MerPeople season 1, episode 4 recap: Fin for the Win

MerPeople. Sea Siren Carrie Wata in MerPeople. Cr. Andréanna Seymore/Netflix © 2023
MerPeople. Sea Siren Carrie Wata in MerPeople. Cr. Andréanna Seymore/Netflix © 2023 /

This is the final episode of the Netflix docuseries MerPeople. After much anticipation, the King and Queen of the Sea competition is here!

Who will win?

MerPeople Season 1 Episode 4 recap – King and Queen of the Sea competition

It looks like The Blixunami, Mermaid Sparkles, and Mermaid Pixi are amongst the 20 contestants chosen for the Virgin Voyages King and Queen of the Sea competition! Che Monique is there as a member of the council, and receives her first silicone mermaid tail, thanks to Mermaid Kariel!

You can tell all of Che’s dreams have come true by her reaction to the glorious mermaid tail! Let’s be honest, that mermaid tail is a literal piece of art.

Amongst the competition are contestants from all over the United States as well as the countries of Cuba, Indonesia, and Canada. Each mermaid and merman have their own unique look, name, and style and will be judged in three categories.

Watching the camaraderie amongst all these mermaids and merman, reminds me so much of attending comic conventions. There is so much joy on everyone’s faces!

There’s no drama, no bullying, no real jealousy to be seen anywhere! Everyone is there to celebrate their passion and each other’s successes.

Mermaiding is truly, a very supportive community. One of the best parts of watching the competition is getting to know other mermaids and merman who haven’t been in the docuseries until now.

The Harlem Mermaid, who is the Sea Queen of New York and her husband stole my heart! I love seeing our mermaids with supportive spouses/partners!

She was such an inspiration, truly showing that there is always time to find and do something that you love. While each mermaid and merman stand out in their own way, it is obvious the council (judges) are looking for very specific things.

Unfortunately, the moment Mermaid Sparkles stumbled in answering questions, I knew she wasn’t going to make the Top 10. Sadly, she doesn’t, fortunately her friends Mermaid Pixi and Blix do!

Although a point error winds up changing the Top 10 to Top 12, Mermaid Sparkles is still not chosen. Now that there are 12 final contestants to compete with, it’s really hard to determine who will win.

In the end, Luna Marie the Sea Queen of the Sunshine State wins the title of Queen of the Seas and Merman Andy the Sea King of California wins the title of King of the Seas! William Roehl the Sea King of Hawai’i does receive the title of Regent of the Seas and The Blixunami wins a new additional title of Miss Congeniality!

MerPeople Season 1 Episode 4 recap – Weechi Wachee mermaid reunion

While our mermaids and merman are having a blast on the Virgin Voyages cruise ship, Eric and the Weeki Wachee mermaids from the 60s’ are not. The 75th Anniversary of the
Weeki Wachee Resorts mermaids is coming up and all of our mermaids are looking forward to one last dip in the natural spring.

Almost as if they expected something like this would happen, each one receives an email that the reunion has been postponed, with the reminder that no questions will be answered at that time. Disgusted and disappointed, our Weeki Wachee mermaids are at a loss.

That is until Eric saves the day and decides to hold their reunion at Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter. Although this isn’t the resort with the natural spring, the women are overjoyed to have their reunion!

Eric says what we are all thinking watching from our homes, these women are not getting any younger. This may be the last time they can all come together, swim and reminisce about the old days of being a Weeki Wachee mermaid. The mermaid sisterhood remains just as strong all these years later.

In a present world where there is so much woman on woman hatred and jealousy, for no reason I might add, it goes to show that some friendships and sisterhoods still exist.

MerPeople Season 1 Episode 4 recap – The future of mermaiding

As the final episode of this docuseries wraps up, we are shown a beautiful montage of where our mermaids and merman will be going next. For Mermaid Sparkles, her hypothermic incident in Las Vegas didn’t stop her.

Morgana Alba was there for her, helping her into a warm shower and even after the exciting Virgin Voyages cruise ship, Mermaid Sparkles has become a mermaid in the Circus Siren Pod. She arrives to a Renaissance Faire to perform with her pod, ready to start a new beginning as a professional mermaid.

Eric might not know where his mermaid tail business will take him or the fate of his live mermaid shows, but he will remain ever focused on his work and passion. Will Che Monique become a member of Morgana’s Circus Siren Pod one day, now that she has her own mermaid tail?

Will Blix’s song become a hit and take him to stardom? As the popularity of mermaids and mermaiding continues to grow, there is no telling how many more lives it will impact and change.

What is the limit of the mermaid craze? Is there a limit?

We may never know.

MerPeople Season 1 Episode 4 review

Sadly, four episodes was not nearly enough for this addictive and compelling docuseries. The docuseries ended on a well enough note but left so much room for further stories to be told.

I would love to see how Eric runs his mermaid tail making business. Who does he make orders for?

How does he make the mermaid tails? Does he design them?

What inspires his designs? Mermaid Sparkles is now a professional mermaid so is it everything she expected?

How challenging has it been for her? Is it different than she imagined it would be?

What of Blix’s music video? Is it finished?

What will the final product look like? How successful is their first song?

Does Che Monique join the Circus Siren Pod? Does she audition for other professional mermaid jobs?

How is she adjusting to her new mermaid tail? Will she be working with Mermaid Kariel in helping provide mermaid tails for heavier mermaids?

The list goes on and on. I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for any further MerPeople developments but overall, I do not see why Netflix cannot order another docuseries or two in the very near future.

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