Love & Death season 1, episode 2 Recap and Review: Encounters

Love & Death starring Elizabeth Olsen on HBO Max.
Love & Death starring Elizabeth Olsen on HBO Max. /

The second episode of Love & Death season 1 begins with Candy and Allan in a motel room, where they have sex and talk about Betty’s recent argument with Ron, the new pastor of their church. Allan feels bad for leaving Betty alone to handle the situation and blames himself.

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Meanwhile, Candy tells her friend Sherry that she’s beginning to have feelings for Allan but is unsure if it’s a good idea. Several months go by and Candy and Allan keep seeing each other secretly.

Betty’s pregnancy is progressing well, although her high blood pressure is a worry. Candy impresses Betty by giving her a gift she wanted for her baby shower.

Meanwhile, Pastor Ron’s sermons cause issues at the church, so the Gore family decides to leave and find another church to join. After Betty gives birth to a baby girl, Candy and her family are invited to see the new baby by the Gores.

However, Candy feels upset when Allan tells her that he and Betty will take the baby to meet his parents. She becomes uncomfortable with Allan’s absence and feels hurt when he cancels their date.

Allan eventually asks Candy to end their relationship, because he cannot give her the attention she deserves while taking care of his newborn. Months pass and Allan calls Candy to meet him for a meal.

He asks Candy to take care of their children, while he and Betty attend a marriage encounter, which could mean the end of their affair. Candy agrees to help them out and things go well for Betty and Allan at the encounter.

Love & Death season 1, episode 2 Recap and Review: Encounters
Love & Death starring Elizabeth Olsen on HBO Max. /

After the encounter, Betty and Allan renewed their marriage promises and look very close to each other. However, Candy seems unhappy when she sees them together.

Betty notices this and suggests that Candy and Pat Montgomery should also attend a similar encounter to improve their relationship. Candy is unsure at first, but Betty convinces her that it could be beneficial for their relationship.

Love & Death Season 1, Episode 2 Recap and Review

The second episode of Love & Death season 1, shows how complicated relationships can be and the problems that can happen when someone is unfaithful. Candy and Allan’s secret relationship makes things tense and upset for everyone, especially Allan’s wife, Betty.

Even though they have feelings for each other, Allan realizes that he can’t keep seeing Candy and still be a good husband and dad. Betty suggests that Candy and her partner, Pat, go to a marriage event together.

This teaches us that it’s important to talk openly and work on relationships. It also shows how one person’s choices can affect others. The story moves along at a good pace and the characters seem real while acting like we would expect them to in those situations.

Overall, the episode is a good example of how relationships can be complicated, and it makes us think about how cheating can cause problems. It’s a powerful episode that will stay with us for a while.

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