Netflix’s Manifest season 4, episode 17 recap: Threshold

MANIFEST SEASON 04. Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022
MANIFEST SEASON 04. Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022 /

Welcome to the recap of Manifest season 4, episode 17, titled Threshold.” In this episode, we witness a leap forward in time, bringing us closer to the anticipated Death Date.

The characters in the Detention Center face challenges such as supplies running low as they prepare for the future. Cal’s Callings leads him to a woman named Autumn Cox, and together they uncover a connection to an abandoned building owned by Drea’s family.

As the story unfolds, unexpected events and conflicts arise, setting the stage for the upcoming episodes. Join us as we delve into the details of this captivating episode.

Manifest season 4, episode 17 recap

Manifest season 4, episode 17, takes us 8 months into the future, nearing the looming Death Date. It’s now May 2nd, 2024, and Ben has successfully maintained the supplies in the Detention Center, where a thriving commune has emerged.

However, the supplies are running dangerously low, prompting the need for rationing, despite having a nursery full of new plants ready for use. The survivors recognize the importance of making the most of these resources if they manage to survive past the Death Date.

Meanwhile, Vance and Cal remain by Michaela’s side, but Michaela worries about Cal pushing himself too hard. Cal has been tirelessly analyzing various Callings to find a solution.

In his latest Calling, he sees himself being choked by plants while sitting in seat 14F. This Calling leads them to Autumn Cox, a woman with a complicated history with the passengers, who is currently aligned with Angelina’s crew.

Michaela reminds everyone of their commitment to solving the Callings, regardless of their feelings towards the passengers. Cal realizes that the Calling is connected to the Stone residence back home.

Since Michaela needs to care for her father, Jared volunteers to accompany Cal on this mission. Returning to the Stone residence, they are shocked to find Angelina there, along with the other rogue passengers she now considers her flock.

Angelina claims she has been Called to judge the passengers and believes herself to be the Archangel. Cal strongly opposes her, but as they engage in a conversation, Jared finds a picture showing Autumn with purple vines.

Jared takes a photo of it, believing it could hold the key to solving the Calling. A major blackout occurs at the Detention Center, caused by the recent tremors, which also disrupts the life-support systems, putting the patients in critical condition.

However, Joe comes up with a solution to fix the issue using a new generator. Meanwhile, the sinkhole with lava inside the detention center remains unresolved.

Ben allows his daughter, Olive, to create a large banner, and Joe helps him obtain a flare. Their plan is to make a loud noise and attract outside help.

It remains unclear why they haven’t attempted this in the past 8 months, a question that lingers throughout the season. Collaborating, Michaela and Vance discover that the purple vines from Cal’s Calling are connected to an abandoned building near the Detention Center, owned by Drea’s family.

We shift our focus to Drea, who is revealed to be constructing an underground tunnel. Jared and Cal enter the building and hear Drea calling for help.

They encounter a suspicious man who claims to be a contractor and poses a threat. However, they discover that Drea is pregnant—with Jared’s baby.

Jared and Cal manage to stop the man, who escapes. Just as they’re about to take further action, gunshots are heard outside, as soldiers open fire on those on the rooftop.

It seems their efforts to seek help have gone unheard. Jared assists Drea in breaking through a wall in the basement, creating an escape route for those inside the Detention Center.

Drea’s breaker provides a new power source, saving the lives of patients on life support without the need for difficult choices. With the wall open, everyone begins making their own plans for what comes next.

Some passengers decide to leave, while Drea and Michaela reconcile their differences regarding the pregnancy. Eventually, the atmosphere lightens, and the survivors enjoy some quality time together.

However, Cal visits Marko in intensive care, where Marko touches Cal’s arm, leading him to experience a Calling involving a peacock. At the top of the peacock feathers, there is a sapphire.

It appears that Angelina might be right, and the peacock symbolizes the Divine Consciousness mentioned previously. Could this mean that he and Angelina need to collaborate?

Manifest season 4, episode 17 review

Season 4, episode 17, titled “Threshold”, takes a significant leap forward in time, bringing us closer to the anticipated Death Date. With only a few episodes remaining, viewers are left wondering how the series will wrap up.

This episode, like others in the second part of the season, suffers from unnecessary elongation. One glaring issue is the absence of any mention of the lava sinkhole by the characters inside the detention center.

Additionally, the characters effortlessly escape through a tunnel without facing any resistance from the guards outside, while the mysterious Zimmer character disappears without explanation. Despite these flaws, there are glimpses of promise as some puzzle pieces start to fall into place.

It’s encouraging to see the plot threads slowly converging, and viewers hope for improvement in the episodes to come. As Manifest approaches its conclusion, fans are eagerly anticipating a satisfying resolution to the show’s mysteries.

The remaining episodes must focus on delivering tighter storytelling and addressing the lingering questions. With time running out, the series needs to make each moment count to provide a memorable and fulfilling ending for its dedicated audience.

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