5 Reasons MerPeople needs a follow-up docuseries

MerPeople. (R) Eric Ducharme in MerPeople. Cr. Netflix © 2023
MerPeople. (R) Eric Ducharme in MerPeople. Cr. Netflix © 2023 /

The four-episode Netflix docuseries MerPeople, took audiences into the lives of several mermaid and merman enthusiasts and professionals. From the land mermaid working odd jobs with a dream to the merman hoping to change the world with their music, viewers got an inside look into the mermaid or mermaiding lifestyle.

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Some of it is amazing while other aspects can be downright soul-crushing. Though the docuseries ended on a rather good note for all of our mermaids and mermen, it did leave a lot of room to be further explored.

The following are 5 reasons why MerPeople needs a follow-up docuseries.

1. Where are they now?

While we did get to see Mermaid Sparkles become an official mermaid in Morgana Alba’s Circus Siren Pod and Eric continuing his work as both a mermaid tail creator and owner of Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter, we really don’t know what happens next for them. Is working as a professional mermaid everything Mermaid Sparkles hoped it would be?

Is she finding it difficult to do? Is Eric’s mermaid tail business thriving?

What is the status of his Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter? Did Che Monique audition and get accepted into the Circus Siren Pod?

Is she doing something completely different? Did Blix finish their music video?

Has their song been released? What of Tristan, Mermaid Pixi and the winners of the King and Queen of the Seas?

There is so much material waiting to be explored and expanded upon.

2. Mermaid Lifestyle

Throughout the docuseries, we witness our mermaids and mermen getting ready, whether it be for a gig or just for the day. But what really goes into getting ready?

How much time does it take to become their mermaid forms? How much money does it end up costing them?

What kind of waterproof makeup do they wear? How much does their wardrobe cost?

Where do they buy their mermaid apparel. In a world where “Get Ready With Me” videos and shorts are all the rage; it would be fun and probably very informative to see our mermaids and mermen get ready for their day or evening. This also includes when they dress as mermaids, how much of the mermaid lifestyle blends into their daily life and where they hope to take their looks in the future.

3. Mermaid Business

An entire episode can be dedicated to how Eric runs his business of both making mermaid tails and putting on performances at Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter. What struggles does he face, day to day?

How does he make his mermaid tails? Where does he plan to take his business ventures in the future?

We can also get an inside look at Morgana’s mermaids from her Circus Siren Pod. How does she plan and schedule when and where her mermaids will be performing?

What goes into a performance? What mishaps can happen and how can they avoid them?

It’s fun and important to get this side of the mermaid business, as it not only educates those who are unfamiliar with mermaiding but it could be insightful for those who want to pursue this as a career. It lets inspiring mermaids know what truly goes into this line of work and how to prepare for it.

4. More mermaids

There are dozens upon dozens of mermaids and mermen out there who express their love of the sea creatures in a multitude of ways. Some are models, others professional mermaids, some are ocean activists.

While we want to see the mermaids and mermen of MerPeople, it’d be fun to also introduce more enthusiasts and see where their passion has taken them. We got to meet a few in the final episode, so why not give them an episode or two to share their lifestyle.

What’s Merman Andy the Sea King of California’s story? How has mermaiding influenced his life?

I’d love to know more about Mermaid Pixi and no surprise, The Harlem Mermaid, the Sea Queen of New York.

5. Another perspective

How fun would it be to see the people behind the scenes, like the ones who are looking for professional mermaids for a work event or party? How interesting would it be to watch them plan the event while ensuring the performing mermaids will be in a safe environment?

What goes into choosing which mermaids or mermen you want for your event? How does the mermaid or merman decide if they will take the job?

There are so many variables at play and considering mermaiding is a very explosive yet saturated market, it would be an intriguing take on how these two worlds collide perfectly without incident. But what happens if an incident occurs?

What businesses or events do mermaids and mermen avoid? There is so much that can be filmed and explored, that it probably can have a whole docuseries all to itself.

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MerPeople is available for streaming on Netflix.