Is Netflix’s animated show Oddballs returning for Season 3?

Oddballs. Image courtesy Netflix © 2023
Oddballs. Image courtesy Netflix © 2023 /

Netflix’s Oddballs season 2 concluded with Toasty AKA: Declan getting defeated once and for all. You’d think James and Max had learned their lesson about not combining advanced technology and household appliances, but nope.

The two best friends are ready to try again, this time with a waffle maker. As they run off to test their new idea, another kid, presumably from Echo’s timeline, arrives to warn of another apocalypse James will cause.

Echo ignores him, not wanting to know what happens. Season 2 arrived to Netflix on February 24 and since then there has been no official word about season 3.

While we safely assume season 3 is a given, we’ll play it safe and wait to hear more from official sources. The series creator, James Rallison otherwise known as TheOdd1sOut on YouTube, truly deserves a pat on the back for his successful animated show.

What is Oddballs even about?

Each 20 or so minute long episode stars best friends James and Max as they navigate school, and life in the not so ordinary town of Dirt. Each episode seems to be its own story, with the exception of the Toasty Arc which as we explained above, has concluded.

Reoccurring characters such as Echo, Mr. McFly and Stuart often play pivotal roles in the show, as well as remind viewers just how odd this series is. Truthfully a third season can continue the effective formula but should add another story arc, just to keep things at least slightly coherent.

If a third season is greenlit, what do you think James will do to cause another apocalypse? What kinds of shenanigans do you want to see the comedic duo get themselves into?

While we wait for any true confirmation on the matter, you can watch Oddballs seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.

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Do you think Oddballs will get renewed for a third season? Let us know what you think of the show so far in the comments below!