Netflix’s Oddballs Season 2 Episode 2 recap: Partners

Oddballs. Image courtesy Netflix © 2023
Oddballs. Image courtesy Netflix © 2023 /

In Oddballs season 2 episode 2 “Partners”, James and Max part ways for the next science experiment, which may cause the class to lose out on a pizza party. Will the two rekindle their friendship in time?

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 2 recap – James and Max Breakup

James and Max excitedly wait for the next science class experiment, hoping it is something cool like dissection.  However, they are disappointed to learn that they will be taking care of a baby instead.

The babies are in fact bags of flour and if the entire class manages to successfully take care of the baby, they will get a pizza party. Fearing that James will cost the class the pizza party, Max decides to leave him and choose a new partner, Acorn.

James is devastated and forced to be partners with Irma, a very dirty, icky, slug type creature. As James struggles to take care of his baby, he notices how well Max and Acorn are doing.

The more James struggles with Irma, the more he notices Max and Acorn’s friendship blossoming. In a surprise twist, Irma decides to leave James too, even though she hardly did anything, to partner with Stuart.

Seeing how James doesn’t have a partner, the teacher Mr. McFly, automatically declares that the pizza party will not be happening.

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 2 recap – Being a single dad

Refusing to accept defeat, James reminds his teacher that he never said everyone had to have a partner. James decides to be a single dad and raise his baby on his own.

He succeeds to the point that, it looks like the class is going to have their pizza party after all. On top of that, James and Max manage to repair their friendship with no hard feelings.

But suddenly the power in the classroom goes out! When the lights return, Max and Acorn’s baby has been destroyed.

Immediately Mr. McFly accuses James of destroying the baby out of jealousy, having no trouble in rallying the rest of the class to his side. Angered, Max attacks James, causing the tower of pizza boxes to fall.

Max manages to save James from the falling tower of pizza boxes just in time!

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 2 recap – The Plot Twist

When the pizza boxes fall, the class discovers that they are empty! Mr. McFly breaks down and confesses that he never intended to give the class a pizza party, as pizzas aren’t cheap.

He figured James and Max would partner up and fail. But when the two split, Mr. McFly had to change his plans.

He was the one who destroyed Max and Acorn’s baby. But to appease to the class, he decides to take what little money he has and buys pizzas.

In the end, the class has the pizza party, leaving their teacher without a slice to enjoy himself.

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 2 review

Not to be that person, but this type of episode has been done far too many times. Truthfully, I never had to do this kind of experiment ever in my entire life.

Yet, I’ve seen countless TV shows, especially cartoons, have the students try to work together to successfully take care of their baby, whether it’s an egg or a bag of flour. All that said, it was still a pretty funny and relatable episode as sometimes, even the closest of friends will fight and split temporarily.

I enjoyed seeing Mr. McFly slowly becoming a villain of the episode, as he always seems to be so sweet and misunderstood. But I suppose there is no stopping a teacher who is unwilling to dish out money for students.

The brief, TV show sitcom-style format was unexpected, and I think added a nice touch to an otherwise good, yet overdone, episode.

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