The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Endure and Survive

The Last of Us. Photograph by Liane Hentscher/HBO
The Last of Us. Photograph by Liane Hentscher/HBO /

There was a lot to endure for the characters and audience in season 1 episode 5 of The Last of Us. But sadly, there was not a lot of survival.

However, there was one arrival that has us all still shaking. The Bloater.

It all starts off with Kathleen on her mission to find Henry, and she will go to any lengths to do so. The former members of her group who betrayed her for FEDRA, are not speaking on Henry’s whereabouts.

Whether they don’t know or they refuse to give him up, Kathleen is not going to stop there. She’s a powerful leader, but not as ruthless as FEDRA.

So, she says. But she will use fear tactics to scare them.

One of them finally speaks when death is threatened. He’s with Edelstein.

They aren’t given enough information to drive Henry and Sam out yet, but they are getting closer. However, the information was not enough to save the group.

The reign of informants is over. Melanie Lynskey’s portrayal of this bad#$% character seeking justice should be spoken about more.

It’s great to see a woman in charge in this capacity and I hope we get to see much more of it in the future. Other zombie shows have not fared as well in that department.

Sam and Henry do have a beautiful relationship. They mirror Joel and Ellie in a way.

He will go to any lengths to keep his brother alive. Much like Kathleen will go to any lengths to do the opposite.

Justice for her brother far outweighs her future and her survival. Kathleen and her men are closing in on Sam and Henry.

They must escape the area they are held up in. They can’t wait for Edelstein to return and by this point, he’s most likely been taken and killed by Kathleen.

Sam is a deaf child that see’s the power in his hearing loss. He draws himself as SuperSam.

This could be something Henry taught him, to distract the dangers of the world all around him. But they live for each other and fight for each other.

Before Sam and Henry head back outside, Henry paints a red mask on his face as a form of his protection. All of this has been days prior from Joel and Ellie entering the city.

Henry was on his way just as Joel crashed into the laundry mat. From the moment Henry spotted Joel, he knew that the plans changed.

He could use this guy to his advantage and just maybe, they could help each other.

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 5 – We don’t wanna to hurt you, we wanna help you

FEDRA in Kansas City raped, tortured, and murdered people for 20 years. Henry explains to Joel how bad things got there.

Joel does not want to work with this collaborator, or rat as he calls them. But neither of them really have better options.

Henry knows the city, he knows how to get out, but he knows he can’t do it alone. He’s not strong enough to get him and Sam out, but with Joel’s help, he’s finally got a shot.

"“I show the way. You clear the way.” -Henry to Joel."

Ellie and Sam got along beautifully. It’s so rare to see the smile and laughter in children anymore.

Henry joyfully watches the pair interact. I do love the scene where Henry is explaining the best escape route out of the city and what will have to be done accomplish everything.

He makes it a point to include Sam and not just keep the conversation between those who can hear. It makes him feel like he is contributing as well.

Their plan is to use the tunnels as FEDRA drove the infected underground years ago. But what Kathleen doesn’t know, is they were cleared out according to someone that Henry knows.

He thinks it’s the best option. Maybe there’s a few of the infected down there but nothing that Joel can’t take care of.

Joel did feel a little guilty for how harshly he judged Henry in the beginning. He can understand going above and beyond for someone you love.

He would have done anything to keep Sarah alive. Henry spoke on what a great man Kathleen’s brother was.

He was a great leader and even greater person. But Sam got sick with Leukemia.

The drug that he needed is something he could only get for FEDRA. He gave up Kathleen’s brother so he could keep his own alive.

That is the reason why Kathleen sent all of her reinforcements after him.

"“You might not be her father. But you were someone’s.”"

Though Joel denies his care for Ellie, Henry understands him. He may shield himself now from trying to feel any kind of connection, but this man is a father.

Henry notices that fact. Kathleen visits their old childhood room as the search persists.

She speaks on how beautiful her brother was. How he would do anything to make her feel safe and protected.

But that still was never a key to making her a good person. And because she’s not, it’s probably the reason she survived so long.

But even she will meet her end soon.

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 5 – Tragedy

Just as in the game, Sam had been bitten. Ellie knows she is the cure and in an adorable way, she tried to smear her own blood against the wound to try and heal him.

It’s a little bit more scientific than that, but it was a beautiful gesture. Sadly, he does turn the next morning and Henry is forced to take his own brother down.

Just as in the game, grief stricken he pulls the gun on himself. What little he had to live for, died, and so did he.

Kathleen met her demise too. Melanie Lynskey did a fabulous drop as Kathleen’s portrayal, but it was time for her to go.

She had zero qualms about killing children and people that can’t survive. This world needs a future, and she could no longer be a part of it.

Joel and Ellie escaped once more and live to fight yet another battle next week. The Bloater was scary and huge but there was a little disappointment in that area.

He could have created a lot more tragic horror, more shock and awe. It was still a wild thing to witness though.

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The Last of Us season 1 episode 6 will stream early on February 19 on HBO Max at 9PM.