Netflix’s Manifest season 4, episode 16 recap: Furball

MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone and Josh Dallas as Ben Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022
MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone and Josh Dallas as Ben Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022 /

Welcome to the recap of Manifest season 4 episode 16, titled “Furball”. This exciting episode brings even more danger and challenges for the passengers of Flight 828.

As tensions mount, the relationships between the characters are put to the test, and they find themselves racing against the clock to solve the mysteries that surround their intertwined fates. From surprising reunions to jaw-dropping revelations, we invite you to join us as we explore the thrilling twists and turns in this captivating chapter of Manifest.

Manifest season 4, episode 16 recap

The episode starts with Michaela and Jared rekindling their relationship while taking care of Michaela’s father. However, their story isn’t very exciting, and not much happens.

That is until a neighbor named Tom shows up, and he doesn’t like the 828 passengers. In another part of the story, Ben talks to Vance to find a solution for Angelina’s situation.

Olive comes to see Ben and mentions that they don’t know where Michaela is. Ben believes she’s okay and they talk in a secret code.

Just as Ben is being taken inside, an earthquake shakes the ground and causes chaos. Before going, Ben tells Olive to find Michaela.

The real drama happens when the ground cracks open like a sinkhole and two guards are killed. The remaining guards rebel and refuse to risk their lives anymore.

However, Zimmer appears and reveals a plan. The authorities have given permission to implement the Isolation Protocol.

They want to lock up the passengers and leave them inside while the guards watch from outside. Vance apologizes to Ben and tells him there’s nothing they can do.

He gives Ben ID cards for life-support patients and food storage. Vance believes they need to make their supplies last for 9 months and thinks Ben can lead and organize everyone.

In the middle of all this, Eden enters the complex and starts looking around. Olive sees her and decides to stay and find both Eden and Ben.

With the guards gone, the internal doors open, and Ben reunites with TJ and Olive. They also find Eden quickly.

Vance tells Cal that his family is trapped inside, but Vance stays with him. While Angelina finds herself in the company of Eagan and other fellow passengers, tensions run high due to her previous actions, particularly the killing of Grace.

This creates a hostile environment, leading the group to abandon their safehouse. However, Eagan, recognizing the potential in Angelina, persuades her to remain and explore an alternative strategy.

Despite the animosity surrounding her, Angelina’s presence sparks curiosity and intrigue as her fate becomes intricately entwined with the future of the passengers. He suggests that she connect with the passengers on a deeper level.

Angelina talks to them again and says they can create a new world if they follow her. During all the chaos, Cal has a Calling in a dark room with falling playing cards.

The cards spell out the numbers 6, 2, 3, and 8. Cal is the only one receiving Callings now, so it’s important for him to solve this.

While Cal tries to figure it out, one of the guards snaps and confronts the passengers. He blames Ben and the others for what’s happened.

Ben tries to reason with him, but the guard, Quinn, is determined to make them pay. However, when Eden gives Quinn a doll, he changes his mind and leaves.

Since the Michaela subplot has been less eventful, she decides to go for a run and runs past Tom’s place. He notices her and plans to attack her.

He tricks her into thinking he’s trapped under his van and starts choking her. Luckily, Vance and Cal arrive just in time to save her.

But it turns out Tom has a bigger plan—he wants to blow everything up with a van full of explosives. Michaela realizes that the Callings might still exist, but they’re not coming through at the moment.

She suggests that Cal use his ability to go back on the plane and experience each Calling one by one to understand what’s happening. Cal sees all the Callings in a series of flashes and decides to uncover them individually to survive their impending death date.

Back at the detention center, Ben speaks up for everyone and acknowledges that they don’t know what the future holds. Despite not having biological families, the passengers have found a sense of togetherness and become a big family.

Ben organizes them and turns the detention center into a new home, where they can find happiness and make the most of their remaining 9 months.

Manifest season 4, episode 16 review

Manifest season 4 episode 16 takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride as the passengers of Flight 828 navigate their isolated existence. Ben takes on the role of a leader within their newly formed community, leading to speculation about his potential connection to religious symbolism and the possibility of him being a modern-day Moses.

This adds an intriguing layer to the story, raising questions about Ben’s significance in guiding the passengers through their turbulent journey. Meanwhile, Cal continues to experience the enigmatic Callings, which comes as no surprise considering his pivotal role as one of the Pillars alongside Angelina.

The episode hints at an impending clash between these two characters, setting the stage for a potentially dramatic confrontation. The evolving dynamics between the Pillars and their respective roles in the unfolding narrative add a sense of anticipation and further fuel the intrigue surrounding their destinies.

Despite these compelling central storylines, the episode suffers from lengthy subplots and scenes that could have been more succinctly portrayed. The Angelina and Michaela storylines, in particular, seem to drag on unnecessarily, consuming valuable screen time that could have been better utilized to advance the main plot.

With time ticking away within the show’s narrative, these prolonged detours feel like missed opportunities to delve deeper into the mysteries at hand. That said, Manifest manages to strike a delicate balance between moments of symbolism, intrigue, and character development.

The episode showcases glimpses of the larger mythology and the impending sense of urgency, as the characters approach a critical deadline. Viewers are left eagerly anticipating the remaining episodes, hoping for a tighter narrative focus and a satisfying resolution to the overarching mysteries.

Overall, “Furball” delivers an engaging mix of religious undertones, supernatural phenomena, and interpersonal dynamics. While the episode may have benefited from tighter editing to streamline the narrative, it successfully maintains the show’s trademark intrigue and leaves viewers eager for the next installment.

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