Oddballs Season 2 Episode 3 recap: School Poolers

Oddballs. Image courtesy Netflix © 2023
Oddballs. Image courtesy Netflix © 2023 /

James learns about the pros and cons of having his own ride to school. In Oddballs season 2 episode 3 “School Poolers”, after finding a golf cart, James becomes popular, and that doesn’t bode well for Stuart.

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 3 recap – The School Bus

After James and Max just barely miss the school bus, James is reminded of how awful school buses are to begin with. As he and Max walk home in the rain, they come across an entire working golf cart in a dumpster.

After taking it for a wild spin, James realizes that he will no longer have to use the school bus. He immediately becomes popular with his classmates but the fun comes at a price, as now everyone will want a ride to school.

In short, the golf cart was becoming a school bus. Angered and annoyed, James decides he’s going to put his foot down and not be pressured into a school pool situation.

But before he can do so, Stuart arrives in his own ride, and immediately the students want to get a ride from him.

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 3 recap – The Race

You’d think this would solve James’ problem, but being James, he wants to win the school poolers back, to then dump them. He and Stuart decide to race, where the winner gets the school poolers, and the loser has to ride the school bus.

Trouble is that James’ golf cart cannot compare to Stuart’s fast new ride. So, James decides to borrow, Echo’s energy pack source, that she specifically told him, he cannot ever touch.

The plan to borrow the energy pack works, except James breaks his right foot in the process. When the day of the race arrives, Max works the pedals while James steers.

The duo wins the race by using Echo’s energy pack, but in the process the golf cart is destroyed.

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 3 recap – Justice is Served

Echo is infuriated that they used her energy pack, as she was hoping to use it to stop Toasty and the impending apocalypse. Once again, James waves it off.

He and Max are stuck taking a now empty school bus but its for the better, as Stuart is stuck school pooling everyone. And he’s not too happy about it.

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 3 review

Once again James brings up a very valid point. Why should he be forced/guilt tripped into giving everyone a ride to school because he’s the only one who has said ride?

Sometimes people want to enjoy something all to their own and it shouldn’t be seen as being selfish for doing so. Seriously why do pushy people exist?

I found myself laughing a lot more in this episode than the previous first two episodes of the new season. Max chucking the garbage resulting in people screaming the background, then seeing the destruction as they drive away, gets me every time.

I wanted to add that it is Max who often makes scenes several times funnier, due to his reactions and responses to nearly every situation. He was funny in season 1 as well, but I feel as though he’s gotten funnier since then.

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