Her biggest television roles were Richie Rich and Stuck in the Middle, where she had lead roles. But Wednesday was definitely her breakthrough role.

Wednesday has not yet been renewed for a second season by Netflix. It remains the most viewed English television series for the streaming platform.

The numbers for the series for the highly anticipated drama far surpassed expectations. Jenna Ortega credits Dakota Fanning and Gina Rodriguez for her inspiration as an actor.

We all hope to see her again soon, hopefully for a season 2. With her success in one of Netflix’s biggest shows, we are sure to see her in many productions and continue to take the world by storm.

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