Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: A Knife and No Coin

Season 2 of Yellowstone returns to Paramount Network starting Wednesday, June 19 at 10 p.m., ET/PT. Pictured Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton (L) and Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton (R)
Season 2 of Yellowstone returns to Paramount Network starting Wednesday, June 19 at 10 p.m., ET/PT. Pictured Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton (L) and Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton (R) /

The mid-season finale of Yellowstone starts off on a flashback of John and Rip after they dropped Rowdy off at the train station. Rip gets back into the truck where John asks him about the details of the fight, including if he talked about Beth in a sexual way.

He did, which made John question why that bothers him so much. It was in that moment that John realized what was going on between Rip and Beth.

Surprisingly he wasn’t angry about it. For his actions in defending Beth and the family, Rip had the choice of becoming permanently branded to the ranch.

He would be committing himself to the ranch for the rest of his life. And the ranch would be committing itself unto him.

That is something worth fighting for.

The smiling sunshine makes his way home again. Jimmy finally makes his long-awaited return.

Back in Texas, the former Montana mayhem is happy with Emily. The two of them are very much in love and proving that by skipping breakfast and enjoying each other in the morning.

Jimmy is a bit of a loner at work. He does his job quietly and does it well.

In his rare moments to himself, he thinks of his girlfriend and what he has to look forward to on the way home. It’s good to see Jimmy so happy and successful after all he’s been though since his time at the Yellowstone.

He’s now in a healthy and loving relationship with someone who cares about his wellbeing. He owes a lot to John Dutton and the life he helped create for him.

It will be good to see him reconnect with the bunkhouse boys once again.

The time has come to for Rip and the team to take the cattle down south. You can feel the tough goodbyes in the air.

But before that, Monica thanks John for what he said to her after little John’s ceremony. She tells John that it helped her more than he knows and that she has leaned on it ever since.

John knows the tragedy she went through and thinks maybe God gives people this pain so they can pass on that knowledge to others who receive the same pain. Maybe even one day it will lead them to have no pain at all…in a perfect world.

In a moment of trust and faith, John offers something to Monica to please both parties. He knows she wears the pants in the family.

With Rip leaving and him having to go off to do his governor duties, there’s no one left to run the ranch. There is a house on East Camp that is next to the reservation that he wants Kayce and Monica to have if they wish.

He needs his family’s help. The ranch can’t be passed down to Tate one day if it’s no longer theirs.

It shows a great moment of growth for John to push his pride aside and finally ask for his family’s help. Monica tells him that all he needed to do was ask.

Even John and Kayce share a lovely moment between father and son. Hugging him and telling his son he loves him, is something surprising to Kayce and surprising for a tough man such as John.

You could see he realizes what a good son Kayce is and an amazing man he has become. John saying he’s a stronger man than he was with his wife.

He put his wife first over the ranch, something John was never able to do.

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: Promises made, promises broken

John Dutton fulfills his promise to Thomas Rainwater to stand by him in support against the pipeline deal. During that time Jamie has called a meeting in his efforts to get his own father impeached.

As the Governor of Montana, John is very against the pipeline. He cannot support the endeavor and he and his office will prevent it from happening. They will fight it for Montana and for the good of the reservation.

The Attorney General’s office is requesting a senate tribunal seeking impeachment. It didn’t take long for the news to spread but John tells the reporters there for Rainwater and the reservation to keep the spotlight off him.

This is about the pipeline, a much bigger issue than his tenure in politics. Summer and Beth are going toe to toe with each other during the events.

More slams, more insults, but at least no fists. Summer finally stops her to have a real adult moment and show her what Jamie did.

They did watch Jamie’s speech together in shock, finally on the same side of things. It looks like they may just team up for a bigger fight, for John’s sake.

Unfortunately, the assembly voted for the impeachment to go forward. Carter and Rip are so much alike, but I think even Carter is much smoother with the ladies.

With the branding over, Halie and Carter talk about going out together after his work is done. With Rip and Beth leaving, John away and basically all of his inner circle disappearing from his life, it’s nice to see Carter have something good in his.

It good to see something that makes him smile. Lloyd is already doing a fine job stepping in for Rip.

The goodbyes commence and Beth will fly out in a week to see Rip. They share a loving kiss goodbye.

Colby played it all cool in the bunkhouse, but he runs out at the very end to say goodbye to Teeter, and I got an I love you for his efforts.

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: Payback is a dog

Now it’s time for payback. Beth breaks into Jamie’s house while he’s in bed with Sarah.

He tries to force his sister out of his house and ends up with a rock to his head. Beth is not going anywhere, not until this is sorted out and the madness ends.

She tells him to resign or she is printing photos for the sheriff regarding his father that would incriminate him. However, for a change Jamie finds his backbone and tells her no.

If she does that, she will be taking her father down too and the legacy the Dutton family has worked for. Jamie may be behind one murder, but the mountain of secrets under that canyon is far greater.

Beth doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about. But there’s a century worth of Dutton secrets down there.

If she goes forward, the ranch will be lost forever. There has always been a price for protecting it.

Jamie thinks he’s won, he thinks the war is over. Beth remarks that it’s just beginning.

Nobody has ever started a war with Beth that she hasn’t won. She soon goes to John to confront him and asks what the train station really is.

John replies that it’s a trash can for everyone who ever crossed the family, in a country with a population of zero. All the men who have ever tried to hurt her are there.

Beth thinks they should kill Jamie and send him there, you could see it in her eyes before she even spoke the word. Jamie will use everything he can to destroy John, to take his office, and he knows that.

As they sit on the couch discussing it as the cameras pan out. You can’t tell what John says in response to Beth about taking Jamie out.

On the other side of the battle, Jamie and Sarah are talking about their defensive next step. However, Jamie thinks an offensive move is the best play.

He already thinks she’ll have him killed. He has no doubt.

Sarah laughs at it and, but he is dead serious. She suggests Jamie sign security.

But Jamie wants to play offense and asked if there are companies to take care of these things. Sarah nods and tells them there are and they will make it look like accidents or ailments.

Jamie wants to meet with them and do what has to be done to ensure his own safety. Whatever sympathy anyone has had for Jamie, if any, is long gone.

Sarah tells him she will be the one to take care of it. Now it will a real war better Jamie and Beth and this time it is life against life.

One of them probably won’t make it out alive. Monica comes to Kayce asking if they can stop by the East Camp so they can help out while everyone is gone.

She thinks it’s a great chance to start over and try again, as she doesn’t want to go back to the house where she made a nursery for her now dead son. Kayce’s vision was about choosing the ranch or choosing his wife.

He seems apprehensive about it. This wasn’t part of his dream.

Monica explains maybe this is the way they can have both. So, they won’t be fighting their past, present, and future.

A home between each place. They agree to look at it.

It’s good to see them in a more hopeful and happier place, but with war on the brink, how long will that happiness last? A dog fight is coming.

Will this be the end for John Dutton? Will greed be the one thing that ends them as Cara Dutton said years and years ago.

Find out when Yellowstone returns to air it’s last 5 episodes sometime this summer on Paramount. Stay tuned for further details.

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