Oddballs Season 2 Episode 1 recap: The Show Mustn’t Go On

Oddballs. Image courtesy Netflix © 2023
Oddballs. Image courtesy Netflix © 2023 /

James, Max, and Echo are back for Oddballs season 2! In the season opener, James decides to put on a horrible play, to show that people only love garbage things because of the hype.

Will his play about Benjamin Franklin be a success? Will he win the bet against Echo?

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 1 recap – The Bet

James, Max, and Echo leave the theater after watching “Lady Lib”, which sounds to be like a Hamilton-inspired style play, about the Statue of Liberty. While Max, Echo, and seemingly the rest of the world, loves “Lady Lib”, James does not.

His unpopular opinion is taken about as well as you’d expect. This results in James making a bet with Echo over some money.

James decides to put on his own play to show that people will love anything, even garbage, because of the hype. He decides to write and star in his one man show about Benjamin Franklin and his key experiment.

After showing how easy it is to convince anyone that the show will be stellar, Echo begins to panic thinking James will win the bet.

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 1 recap – Show Time

James literally does copious amounts of work with no time at all. His dedication, nearly an obsession, might actually pay off.

The night of the play arrives and James puts on a very good show for the little budget he had. Honestly, I found it surprisingly good and catchy, and could put many overrated theater productions to shame.

Throughout the show, a few people in the audience laugh but James is able to conclude his very short performance to applause. Echo arrives at the very end with her snacks, dumbfounded to see the audience’s reaction.

Unfortunately for James, the audience loved his play for all the wrong reasons. In short, they found it funny, when it was supposed to be serious.

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 1 recap – Yay or Nay?

Outraged, James confesses to the bet he made with Echo, going as far as revealing that he was also the fictional director of the show. The audience doesn’t buy it.

The room empties when the audience hears of a performance of “Lady Lib” across the street. Even though James’ play was a success, he losses the bet.

He doesn’t have any money to pay Echo, as he spent it all on his play. Echo suggests paying with his teeth instead.

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 1 review

As a season opener, “The Show Mustn’t Go On” was really good! This might be due to the fact that I can relate to James.

I am often one of those people who gets annoyed when something is obviously terrible, yet people praise it like it’s the best thing on the planet. To be honest, I agree with James, they don’t get it, they never do.

Although his Benjamin Franklin play is meant to be bad, I would have loved to have seen more of it! Sometimes theater episodes in cartoons often have a better story, with better songs than most mainstream Broadway productions.

Anyone recall the Hey Arnold! episode “Eugene, Eugene!”? Aside from that, it would have been nice to have James actually get one up on Echo.

But overall, this was a very enjoyable and funny episode.

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