Amazon Prime Video’s Hunters Season 2 episode 4 recap: The Fare

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

On the fourth episode of the new season of Hunters, the team tries to uncover more clues about Hitler’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Jonah’s personal life intrudes on the operations with the appearance of Clara in Buenos Aires.

The hunters scope out where they need to go next from the Crow’s belongings. They find a ticket to Carreras and prep their plan for the new location.

Jonah, meanwhile, is in hot water. His wife-to-be, Clara, has tracked down his location from his credit card charges and is demanding to know who Millie is.

Jonah is forced to make up a story about how he was trying to find Chava through Agent Millie. She buys it…for now.

Clara demands to meet this grand aunt. Big problem, bro.

Jonah tries his darndest to convince Chava to meet Clara and have a meal with her. However, she refuses.

But Jonah pulls out the guilt card and she relents. Chava is going to make chicken.

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Jason LaVeris, Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Jason LaVeris, Prime Video /

Hunters Season 2 episode 4 recap: Ruth and Meyer

At Hitler’s secret HQ, Eva Braun sends out a brainwashed Joe and Travis after the team. In Carreras, Joe and Roxy pose as a married couple with Georges as their interior designer.

They are going to scout an antique store, where the Crow was to meet with someone. But Roxy finds out that Lonny was still on drugs.

This pisses off Lonny and he storms out. Flashback to a few years earlier, when Meyer was still alive.

Ruth has sought him out and is trying to get someone in authority to investigate a person she thinks, is a former Nazi living in New York. Meyer and Ruth get a meeting with the attorney general, through Meyer pulling some strings, but they are pooh poohed for lack of any actual proof.

Meyer calms down the lawyer by telling him he just wants his friend’s pain to be heard. Ruth is inconsolable.

Meyer suggests they start their own efforts to hunt down Nazis and create their team.

Hunters Season 2 episode 4 recap: Recruiting Lonny Flash

At a dive in Carreras, Lonny flashes back to the time when Meyer recruited him right off of a movie set. Meyer barges into his trailer finding Lonny snorting coke while green-skinned aliens screw on his bed.

Meyer tells Lonny about how his grandfather entertained his fellow prisoners when he was in the camps. This inspires Lonny to join the hunting team.

Then Georges comes into the bar and convinces him to get back in the hunting game just by being himself, the actor Lonny Flash. Once at the antique shop, it’s easy for Georges to sneak into the back and finds out that the couple running it, are harboring Josef Mengele aka The Angel of Death.

Millie and Harriet are driving to the Argentine countryside to find a man that Chava had tracked down. It’s someone from Harriet’s past.

Hunters Season 2 episode 4 recap: Recruiting Harriet

Harriet flashes back to when Meyer recruited her, while she was still a nun in England. Meyer knows all about her Jewish heritage, even down to her past as an Oxford scholar and an MI6 operative.

She is reluctant, but Meyer is persuasive. He uses the metaphor of the “fare” to repay Harriet’s father for handing her off to someone, before he was carted off to the camps.

She is finally convinced when Meyer gives her the location of the man who shot her father at the camps. He is an aging man and can barely move from his bed at an elderly hospice.

She almost dispatches him with a pillow over his face, but he weeps and apologizes. She lets him live.

Chava and Clara finally meet. Meeting the Jewish family is mostly going well, until Clara snoops into a room she shouldn’t and finds the team’s hunting board, their armory, and other sundry operations materials.

This includes the medieval torture cages hanging from the ceiling.

Hunters Season 2 episode 4 recap: The fam business is hunting Nazis

Clara confronts Chava and Jonah about it. At first Chava tries to play it off as an illusionist’s paraphernalia but then fesses up that they hunt Nazis.

This doesn’t sit too well with Clara, so she exits right away with Jonah going after her. Coincidentally, Joe and Travis have been scoping out the hotel where they’re staying.

Just as Clara and Jonah are having an argument about their relationship, Hitler’s attack dogs smash down the door and battle it out with Jonah. Mindy hears the ruckus from next door and is able to shoot one of the minions.

Clara hides in the bathroom allowing Jonah to lead them away from her by baiting Travis to follow him. Yet another great coincidence is that Georges, Roxy, and Lonny have just arrived back at the same hotel.

When the elevator doors open, Joe is right there with a rifle. He shoots Georges right between the eyes.

Roxy makes eye contact with him. Joe hesitates, then shoots her in the shoulder.

Travis pulls a switcheroo by doubling back and taking Clara. Jonah tries to chase their van down but he is too late.

Clara is now a captive of the Nazis.

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

Hunters Season 2 episode 4 recap: Review

I have no idea what the editor was doing with this cut. Maybe trying to bring more liveliness to the scenes?

Whatever he was trying to do, it just fails. Terribly.

Each character or splinter ensemble, is given like a minute or two before we are carted off again too soon into another arc. It’s constantly interrupting any flow that might get this episode going.

I mean just the arcs with Lonny and Harriet getting recruited by Meyer would have justified five to seven minutes each! Those were well-written scenes.

And those are just simply great arcs and backstory. Just staying with these characters to develop their emotive heft and connection to the others, would have made this episode very kick-a%^.

As it is, the edit of the episode just gives you a headache. I guess fuzzy logic is the way to go with this comic book-ish kind of pacing?

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