Netflix’s Manifest season 4, episode 15 recap: Throttle

MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone and J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022
MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone and J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022 /

Welcome to the recap of episode 15 of Manifest season 4, titled “Throttle.” This exciting episode takes us on a thrilling ride as the story unfolds with intense moments and surprising revelations.

Join us as we explore the key events and discoveries of “Throttle” in a way that is easy to follow and enjoy. Let’s dive into the exciting world of Manifest and uncover the highlights of this captivating episode.

Manifest season 4 episode 15 recap

The episode starts with news reports covering the “Blood River” phenomenon outside the 828 facilities, believed to be connected to the passengers. The media encourages people to take action against the government’s handling of the situation.

Meanwhile, the runaway passengers, led by Amuta, debate whether to stay put or make a move. Ben, who is at the Detention Center, expresses concern about Angelina’s danger.

Zimmer, despite being in solitary confinement, dismisses Angelina’s threat. Ben has a plan to use Saanvi’s antidote to neutralize Angelina’s Sapphire powers. However, Zimmer has a different agenda and wants Angelina to deliver the passengers to her in exchange for a deal.

Michaela’s father visits her and informs her that Olive and Cal have been dropped off at Port Authority. He gives Olive a note that could hold crucial information.

Unfortunately, Michaela’s father collapses on the other side of the glass, leaving her in shock. Michaela, feeling trapped, sees glimpses of a Calling that lead her to believe she needs to find her father.

With Ben’s help, Michaela uses the Callings as an excuse to leave her room and search for her father. Ben’s plan works, and he also passes a note to TJ, updating him on Angelina’s activities. Eagan witnesses everything, including Angelina’s presence in the detention center.

Amuta arrives at the Detention Center, demanding to see Daly, thinking they can strike a deal. However, Ben discovers that it was all part of Angelina’s plan. Zimmer allows Michaela and Jared to leave to support their story, with Jared receiving a text message from Drea, indicating they need to talk.

Michaela requests Drea’s assistance in removing the tracker from her arm, allowing her to escape. She rushes to the hospital, where she learns that her father is in critical condition. Determined not to abandon him, she decides to take care of him full-time, despite the financial burden.

Michaela experiences another Calling that provides more specific details about a wooded area. Together with Ben, they embark on a road trip to follow the Callings’ guidance. Meanwhile, Ben learns the safe word for the runaway passengers and tries to warn them before Zimmer arrives.

During Ben’s attempt to warn the others, he is interrupted and injured. However, his message manages to reach them, leading to an empty safehouse when Zimmer arrives. Zimmer suspects Angelina was tipped off and decides to extract the Sapphire forcefully.

Saanvi is shocked when she learns about Zimmer’s plans, including the potential weaponization of the Sapphire. However, the Sapphire disappears and integrates itself into Angelina’s veins, making its removal impossible.

Eagan and TJ join forces to locate Angelina, aided by Polly’s boyfriend who works undercover at the Center. They witness Ben’s intervention, but the outcome has unintended consequences.

Angelina escapes with Eagan, and it becomes clear that injecting her with the sedative has disrupted all the passengers’ Callings.

As the episode concludes, Zimmer transfers Saanvi to a different department, and Ben realizes the world is facing an imminent catastrophe—an active volcano under New York City.

The “Blood River” is just one of the signs indicating an impending eruption, which would have disastrous consequences for everyone.

Overall, Episode 15 of Manifest Season 4, “Throttle,” presents intense developments and unexpected twists. The characters face critical choices and dangerous situations that push the storyline forward.

As the episode concludes, the threat of the volcanic eruption looms large, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next episode of Manifest.

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