The Walking Dead: Dead City: Our theory about The Croat

The Walking Dead: Dead City - Courtesy AMC
The Walking Dead: Dead City - Courtesy AMC /

Fairly recently one of the newest rumors surrounding The Walking Dead: Dead City is that two people from Negan’s past will be returning. One, series villain, The Croat, is supposedly a Savior who received some irreversible bodily damage from Negan via Lucille.

The other is Negan’s ex-right-hand man and Savior, Simon. Nothing has been officially confirmed on either front, however, that didn’t stop many from conversing about the possibilities of flashbacks to The Sanctuary, where we could potentially see the beginnings of the community.

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Negan didn’t make it a secret that The Sanctuary was far from the success it later became under his rule on The Walking Dead. But exactly how he came to power, what changes were made, and when to the community, remains a mystery.

While the rumor on The Croat’s front seems to hint that he was a Savior, we’re thinking otherwise. Our theory is that The Croat was the previous leader of The Sanctuary whom Negan took control from.

The Walking Dead: Dead City: Was The Croat the previous leader of The Sanctuary?

Our evidence is minimal but one thing that holds true about Negan is his strict rules and punishments for rule breakers. Although he blatantly kills Savior David for even attempting to rape Sasha, his main source of punishment seems to be the iron.

As was the case for Savior Dwight. If he were to punish The Croat, for his, let’s say, mismanaging and mishandling of The Sanctuary, it seems rather out of character for him to live with a facial wound that is hardly as grotesque as the results of the iron.

It could be that in the beginning, Negan was a little more merciful. Perhaps he simply wounded The Croat’s face, let him go with a warning never to return.

But at the same time, we witnessed Negan brutally murder the group of men responsible for his delay in getting his wife’s chemotherapy. If it weren’t for them, who almost killed him, he may have returned home before Lucille opted to kill herself.

That moment changed him and his way of living in the apocalypse. We also believe this is why The Croat is so desperate to seek his revenge.

He’s had a number of years to seek Negan out (a lot considering the time jumps), but yet chooses to do so now. Negan undoubtedly made a lot of enemies, surely some of his own people, yet The Croat seeks this heavy hitting retribution all these years later.

Unless Negan killed The Croat’s family, which we highly doubt, something as critical as removing him as leader, in a world that is basically a free for all, would be something to get very angry about. But we’re curious what you think.

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Who do you think The Croat is? Which characters from Negan’s past do you hope to see?

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