Which TV Shows made Show Snob’s Weekly 10 this week?

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 08: Patricia Arquette attends the season finale screening of AppleTV+'s "Severance" at DGA Theater Complex on April 08, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 08: Patricia Arquette attends the season finale screening of AppleTV+'s "Severance" at DGA Theater Complex on April 08, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

We sadly said goodbye to a couple of shows last week as Mrs. Davis and The Big Door Prize had their season finales. We welcome City on Fire to Show Snob’s Weekly 10 and we also saw some great new shows including Primo and High Desert.

1. Succession (MAX, formerly HBO)

We buried Logan this week, all the ex-wives and mistresses showed up, Roman had a breakdown, the uncle seriously dislikes Logan, and Kendall saved the day with a good speech. Shiv is really getting in deep against her brothers.

This can’t end well. We’ll never forget Logan’s last words to his kids, “You are not serious people.”

And they are not serious people, but they are pretty funny.

2. Yellowjackets (Paramount+)

Yellowjackets rebounded in a big way this week. The women turning on Shauna was shocking, but picking cards to see who gets eaten was the best part yet.

Maybe only beaten by the chase scene directly after it.

3. Mrs. Davis (Peacock)

Mrs. Davis ended this week. Simone did not die when she drank from the Holy Grail and Mrs. Davis kept her promise.

The whole bit that Mrs. Davis was originally created for Buffalo Wild Wings was the perfect, ridiculous ending to a ridiculous show. Mrs. Davis was the most unique show I have seen in a while.

It is now a great binge.

4. Barry (MAX, formerly HBO)

My favorite part of this episode is that Daniel Day Lewis is going to play Cousineau and Mark Wahlberg is going to play Barry in a movie. Next week is the series finale.

Lots of people want Barry dead.

5. City on Fire (Apple TV+)

City on Fire is getting better each week. When we figure out the connection between the husband, the crazy uncle, the band, and Sam, this is all going to come together.

Now that the brother is helping the cops, this show is taking off. Catch up on this show right away.

6. Somebody Somewhere (MAX, formerly HBO)

Not the funniest episode, as Sam was finding out disturbing things from her sister and Joel at the same time. As Sam will do, she gets very angry, very quickly.

7. Citadel (Amazon Prime Video)

We received some good back story on Nadia and Mason this week. It still isn’t crystal clear if Nadia is a bad guy, but it seems like this show is turning a corner and becoming more of a love triangle than a spy thriller.

Citadel drops a few spots this week because the plot is getting really messy and straying away from the spy genre. Hopefully, they will bring back the action and even more Stanley Tucci.

8. The Big Door Prize (Apple TV+)

The Big Door Prize ended with as many questions as it started. The season finale had a few good laughs, of course, but left us with multiple people with blue dots now.

We have no idea what these dots are for, but we do know that the Morpho machines is ready to take people to the next step, whatever that means. I will be really excited when season 2 comes out.

9. White House Plumbers (MAX, formerly HBO)

This week, the idiots break into Watergate multiple times and still do not get it correct. In one scheme, they plant multiple listening devices to monitor the Democratic National Party.

But the only one that worked is the one on the secretary’s phone. The only thing not funny about this show is that it actually happened.

10. Silo (Apple TV+)

We got back to the original story this week as the new sheriff is looking for clues that the old sheriff may have left behind. That hard drive is going to expose everything.

I’d like to see this show move a little faster.

Great Shows That Did Not Make Show Snob’s Weekly 10 That You Need to Know About

  • Ghosts of Beirut (Paramount+): This four-part miniseries (by the Fauda people, which is excellent) starring Dermot Mulroney (Scream VI) is half in English and half in Arabic. The story details the rise, hunt for, and multiple capture attempts by a joint coalition of the Mossad and CIA, to end the reign of one of the most notorious terrorists of all-time, Imad Mughniyeh. Each episode has real-life commentary from ex-CIA, journalists, and other experts from the region and the time period, mixed in with the fictional story.
  • High Desert (Apple TV+): Starring Patricia Arquette (Severance) and Rupert Friend (Homeland), High Desert tells a story of a drug dealer’s wife who is trying to get back on her feet by any means necessary. She works at a Western-style musical/restaurant thing, but what she really wants to do is be a private investigator for Brad Garret (Bupkis). If this sounds crazy, it is actually twice as crazy as it sounds. Arquette is hysterical as a drug addict/swindler/conman trying to make a buck.
  • Primo (Amazon Prime Video/Freevee): This show about a high school kid growing up with five uncles is pretty funny.
  • #BringBackAlice (MAX): In Polish, this is a missing girl returned story. Alice (or Ala in the show) mysteriously disappears only to reappear in episode 1. The series then tracks multiple people trying to figure out what really happened, since Alice can’t remember anything.
  • Class of ’09 (Hulu): This week, we got a better glimpse of how artificial intelligence evolves to start driving questionable tactics at the FBI in the year 2034.
  • The Great (Netflix): The Great is back doing great things again. The show is sarcastic, dry and packed with laughs.
  • Fatal Attraction (Paramount+): This show turned a corner this week and gets a promotion. Now that the investigation of the murder from 8 years ago, coincides with the flashbacks from the arrest and the trial, the show is a much more interesting.
  • Bupkis (Peacock): Pete Davidson did a cameo in Fast X, but he is definitely funnier in Bupkis.
  • Dave (FX): Not the funniest episode of Dave but cameos by Jack Harlow, Machine Gun Kelly, Rachel McAdams, Travis Barker, Don Cheadle, Megan Fox, and Demi Lovato made it interesting.
  • The Other Two (MAX): Brooke fails to figure out how to do good.

Wait and See

  • Fear the Walking Dead (AMC+): This week we revert back to June who is cutting off the fingers of PADRE operatives. I guess that is one way to carry on the fight.
  • Love and Death (MAX): Candy’s trial has started and her attorney, who has never done a criminal trial before, is doing surprisingly well. Will there be a twist to this or is it going to stay this straightforward?

Don’t Wait and Don’t See

  • Ted Lasso (AppleTV+): Another sad episode that Ted was barely in.
  • Saint X (Hulu): Now Emily is having all-out temper tantrums multiple times an episode.
  • The Last Thing He Told Me (AppleTV+): Thankfully, this season ended.

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