Disney Plus: 3 Projects we’d love to see in Rennervations season 2

Jeremy Renner speaks with the build team on Disney's RENNERVATIONS. (Disney/Nina Riggio)
Jeremy Renner speaks with the build team on Disney's RENNERVATIONS. (Disney/Nina Riggio) /

Season 1 of the Disney Plus series Rennervations wrapped up recently, with the fourth and final episode unveiling a Mobile Water Treatment Center. This was made in India, for areas in desperate need of clean, drinkable water.

Although season 2 has yet to be officially confirmed by Jeremy Renner or Disney, we’d like to think that there is a good chance we’ll be seeing the generous actor and his incredible team return. That is, of course, after Renner makes a complete recovery.

In the meantime, we thought it would be fun to come up with three ideas of our own, that we’d love to see in future episodes. Let’s begin!

1. Mobile Writing Center

One of the most important tools every child needs to learn in their lifetime is how to read and write. For some writing is a nightmare, for others it’s the greatest thrill of their life.

For some they’d love to have access to a plethora of books, whereas others simply want to improve their reading skills. Why not take all of this into consideration and create a vehicle that can achieve all of this, without the limits of location?

Like all of Renner’s projects, we’ll divide let’s say, a large bus into three sections: library, writing center, and tutoring spot. Renner’s team would need to create bookshelves for books, that also act as cabinets with doors and locks, so that books do not fall and get damaged during travel.

Think of that section as a mobile little free library. People can donate/exchange books ensuring that new material is always available.

The writing center should be a comfortable area for children/students to use either laptops or notebooks to type/write their ideas such as poetry, speeches, books, comics, you name it. Couches and even small speakers for light music listening would be beneficial.

They can compare and share ideas in a safe setting. Lastly the tutoring section should have enough room for where a child/student can learn how to read and write more efficiently with privacy.

There are a lot of places, not just in the United States, who can benefit from this.

2. Mobile Agricultural Center

Another important and lifesaving tool every child should learn is gardening. Gardening covers a wide range of benefits, from learning how to grow your own food to survive, to learning the responsibility of keeping flowers alive.

At the same time children can learn what plants are edible and why insects like bees are so important for agriculture. A majority of places worldwide suffer from hunger, with some living in areas where growing gardens is near impossible.

This is where this Mobile Agricultural Center will come in and save the day. Following the three-section format, there needs to be: fresh water supply, an indoor garden, and a fresh food for purchase selection.

Beginning with water supply, Renner’s India team already covered this by building a space for water filtration. Storing water won’t be enough as some places will not have clean drinkable water.

A water filtration system will need to be in place, so that water is readily available for both different locations the vehicle travels to and the indoor garden. Next there will need to be an area where plants can grow indoors.

We’re talking a variety of things from tomatoes to potatoes, lettuce, strawberries and even cucumbers. It’s here where students can learn how to plant fruits and vegetables, and watch the process unfold day by day.

Lastly the fresh food selection can either be for people to purchase or receive as free donations. The items available should come from the fruits and vegetables that were grown in the indoor garden.

This will not only show children the literal fruits of their labor but provide free food to areas in desperate need.

3. Mobile Sewing and Garment Center

Last but not least, Renner should attempt to create a Mobile Sewing and Garment Center. Sewing is a wonderful life skill that many can benefit from.

This includes learning how to use a sewing machine and knitting. For this project we’ll divide the vehicle into three sections: sewing classes, fabric/material selection and creation and a runway.

The first section needs to have the newest and most efficient sewing machines available along with all the tools necessary to use from needles to thread, patterns, knitting needles, yarn, scissors and cutting mats. Next the children will take what they learned and apply it, by creating garments of their own.

They will have an entire selection of fabric to choose from, as well as dress form mannequins and dry erase whiteboards to help bring their creation to life. Finally, there should be a section where the children can strut their stuff and show off their clothing creations.

This will create a fun event and positive environment allowing children to truly channel their individuality without fear. The runway can extend outward, with lights and music!

Next. Grand Admiral Thrawn will make his live action Star Wars debut. dark

Did you watch Rennervations season 1? What projects would you like to see Jeremy Renner do next?

Share your answers in the comments below, we’d love to read them!