Breakdown and recap of Silo season 1, episode 9: The Getaway

Silo. Image courtesy Apple TV+
Silo. Image courtesy Apple TV+ /

On the ninth episode of Silo, a dystopian sci-fi series from Apple TV+ starring Rebecca Ferguson, Juliette, now definitely the former sheriff, is on the lam and being hunted by authorities. As she tries to evade capture again, she discovers some pretty mind-blowing info once she gets help to access George’s hard drive.

From the last episode’s cliffhanger, we saw Jules make a run for it and, with her pack in hand, she jumped over the railing. Fortunately, it was a calculated jump, and she lands on the next level’s hallway, bruised but mobile.

Silo. Image courtesy Apple TV+ /

Sims, Billings, and the raiders are quickly on to her, and they chase her down. Yet somehow, she turns a corner and then she’s gone.

Later, Holland and Sims are at their wits’ end. Then Holland’s key fob or key chain with an 18 on it starts to glow and pulse.

What is that? I hope we find out soon as this shot and Holland’s expression, both say it’s pretty important.

At Billings’ house, he’s sulking because Sims thinks he let Jules get away. Of course, he started to get the shakes from the Syndrome afflicting him, which is how she escaped, but Sims doesn’t know that.

At least not yet. Kat, his wife, tries to convince him to resign from the sheriff’s office and go back to being a Judicial agent.

Billings refuses.

Silo season 1, episode 9 recap: Wherefore art thou, Juliette?

At the Down Deep, the raiders come knocking at Martha Walker’s door. They search the premises but find nothing.

They also call at Dr. Nichols’ nursery. Sims questions the good doctor but finds nothing amiss.

Even the doc doesn’t believe that Juliette said she wanted to go out, as Sims claims. Where is Juliette really though?

She’s at Sims’ house and Mrs. Sims, as well as her son, find her there when they come home. Jules makes Camille Sims cuff herself to a pipe in the kitchen, where she can still see Jules and the doorway to her son’s bedroom.

With that out of the way, Jules proceeds to try and access George’s hard drive on the Sims’ computer. Behind her, Camille is able to escape her handcuffs by some clever lock picking.

Silo season 1, episode 9 recap: Lukas buckles

As Judicial makes its ongoing investigation on Juliette’s whereabouts, they also track down that she sent a message to Lukas, the guy drawing stars in the cafeteria. Holland summons him and proceeds to question the poor guy.

Being unused to any kind of bullying or the threat of a forced cleaning, Lukas gives in easily and floats some info on where Jules might be. He also confesses he saw the number 18, same as the one on Holland’s light-up key fob, on the side of the drive.

Billings breaks into Jules’s apartment after the raiders are through searching it. He finds the children’s book on Georgia in a secret compartment behind the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

Of course, he reads it. Was his hand shaking from the Syndrome or just the weight of revelation, of cities and oceans from the Before Times?

He burns the book but not before tearing a page off of it for safekeeping, as a receipt of proof.

Silo. Image courtesy Apple TV+ /

Silo season 1, episode 9 recap: Cracking the drive

Eventually, one of the watchers is able to track down Jules to the Sims’ residence. They are on their way but not before Jules is able to open a folder marked START HERE.

Inside is a video message from George to her. But before she can view it, Camille, now free and armed with a hammer, stops her and informs her that the raiders are coming, having tracked down the hard drive once she got it connected.

Camille lets her go. Juliette ups and runs again.

All the alleyway cameras around the Sims house go dark. We can only assume Jules has knocked them out.

Next scene we see is that Patrick has called in a new face, a hacker named Danny. Inside his place we see he’s harboring Juliette.

Between Danny’s mad skillz and Jules already knowing how to access and what to look for, they crack open the full HD experience.

Silo season 1, episode 9 recap: The display is a lie

Jules gets to watch George’s whole vid message to her. George reveals that he found a door, a huge one about 15 feet high, that maybe Jules can get through it since he can’t.

Silo. Image courtesy Apple TV+ /

Then they mosey over to the folder that sent Allison Becker off the edge and out to clean. It’s the helmet cam where all is green outside with foliage, the sky is a bright blue, and there are birds flying in a V formation from right to left.

Holston’s wife was right all along. The display they all see at the cafeterias is a lie.

Now I can’t wait for the season finale!

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