MerPeople season 1, episode 2 recap: Pack Your Tail, Sweetie

MerPeople. Cr. Netflix © 2023
MerPeople. Cr. Netflix © 2023 /

In the last episode of MerPeople, Tristan and Mermaid Sparkles audition to become a mermaid performer at Eric’s Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter. But do they make the cut?

MerPeople Season 1 Episode 2 recap – Mermaid careers

Unfortunately for Mermaid Sparkles she did not make the cut and her loss is devastating. Every audition costs time and money.

She has already considered that she’ll most likely have to move, if she were to ever achieve her dreams of being a mermaid performer. Luckily for Tristan, the Red River Merman, he is offered a job at Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter, however it is not as a merman.

At least not just yet. He aids in greeting guests, hosting the mermaid shows but on the side is learning how to become a merman for Eric, thanks to the help of an original Weeki Wachee mermaid.

It seems he has all of the qualities but needs to bring them together, as well as improve on his breathing under the water using oxygen tubes. For the Red River Merman, this is his second chance.

He had previously auditioned to work at Disney as a street performer but blew his chance as he has taken drugs for the first time the night before. He had been struggling with drugs for years but is now clean.

His experience in the water as a merman helped him through his recovery. He is ready to get back out there and show what he can do.

Meanwhile another mermaid has taken a different career route. Meet The Blixunami, The Sea King of South Carolina.

Blix has taken the love of mermaids, dolls, and music and combined all three. They are taking their mermaid passion to new heights, filming a music video, using as many creative means as possible, as filming can be costly.

They, like the other mermaids we’ve met thus far, found their love of mermaids quite young and use it almost as an escape. Trouble is, living in South Carolina and being different don’t always mix.

They had issues trying to fit in. Now, they are living their mermaid dreams, hoping to become a hit music sensation.

MerPeople Season 1 Episode 2 recap – MerMagic Con

One of the biggest events for mermaids is MerMagic Con, which takes place in Silver Spring, Maryland. Mermaids from all over come to enjoy the convention, where they can meet others like themselves, shop, swim, and live their mermaid dreams.

For Mermaid Sparkles, this is going to be another chance to prove herself as she is given a two minute time slot to perform in front of Morgana Alba. It had been years since she first auditioned and she failed miserably.

However, this second chance is putting a lot of pressure on Mermaid Sparkles. Will she succeed?

After seeing many mermaids perform, looking far from impressed to be honest, Morgana Alba is literally blown away by Mermaid Sparkles’ performance. Every smile, wave, turn, and dip is like a work of art.

Perhaps she got better since her last audition with Eric, perhaps he didn’t truly see the potential she had, but Morgana Alba literally goes to Mermaid Sparkles afterward, providing nothing but endless praise. She is so impressed that by the end of the episode, she video calls Mermaid Sparkles asking if she’d love to be a guest mermaid at a Las Vegas show! Mermaid Sparkles, in near tears, says yes!

MerPeople Season 1 Episode 2 recap – Against All Odds

For Morgana Alba, her career as a mermaid took off due to customer demand. She had done other performances, learning acrobatics, swordsmanship, even archery.

But everyone wanted more mermaid. She too, found her passion for learning new tricks and skills, as well as mermaiding, which has helped her cope throughout the years.

She’s a true workaholic mermaid, traveling nearly all year long, conducting her business, which includes mermaid shows at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. (I have been to that Renaissance Faire but haven’t seen the mermaid show, maybe next time).

Acting more as a host, she presents her mermaids who appear to get up bright and early for the day, and prepare themselves to perform before large crowds and yes, wide eyed children. As beautiful and magical as mermaiding can be, it is shown how difficult it can be after the fact as well.

When her mermaids return for air, their eyes bother them and they appear nearly exhausted. They change into different mermaid fins and dive once more.

Even Eric’s mermaids go through rigorous training and performing. Some even as young as 18 years old.

But whether it be the mermaid obsessed business ventures or the mermaid performers themselves, they live and love this life, no matter how difficult it can seem. The ending of the episode reveals how all the mermaids we’ve seen so far, including The Blixunami and Che Monique, have been training and practicing to achieve their goals!

MerPeople Season 1 Episode 2 review

Episode 2 picks up right where episode 1 left off and I cannot express how overjoyed I became seeing Mermaid Sparkles not only conquer her audition but may be on her way to becoming a part of the Circus Siren Pod! Her performance blew my mind!

It has been said often on this docuseries that you can clearly see how bad she truly wants to be a mermaid performer. We’ll have to see if her journey to Las Vegas is in the next episode!

Fingers crossed! Admittedly I never did think of the career as a mermaid musical artist, but Blix proved it is possible.

They were so confident in who they were, not ashamed to admit they play with their mermaid dolls or how they may look outside their home. It is truly amazing to see such self love!

The world needs more people like them. I am curious as to what their music video will look like in the end, but knowing the level of creativity they have, it will be pretty amazing!

I truly hope the next time I am at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire I am able to see Morgana Alba’s mermaids. I’d love to see them in action!

Netflix produces a lot of content, including docuseries and this one is most deserving of another season or at least follow up docuseries. Make it happen Netflix!

Next. Sullivan’s Crossing to premiere on CW in the fall after tremendous season on Canadian TV. dark

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