MerPeople season 1, episode 3 recap: Fly Free, Little Fishy

MerPeople. Cr. Netflix © 2023
MerPeople. Cr. Netflix © 2023 /

In episode 3 of MerPeople, we learn how inclusive the mermaid community can be, while several mermaids struggle with overcoming their present situations. The mermaid business continues to be a never-ending battle for some, while others see it as an opportunity to grow.

MerPeople Season 1 Episode 3 recap – Inclusivity

The Blixunami, The Sea King of South Carolina has a bit of a rough start in this episode. After Blix’s roommate needs to leave, they are essentially homeless.

Upon contacting their mother to ask if they can stay for a little bit, she declines and offers Blix some good luck. With nowhere else to go, Blix moves to the Bronx, New York to couch surf at a friend’s home.

Although Blix’s relationship with their parents is strained, they remain hopeful and confident. Couch surfing isn’t the solution, but luck may soon be on their side once again.

They, along with other mermaids, hear word about a mermaid competition taking place on a Virgin Voyage cruise ship. A King and Queen of the Seas will be crowned, so you know Blix has to try!

They are not alone, Mermaid Sparkles, Che Monique, Sparkles friend Mermaid Pixi and several other mermaids send their submission tapes in the hopes of being a contestant. As luck would have it, all four mentioned make the cut, with Che Monique chosen as a member of the council (one of the judges).

Blix now has to figure out how to earn enough money to get to Florida for the cruise. Dressing as their merman form, they take to New York City where they take photos for social media, meet fans and in the process, will earn enough in tips.

Where Blix cannot find the love and acceptance they need and rightfully deserve with their family, they find with the mermaid community. Blix has several close friends, who they reunite with at the Afro Mermaid get together.

The group accepts everyone, no matter the size, and even get to be in Blix’s ongoing music video! Blix gets to perform their song before a large crowd, receiving nothing but endless applause!

MerPeople Season 1 Episode 3 recap – The struggle

When it comes to mermaid inclusivity, there is one area that some might overlook: mermaid tails. For Che Monique, it’s a battle as most mermaid tails are not made to fit an overweight body.

So, imagine her surprise when Mermaid Kariel reached out to her, wanting to make her a silicone mermaid tail! With some help from her husband, Che is able to provide Mermaid Kariel with all the measurements needed.

While Che’s struggle with having her first silicone mermaid tail might be over, Tristan’s might just be beginning. The Red River Merman sadly has a setback and uses drugs for the first time in a while.

He was so ashamed he couldn’t even go to work to face Eric. What Tristan doesn’t realize is that Eric is willing to give him another chance.

We hope to see the Red River Merman not only forgive himself but return to his journey on becoming a merman at the Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter. Speaking of Eric, he’s sparing no expense on his Halloween show at Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter.

While he’s confident the show will be a success, his mother worries if they will have sold enough tickets. He will be paying for the large tank for years and the only way he can keep up his passion and business, is if they have enough money to do so.

Honestly, the Halloween show was incredible to watch, even though we only see a few minutes of it. The body paint and choreography was such a joy to see, even from the television screen!

I can only imagine how mesmerizing it must have been to watch in person!

MerPeople Season 1 Episode 3 recap – The big break?

With all of this uncertainty in the third episode, there had to be a big break for one of our mermaids right? Well, Mermaid Sparkles arrives to Las Vegas to perform with Morgana Alba’s Circus Siren Pod.

Although Mermaid Sparkles has the skills and looks, it is very obvious how overwhelmed and out of place she appears compared to the other mermaids. However, Morgana remains ever sweet, continuing to act as a mentor for the nervous mermaid.

The Circus Siren Pod will be taking turns, swimming in cold water inhabited by a lot of underwater creatures like fish and sting rays. The tank is inside a Las Vegas hotel, where a multitude of guests come and go, mostly gambling.

As Mermaid Sparkles waits for her turn, she’s becoming increasingly more nervous. When it is her turn, she’s too afraid to even move.

Morgana calms her down and sure enough Mermaid Sparkles dives and puts on a wonderful show. Unfortunately, Mermaid Sparkles is not used to swimming in cold water and doesn’t realize how fast hypothermia can kick in.

From downstairs, Morgana is watching amongst the guests, noticing something is off and realizes Mermaid Sparkles is going into hypothermic shock. The episode ends with her rushing back to the tank in a panic, worried about Mermaid Sparkles.

MerPeople Season 1 Episode 3 review

That cliffhanger left me not only nervous for Mermaid Sparkles but downright scared that this could be the end of her mermaid career with Morgana Alba. She was doing so well in the tank, looking completely comfortable in that element.

I’d hate to see this one bad event become a major setback for our smiling mermaid. Blix’s struggle was just as difficult to watch.

As heartbreaking as it is to know that your family doesn’t support you, even to the point of not providing a helping hand, that doesn’t stop Blix. They understand the reality of the situation but refuse to let that bring them down.

Seriously, there needs to be more people like this in the world. While Tristan’s moment of utter vulnerability didn’t nearly get enough attention, I truly hope that he doesn’t let this one accident send him on a downward spiral.

He is stronger than he realizes and needs to learn that one mistake doesn’t have to define you. Just keep swimming Tristan!

I am very excited to see what Che’s mermaid tail will look like and how she will be choosing the winners at the competition! With only one episode left, this docuseries feels severely cut short.

I’d love to see more about Eric’s mermaid tail business. I’d love to learn more about how Blix and the other mermaids get ready.

This could easily have been, and should have been, 5 or more episodes. Maybe we’ll see these mermaids again in a follow up docuseries?

Netflix, please make it happen!

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