Which TV Shows made Show Snob’s Weekly 10 this week

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne in "Platonic," premiering May 24, 2023 on Apple TV+.
Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne in "Platonic," premiering May 24, 2023 on Apple TV+. /

With the excessive number of shows that ended last week, we have quite a few new shows in the Show Snob’s Weekly 10 and a completely revamped order. Somebody Somewhere, which just ended, is something you should binge.

1. High Desert (Apple TV+)

They try to con the Guru but Matt Dillon screws it up again. However, we get some new clues about the missing/dead wife.

This show gets weirder and weirder in the best way.

2. City on Fire (Apple TV+)

William didn’t die, so he is still doing his own investigating of Sam’s attempted murder and we get some weird backstory. Meanwhile, Charlie keeps going back to see the guys he knows want to kill him.

Those are the same guys who blow stuff up and they have a new really, really big bomb. We continue to find out how bad of a guy the step-uncle is.

Could it really be that obvious?

3. Ghosts of Beirut (Paramount+)

We jump way ahead into 2007 and the CIA, working with the Mossad, finally figure out a way to follow, find, and get a picture of Imad. He is not a ghost anymore.

This is probably the show you should start watching right away.

4. Platonic (Apple TV+)

This week was the episode of the divorce party. There was a female oriented divorce party and a male oriented divorce party.

They were vastly different. The “let’s laugh at the overly high person”, has been so overdone, but somehow Rose Byrne had me laughing hysterically; especially when she was trying to get the drugs out of her system.

5. White House Plumbers (MAX)

The finale showed how the gang got convicted, sent to jail, and how they got out. The gang’s steadfast belief that Nixon and the administration were going to rescue them goes from funny to ridiculous to incredulous.

I am sure to the day these guys died, they thought they were doing the right thing for the country. Woody Harrelson again comes out as the best actor in a show with many fantastic actors.

6. Silo (Apple TV+)

We learned much more about how Judicial works in this episode. But more importantly, we learn about the underground world of relics and relic trading.

Even more shocking is that George may have been using the sheriff to simply get information from her, at least according to the silo’s main relic salesperson. But the ending finally gives us a glimpse that something much more nefarious is going on within the silo.

Who were those guys?

7. The Clearing (Hulu)

There is just something about this show that creeps me out. This episode has more weird stuff about the Mother and really strange stuff in the current timeline with Amy/Freya.

At least they get busted in this episode, so we’ll probably start tying the timelines together.

8. The Rising (The CW)

The Rising was a British show that is making its US debut. Like Paramount+’s School Spirits, this show is about a woman who figures out that she is actually dead.

Worse yet, she was murdered and that makes her angry. Presumably, we’ll now try to solve her murder.

Unlike School Spirits, there are no jokes in this show.

9. Dave (FX)

Dave finished its season last week and I wanted to get it into the Show Snob Weekly 10 at least once. You won’t find another show that is exactly like Dave.

Half the show is about an up-and-coming rap artist, another half is about a neurotic man looking for love, and another half is a ridiculous, dirty, raunchy comedy. The cameos this season have been off the hook.

The last episode has Rachel McAdams, Drake, and Brad Pitt and gets shot by a bow and arrow.

10. Vortex (Netflix)

In French, this story is about a cop who uses a new virtual reality program to investigate crime scenes. However, when he uses the system, he somehow connects to a 1998 reality.

Just days before his first wife dies, he is able to converse with her about the events to come. The wife is not thrilled to hear she is about to die and tries to change things in 1998.

These changes ripple into his present, causing chaos.

Great Shows That Did Not Make Show Snob’s Weekly 10 That You Need to Know About

  • Manifest (Netflix): It is still very sappy and overly dramatic. If you never started the show, I am not sure you should start it now. But if you started it, you have to watch the last 10 episodes.
  • American Born Chinese (Disney+): Good show, but viewer beware, very young adult.
  • Class of ’09 (Hulu): This week’s episode was pretty interesting and added more context to why artificial intelligence is a good idea for the FBI. I really liked the idea that the AI will consider everyone in America a suspect until it can unequivocally rule them out.
  • FUBAR (Netflix): Some decent action continues, but Arnold and his TV daughter just keep having the same conversation over and over again.
  • Primo (Amazon Prime Video): Next to CBS’ Neighborhood, this may be the best family sitcom out there.
  • The Other Two (MAX): Get ready to laugh, then cringe, then laugh again.
  • Gotham Knights (The CW): Harvey Dent is crazy, finally. And so is Brody’s mom?

Wait And See

  • The Idol (MAX): It isn’t going to be easy to replace Succession, Barry, and Somebody Somewhere on Sunday nights. But MAX is going to try to do it with Johnny Depp’s daughter in very little clothing. The story about a pop star trying to deal with fame, her next album, and love is off to a decent start, but we’ll have to see where they take it.
  • Fear the Walking Dead (AMC): There are still zombies, and there are still people that fight zombies. Let’s hope there is something interesting in this season soon.

Don’t Wait and Don’t See

  • Saint X (Hulu): We finally get to the end of a show that we very badly wanted to end. The big climax, she fell off a rock and died.
  • Ted Lasso (Apple TV+): The season is over, maybe not the series. I will watch Ted Lasso without Ted Lasso, no problem there at all. It was a sappy ending to a sappy season, though the finale was one of the better episodes.

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