Citadel Season 1, Episode 3 Recap and Review: Infinite Shadows

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Citadel, Amazon Prime Video’s newest action thriller, has been gaining momentum with its fast-paced action and engaging storyline. The third episode of the show is just as thrilling as the first two episodes.

In this episode, the main characters Nadia and Mason, struggle with their relationship while the other members of their team try to stop Dahlia from getting into Citadel’s computer system. Season 1 episode 3 is full of surprises and the actors do a great job.

Citadel Season 1, Episode 3 Recap

In the new episode of Citadel, Nadia and Mason go to a safe house in Caceres, Spain after a fight they had before. Nadia tells Mason that he has a family and can’t remember their past together, even when they were in a romantic relationship.

This makes things more complicated between them. The episode takes a trip down memory lane, where we see Nadia and Mason as agents in the past.

At first, they are not friends and compete against each other on a rescue mission. But later, they become allies and work together.

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As the story gets more exciting, the show switches back to the present time, where Dahlia and her team capture Bernard to try and access Citadel’s AI system. Despite being tortured, Bernard doesn’t give them the password.

So, Dahlia brings in Anders, a cruel enforcer played by Roland Møller, to get the information they need. Bernard tells Anders a surprising fact: his wife, whom he believed was dead, is alive.

To save himself, Bernard suggests that he can take Anders to his wife, which leads to an unexpected turn of events. Nadia and Mason hide out in Spain and talk about their situation.

Nadia advises Mason to go home to his family, but he refuses and asks her to train him to protect them. Meanwhile, he meets with a crime boss in Morocco who makes him question Nadia’s loyalty.

When Mason confronts Nadia, she denies the accusations, but their relationship becomes uncertain.

Citadel Season 1, Episode 3 recap Review

Citadel season 1 episode 3 continues to captivate its audience with its complex plot and multi-layered characters. The episode successfully balances the past and present storylines, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the characters’ history and motivations.

The relationship between Nadia and Mason is explored further, with a shocking revelation about Mason’s past, adding a new dimension to their already complicated dynamic. The scenes in Morocco add a thrilling edge to the episode, with the introduction of a new character and the added tension between Nadia and Mason.

The plot twist involving Bernard and Anders is a welcome surprise, providing a new direction for the story to go in. The performances of the cast members continue to impress, with Stanley Tucci delivering a powerful portrayal of Bernard in his scenes with Dahlia and Anders.

Lesley Manville’s Dahlia is a formidable antagonist and Roland Møller’s Anders adds an extra layer of intensity to the episode. Overall, season 1 episode 3 is a strong entry in the series, building upon the groundwork laid in previous episodes and leaving viewers eager for more.

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