When will Rennervations season 1 episode 4 air on Disney Plus?

Jeremy Renner speaks with the build team on Disney's RENNERVATIONS. (Disney/Nina Riggio)
Jeremy Renner speaks with the build team on Disney's RENNERVATIONS. (Disney/Nina Riggio) /

One of the first things I noticed before I began watching Rennervations was that episode 4 was missing from the queue on Disney Plus. Initially, I was confused as the show was essentially advertising four episodes with four different projects, locations, and celebrity guests.

Each project, thus far, has been more ambitious than the last, as there seems to be no limits to Renner’s creativity and innovation. With one episode left, the expectations are high.

It turns out a lot of people noticed the fourth episode was not available and began to wonder why. According to the trailer for the show, Renner’s last stop, by process of elimination, should be India.

We can also deduce that the final project appears to involve water or providing clean water. So, what’s going on about this last episode?

What is the status of Rennervations season 1 episode 4?

Reality Tibit was able to get the answer from Disney themselves who said, “Due to regional delays, this episode was unable to premiere on April 12 on Disney+. It will be made available, but we do not have a confirmed date at this time.” Although the release date of the final episode remains unknown, we’re looking forward to seeing what Renner and his team are able to come up with and create for the children in India.

It will be interesting to see just how Renner plans on delivering the finished project considering India is an ocean away. Another question on our minds is, if Rennervations has or will be renewed for a season 2?

Maybe. The actor did tweet a hint that perhaps the show will be renewed.

Although we have to take into consideration that earlier this year, Renner suffered a terrible injury in a snowplow accident at his home. While we are overjoyed to see him healing so well, it will still be a long road ahead of him.

Perhaps when he’s fully recovered, we’ll be seeing Renner tackle more projects for those in need. We’d love to see him venture to towns and places most never heard of, who do not receive much in the way of funding or aid to begin with.

Where would you like to see Jeremy Renner and his team go next?

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Have you been watching Rennervations season 1? Do you hope to see another season after Renner makes a full recovery?

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