Oddballs Season 2 Episode 6 recap: Moral Report

Oddballs S2 (L to R) James Rallison as James, Julian Gant as Max in Oddballs S2. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Oddballs S2 (L to R) James Rallison as James, Julian Gant as Max in Oddballs S2. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Who doesn’t hate oral reports? In Oddballs season 2 episode 6 “Moral Report”, James makes up his oral report to avoid failing and getting held back a year.

However, his oral report causes a frenzy in the town, which could lead to serious consequences.

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 6 recap – James’ Oral Report

James spends the majority of his morning before class, trying to solve a maze puzzle on the back of his cereal box. The objective is to find the cereal pirate mascot’s treasure.

Upon getting to class, he realizes he never worked on his oral report and unsurprisingly, has a huge distain for them. The problem is that if James does not get an A on his oral report, he will have to repeat the grade.

Desperate, James makes up a story about pirate treasure being buried outside of town. He provides the same instructions as the cereal box maze to find it.

Excited, Mr. McFly quits his job to search for the treasure!

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 6 recap – The Treasure

At first things seemed normal. James did lie but he figured no harm would really be done.

Even though Max makes continuously valid points. Everything is fine until the whole town overhears about the supposed treasure and goes absolutely crazy trying to find it!

To avoid having the unveil the truth, James decides to bury treasure in the exact location for someone to find. Ironically, he and Max do find a cave and begin to dig, when suddenly they find actual buried treasure.

Before they can process what is happening, the cereal pirate mascot himself arrives, angry that James and Max are trying to steal his treasure. Upon leading the two towards a cliff, with an audience watching, James finally confesses.

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 6 recap – The Truth

Upon his confession, the cereal pirate mascot reveals himself to be Mr. McFly in disguise. Mr. McFly eats the same cereal as James and knew it was a hoax.

However, he wanted James to give his best oral report, which he (technically) did so, and James receives an A. But what Mr. McFly didn’t expect was the crazed town wanting revenge.

Sparing James and Max, as they are considered (ageless) children, the episode ends with Mr. McFly about the receive the brunt of the crowd’s aggressions.

Oddballs Season 2 Episode 6 review

While Echo has been growing on me, ever so slightly this season, I still tend to enjoy episodes without her in them a whole lot more. I truly do not miss her snarky attitude.

With that said, this episode might be my favorite of season 2 so far. Yet, I’m having a hard time discerning why.

It’s funny, wacky and progressively gets worse and worse, while also becoming funnier and wackier. There is no doubt James learned his lesson and truly didn’t mean any harm in telling a small lie to pass his oral presentation.

In an odd way, I think many who struggled or still do with public speaking, can relate to this heavily. They too, might have tried to get out of an oral presentation or two, just with different results.

With only two episodes left to go, will Toasty make his grand season 2 appearance?

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