5 Things I observed while watching Netflix’s Wednesday

Wednesday. Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in episode 104 of Wednesday. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Wednesday. Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in episode 104 of Wednesday. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

I will be the first to admit I, more often than not, join the bandwagon fairly late. Such is the case with Netflix’s Wednesday.

While I have not finished the first season just yet, I do find it to be something better than I expected, especially considering the popularity of The Addams Family. I, like most, have a fondness for The Addams Family, mostly speaking from the films in the 90s starring the incredible acting talents of Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd, and Christina Ricci.

However, this particular series takes what we know and love about the characters, specifically Wednesday, and changes it into something fairly new yet still recognizable. I compiled a list of 5 things I noticed about the series so far that are worth talking about.

1. The Story

Believe it or not, the story is actually really good and well thought out. Wednesday Addams and her family, for the little time we see them, are very accurately portrayed.

Gomez and Morticia are still madly in love, Pugsley remains a loyal brother to his protective, monotone yet brilliant sister Wednesday.  Even Thing acts as the disembodied hand always had, with a little sass and scaredy cat behavior.

Pulling Wednesday from the everyday normality, to a school with students who are more similar to her, does not defeat the purpose but enhances it. For even in a school with outcasts she still manages to stand out and be herself, even if it does come off a little mean and snobbish.

Having the school, Nevermore Academy, be located near a town of normal citizens that is also deeply founded upon Pilgrim mentalities works too. Even if the students are classified by their species or specialties, they still come off as individuals with their own set of problems they need to face.

Add to it, a little violence, murder and mystery and you have the ideal story that would fit in an Addams Family universe.

2. The Casting

It goes without saying that the casting is near perfection with a few exceptions here and there. Jenna Ortega does Wednesday Addams justice, as she is able to easily play the part as though she were born to.

Both she and Christina Ricci will be remembered as the ideal Wednesday Addams for years to come. Speaking of Ricci, her addition to the show as a normie teacher was spot on.

She’s hardly recognizable by the thick glasses and reddish hair, but she fits in so well to the character and story. Ricci’s acting talents haven’t dwindled as she remains a natural in every role she plays.

Even normie Tyler, played by Hunter Doohan, comes off like the ideal best buddy and possible love interest for the main character. I honestly cannot tell if it is the casting, the script, the direction or all three, but trust the hype.

Great detail went into every aspect of this show including the cast.

3. Tim Burton hasn’t lost his touch

Tim Burton, the man behind many films and works is the director (for a few episodes) and one of the executive producers of the show. In recent years, Burton has been known for his live action Disney remakes including Alice Through the Looking Glass and Dumbo.

While some initially saw Wednesday as another remake of something people already knew and loved, this feels more like a reimagining. As I mentioned earlier, Burton has been able to make something new yet familiar and it’s amazing!

Wednesday’s character is still the same even with the addition of her visions and strained relationship with her mother. The story doesn’t feel cheap, nor lazy.

It makes me truly wonder what projects he wants to tackle next whether that be a season 2 for Wednesday or something completely different. Burton tends to gravitate towards the dark and whimsical but he’s truly able to conquer more themes if he so wishes.

Burton may have had a few flops in the past, depending on who you ask, but Wednesday is absolute proof that he still has the vision and creativity to make something, even those who dislike horror, to enjoy.

4. The Environment

A complaint I’ve seen about television and films in general lately is the heavy reliance on CGI. Sometimes to the point where it takes viewers out of the story. Which is the last thing you’d want to happen.

Sometimes CGI is necessary, revealing not only more details to a story but also how far we’ve come with our filming capabilities. But when CGI is so heavily relied upon that not one scene has anything real in it, except the actors, there is a problem.

Wednesday has this natural mix between CGI and non-CGI filming perspectives. Yes, for the monster, CGI is necessary, but the wide shots of Nevermore Academy look so stunning that CGI would simply ruin the grandeur.

Every location from Nevermore Academy to Jericho, the forest, Ophelia Hall and everywhere in between is stunning! Not one detail is misplaced.

How is that possible? The locations fit the vibe they are going for, time and time again.

If only more television shows had this sort of attention to detail.

5. The Addams Family

Last but not least, The Addams Family themselves. There have been many iterations of the family and their history since their beginnings as a comic.

We’ve seen them in live action and CGI form. We’ve seen many actors play the roles, but at its core The Addams Family are what most normal people consider a strange family.

Yet, at their core, they are hardly strange at all. They have hobbies and interests.

They love each other in their own way and embrace each other for their differences. If anything, they portray an ideal family unit that stays close together and loyal to each other.

Wednesday has the Addams Family appearing more similarly to their comic roots, with short and essentially unattractive Gomez, tall and sleek Morticia, bald and funny looking Uncle Fester and so forth. Luis Guzman and Catherine Zeta-Jones may not follow the same formula as Julia and Huston that fans love, but they do a wonderful job of playing the loving parents with the patience of literal saints.

As much as someone might think it’s easy to portray the Addams Family, they may need to think again.

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Have you watched Netflix’s Wednesday? Share your thoughts and opinions about the show in the comments below, we’d love to read them!