The final revelation: Citadel season 1 finale ending explained

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The final episode of Citadel reveals the truth about Mason Kane’s actions to reunite with Nadia and his disturbing choices. The story takes a dark turn, leaving viewers shocked.

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Mason holds the key to unlocking the nuclear warheads that Dahlia, the leader of Manticore, desperately wants. He had kept the warheads hostage to obtain information about Nadia’s whereabouts after she left Citadel.

However, this plan fails.

Dark paths and Family Ties: Decoding Citadel’s Season 1 Conclusion

Disappointed by his Citadel superiors, Mason turns to Dahlia for assistance. Surprisingly, it is revealed that Dahlia is Mason’s mother, who abandoned him after his father’s death.

As a result, Mason, a traumatized child, transformed himself into the American super-spy known as Mason Kane. During their conversation, Dahlia discloses that Citadel was responsible for his father’s death, covered up by bribing international organizations.

She, disguised as a diplomat, asks Mason to provide her with access to Citadel’s secrets, so that she can expose their war crimes. However, Dahlia uses this information to eliminate all Citadel spies.

Family, betrayal and the price of secrets

Meanwhile, armed with the information provided by Dahlia, Mason asks Bernard to locate Nadia. Bernard reveals the existence of Asha, Nadia’s daughter and urges Mason to be a father to her.

Mason refuses and their paths cross again during the fateful train mission that opens the series. In the finale of season 1, Nadia and Kyle join forces to retrieve the warheads from a submarine in exchange for Asha’s life.

Eventually, they succeed in eliminating Davik, saving Asha and foiling Dahlia’s plans. When they reach the U.S. Citadel headquarters with Carter Spence, Kyle reunites with Abby and Hendrix.

It becomes apparent to Carter and Nadia that Abby is actually Celeste.

A twist of fate: Analyzing the exciting ending of Season 1 of Citadel

Carter reveals that he has a backup of Mason Kane’s memories and Kyle decides to undergo the memory injection. Afterward, a composed Mason informs Abby that he doesn’t remember anything, but deep down, he remembers everything, including how he manipulated Citadel.

In conclusion, the ending of first season reveals the truth about Mason’s desperate actions to reunite with Nadia and the shocking revelation of his connection to Dahlia. It sets the stage for a darker path ahead and leaves viewers eagerly awaiting the next season of the show.

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