Netflix’s Manifest season 4, episode 14 recap: “Fata Morgana”

MANIFEST SEASON 04. J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022
MANIFEST SEASON 04. J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022 /

Manifest season 4 is an exciting show that takes us on a thrilling adventure full of mystery, excitement, and moments that make our hearts race. In this recap and review, we’ll explore the captivating events of season 4 episode 14, highlighting the intense surprises and emotional moments that keep fans hooked.

Manifest season 4, episode 14 recap

The episode begins with Cal and Olive in disbelief over Fiona’s sudden passing. They are puzzled by the appearance of a straw on Fiona’s bedside table, questioning how it got there.

As they try to make sense of it, they realize that Eden, a young girl with special abilities, has been communicating with Angelina, who is projecting herself using a sapphire. Meanwhile, Ben experiences another Calling at the Detention Center, seeing Captain Daly with blood on his hands and a menacing stare.

Jared apologizes to Michaela for their previous awkward encounter and shares a photo of Angelina’s van, causing Michaela to feel unsettled. Ghost Zeke appears to Michaela again, urging her to move on without him as he feels his memory slipping away.

Saanvi obtains approval from Zimmer to bring in Patrick, Captain Daly’s estranged son, to help with the situation. However, Patrick initially refuses to cooperate.

The situation becomes dire as a plague-like phenomenon spreads throughout the detention center, leading to a lockdown. Ben seizes the opportunity to escape and teams up with Saanvi to prepare Patrick for something crucial.

Polly, a pregnant woman in the detention center, becomes distressed and fears for her baby’s well-being. With no medical assistance available, she and Saanvi are left to handle the situation alone.

Despite the challenges, Polly successfully gives birth. Cal uses his unique abilities to communicate with Angelina, trying to convince her to abandon her dangerous plans of ending the world.

However, Angelina remains determined and proposes a partnership, which Cal firmly rejects. He shares important information with Jared about Angelina’s whereabouts, leading Jared to confront her without backup.

In a shocking turn of events, Angelina disguises herself as Patrick and gains close proximity to Captain Daly. She fatally attacks him just as armed guards prepare to open fire.

Despite Ben’s pleas to stop, a tragic gunshot claims Ben’s life. Jared manages to arrest Angelina, but the loss of Ben leaves everyone devastated.

In a poignant moment, Michaela speaks to Zeke once more, realizing that his freezing in the cave is a part of the timeline. She instructs him to find Michaela, completing a circle that explains Zeke’s actions from the beginning of the series.

As the episode concludes, the death of Captain Daly and Fiona results in a chilling scene where blood from Daly’s body flows into the river, bathing the area in red. Angelina is brought into the detention center in handcuffs, signaling potential trouble ahead.

Manifest season 4, episode 14 review

In “Fata Morgana,” the characters faced unexpected discoveries and found themselves in dangerous situations, which added an element of suspense while keeping viewers eagerly anticipating what would happen next. The actors did an excellent job portraying their characters, and the relationships between them were intriguing to watch.

The actors’ performances were impressive, bringing their characters to life and making the episode even more enjoyable. The connections between Cal and Olive, as well as the interactions between other characters, added depth to the story.

It was interesting to see the emotions and conflicts that arose between them, making the episode more engaging. The episode also introduced mysterious and supernatural elements that added an intriguing twist to the plot.

The communication between Eden and Angelina using a special gemstone added an element of intrigue and suspense. Additionally, Ben’s Calling and the subsequent consequences, kept the tension high throughout the episode.

The pacing of “Fata Morgana” was well-balanced, with a mix of intense action scenes and quieter moments that focused on the characters. This helped build anticipation and led to an exciting ending that left viewers wanting more.

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