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House of the Dragon episode 4
House of the Dragon episode 4 /

HBO’s House of the Dragon, the latest prequel series spinoff from Game of Thrones, has begun filming its second season according to the show’s official Twitter account. While the release date has not been confirmed, Deadline and various entertainment reports have stated that pre-production has indeed started at the Warner Bros studios in Hertfordshire, England.

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The picture above of the Iron Throne, along with news of the second season of House of the Dragon was eagerly welcomed by fans of the Game of Thrones series. Especially since the last time we were in Westeros, embattled Queen Rhaenyra wasn’t doing so well.

The Queen of the “Blacks” was trying her best to hold the realm together, under the looming threat of civil war from Queen Alicent and her “Greens.” It didn’t help that her baby was stillborn and that her husband-uncle has been bristling on a war footing, trying to solve everything by fire and blood.

The Targaryen dynasty on House of the Dragon have become embroiled in what might be a civil war
House of the Dragon Episode 10 /

Though the second season will be two episodes shorter than the first, likely among the arcs we’ll see, will be the claiming of those extra dragons lying on Dragonstone. This will effectively introduce the Dragonseeds as claimants.

These are locals who have answered Daemon Targaryen’s call for additional dragon riders to augment his meager army, luring them with promises of knighthood, wealth, and land. Those Dragonseeds will be the ones who can lay claim to wild dragons Seasmoke, Silverwing, and Sheepstealer.

It’s an interesting enough tournament with mystery surrounding the genealogy of the Seeds. Valyrian folk wisdom dictates that only those with Targaryen blood, no matter how diluted, could bring a dragon to heel.

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