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HBO’s new show, The Idol, has been getting mixed reviews because of its explicit sex scenes. People are questioning whether these scenes are actually important for the story.

The show focuses on dark themes and follows the life of Jocelyn, a pop star trying to make a comeback after a breakdown. She meets a guy named Tedros, who is part of a mysterious cult.

While the premise of the show is interesting, the way it includes sex scenes feels unnecessary and doesn’t add much value to the overall plot.

Sex scenes lack substance in The Idol

The Idol wants to show the darker side of the entertainment industry and how people can get trapped in it, because they want to be successful. While sex can be a part of that, the explicit scenes in the show don’t seem to have a real purpose.

For example, in one episode, there is a long scene where Jocelyn and Tedros engage in strange foreplay with explicit dialogue. This scene could have been shortened or removed without changing the story too much.

It feels like the show is using sex scenes just to get people to watch, rather than adding something meaningful to the plot.

Missed opportunity for character development

The show could have explored Jocelyn’s well-being and how she copes with her past traumas while struggling in the music industry. However, the show’s approach to sex scenes lacks depth and emotional significance.

Instead of focusing on character development, The Idol relies too much on explicit content. This leaves the viewers wanting more substance and a better understanding of Jocelyn’s journey.

Hope for improvement

Although The Idol is still a new show with one episode yet to be released, it’s important to consider the current use of sex scenes. There is a chance for the show to improve in this aspect and provide a more meaningful narrative.

However, based on what we’ve seen so far, the sex scenes don’t contribute much to the story or character development. The show should reconsider their use of explicit content and focus on telling a more engaging and substantial story.


The Idol’s sex scenes have received criticism for lacking substance and not adding to the overall plot. While the show explores important themes related to the dark side of the music industry, the focus on explicit content feels unnecessary.

The opportunity to explore Jocelyn’s well-being and character development seems missed. As the show progresses, there is hope for improvement, but currently, the sex scenes feel more like a way to attract attention rather than serving a meaningful purpose in the story.

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