Rennervations Season 1 Episode 3 recap: Reno: Building a Mobile Recreation Center

Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie as seen on Disney's RENNERVATIONS. (Disney/Katrina Marcinowski)
Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie as seen on Disney's RENNERVATIONS. (Disney/Katrina Marcinowski) /

In Rennervations season 1 episode 3, Jeremy Renner has decided to help kids from practically his backyard. That’s right, we’re going to Reno, Nevada.

This time Renner is helping the organization Big Brothers Big Sisters of America by taking a shuttle bus and transforming it into a mobile recreation center!

Rennervations Season 1 Episode 3 recap – The Task

The third episode takes a different approach than the previous two, by starting with Jeremy Renner and his Avengers co-star, The Falcon and Captain America Anthony Mackie. As the two hang out at Renner’s home, the Hawkeye actor tells Mackie essentially about the show we’ve been watching.

He shows him around, checking out the vehicles before the premise of the episode begins. Reno is shown and described as beautiful, peaceful, and away from all the craziness of busy cities and hectic lifestyles.

However, this tends to be a problem for the non-profit organization Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Kids and their mentors are often pretty far away from one another.

In order to make it easier for them to meet, Renner wants to transform a shuttle bus into a mobile recreation center. This includes a stationary outdoor basketball hoop, as well as an outdoor soccer net.

Will this be possible?

Rennervations Season 1 Episode 3 recap – The Build

Not only will Renner’s team be building outdoor additions to the shuttle bus but inside they will need to create a private counseling area, indoor gaming area, as well as a place for the kids to relax. Like the episode prior, the biggest concern is if the shuttle bus can handle all the weight.

This results in a majority of the episode showing the build and not so much time with the organization or even the reveal. Renner does spend time with some of the kids and their mentors, as they talk about the importance of the organization.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America provide kids with an opportunity to feel safe by interacting with an older mentor. They can learn, cope and maneuver the world around them, thanks to those who care and help them.

In fact, some mentors have been with their assigned child for years, witnessing them grow and mature. The team works hard on another tight deadline and thankfully are able to complete the task, including successfully adding the basketball hoop.

Rennervations Season 1 Episode 3 recap – The Reveal

As mentioned a little earlier, the reveal felt rushed. Anthony Mackie arrives to greet the kids and families and they rush to check out the mobile recreation center.

However, we don’t really see much of the inside. In previous episodes we are shown the classic before and after the transformation, but it is glossed over and before you know it, the end credits roll.

I was honestly looking forward to seeing the interior, especially how they were going to set up the private counseling room. Perhaps the editing team ran out of time.

Rennervations Season 1 Episode 3 review

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is a very well-known organization that many people are familiar with. All the same, I enjoyed hearing both the kids and mentors talk about how beneficial it is.

It’s amazing how the little things can really create big, positive changes. Kids especially, need that love, care and help to aid them in their growth.

Some, unfortunately, never find it. I’m glad Renner and his team were able to create this mobile recreation center.

There is no doubt that it will help bring more kids and mentors together more often. There is only one episode of Rennervations left that currently remains unaired on Disney Plus.

As soon as it airs, I’ll be watching and recapping.

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