Netflix’s Manifest season 4, episode 18 recap: Lift/Drag

MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Ty Doran as Cal Stone, Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance and Josh Dallas as Ben Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Peter Kramer/Netflix © 2022
MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Ty Doran as Cal Stone, Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance and Josh Dallas as Ben Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Peter Kramer/Netflix © 2022 /

Get ready for an exciting episode of Manifest season 4! In episode 18, the countdown to the Death Date intensifies, and the characters face crucial choices and unexpected obstacles.

They must confront the significance of their Callings and the rising stakes. The storylines continue to develop, building anticipation for an intense finale that could bring about big changes.

As we approach the end of the season, the excitement grows, and viewers can’t wait to discover the secrets behind the show’s captivating mysteries.

Manifest season 4, episode 18 recap

In season 4 episode 18, titled “Lift/Drag,” we find ourselves just two days away from the fated Death Date. Saanvi is working with the Secretary of Defense to monitor the spreading volcano predicted by infrared scanners.

They have managed to keep the situation hidden from the public for now, but the growing hysteria cannot be contained much longer. Saanvi’s associate, Troy, suggests using an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to block the God frequency.

Although hesitant, the superior in charge reluctantly agrees to give it a try, unaware that it will also erase all their research. Saanvi feels the urgency and believes they should escape, but their only option is to knock out the power block with an EMP charge.

Troy is uncertain, but Saanvi is determined to go ahead with the plan. Meanwhile, Cal experiences another Calling, a series of seemingly random images, including smashed glass and a track and field arena.

Cal has been managing multiple Callings and organizing passenger teams for various missions. Despite being surrounded, they have successfully operated incognito, with Ben providing instructions on how to avoid suspicion.

Michaela and Ben receive specific assignments related to their Callings. Michaela’s task is linked to Zeke’s words about saving every life that matters.

Ben receives a buzzing noise and an area code, 1121, which leads him to Brooklyn, where there are 80 blocks to investigate. The buzzing noise hints at a location with abundant solar panels generating substantial power.

They discover a hidden black site in the heart of Brooklyn. Led by Vance, Ben, and Cal, they break into the facility, which seems to operate under strict protocols.

Strangely, no alarms go off, and the power shuts down completely due to an EMP charge. To their surprise, Saanvi is being held captive in this very facility.

As they attempt to leave, they are joined by Vance, Cal, and Ben. Troy sacrifices himself to buy them time, while the rest of the group returns to the detention center.

Astrid, who switched sides and is now with the detention center crew, seems to have gone unnoticed during the commotion. However, when Jared and Drea find her, they discover she has overdosed on anxiety pills.

Fortunately, she regains consciousness, but it becomes clear that the pills were spiked with rat poison, an act attributed to Angelina, who believes it to be God’s judgment. Elsewhere, Michaela goes to the hospital but is recognized by a worker who intends to have her arrested.

Unexpectedly, Carlos appears and intervenes, reminding Michaela of their shared past and encouraging her to forgive herself for what happened to Evie. It seems Zeke is reaching out to her across space and time.

The remaining followers of Angelina, including Autumn, have become devout believers, and Eagan even proposes to Angelina. However, doubts linger, and Eagan’s friend Adrian arrives, insisting on a conversation.

Back at the detention center, Saanvi contemplates the ULF theory, while Cal tries to trigger more Callings by sitting in each seat. However, he returns to the center without any success.

Upon learning of Cal’s struggle, Ben delivers an inspiring speech, urging everyone to cherish their loved ones as tomorrow is the Death Date. Saanvi attempts to channel an EMP blast towards the patients on life support, but it has no effect.

Feeling hopeless, she believes there is no solution. In that moment, Ben and Saanvi find solace in each other’s company.

Meanwhile, Henry visits Cal and gives him a small dragon trinket, believing it to be a sign. Just as meaning begins to unfold, Marko suddenly wakes up and starts speaking Bulgarian.

While Angelina and Eagan face uncertainty in their “repopulation” plans, Adrian arrives, demanding a conversation with them.

Manifest season 4, episode 18 review

Saanvi, working alongside the Secretary of Defense, continues her efforts to monitor the predicted volcanic activity. However, keeping this information hidden from the public becomes increasingly challenging as hysteria grows.

The introduction of the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) solution, suggested by Saanvi’s associate Troy, adds a new layer of uncertainty. The use of an EMP may block the “God frequency,” but it comes with a cost—erasing all their research.

The urgency intensifies as Saanvi feels the need to escape, even if it means knocking out the power block with an EMP charge. Her determination clashes with Troy’s uncertainty, creating tension within the group.

Meanwhile, Cal experiences another Calling, a series of seemingly unrelated images that puzzle him. Cal’s role in managing multiple Callings and organizing the passenger teams for missions becomes more crucial than ever.

Ben’s guidance helps them operate discreetly and avoid suspicion. Michaela and Ben receive specific assignments related to their Callings, further driving the narrative forward.

Michaela’s task connects to Zeke’s words about saving lives, while Ben’s buzzing noise and area code lead him to Brooklyn, where he must investigate 80 blocks. The search centers around a location generating substantial power through solar panels.

The discovery of a hidden black site in Brooklyn becomes a pivotal moment. Vance, Ben, and Cal lead the charge as they break into the facility, encountering strict protocols but a surprising absence of alarms.

The EMP charge causes a complete power shutdown, revealing that Saanvi is being held captive. Amidst the chaos, Astrid, who has switched sides and aligned with the detention center crew, goes unnoticed.

However, a distressing discovery involving her and Angelina’s actions, deepens the sense of unease and sets the stage for further complications. The episode also explores Michaela’s encounter at the hospital, where she faces potential arrest.

A timely intervention from an unexpected figure sparks reflection and offers a glimmer of hope. As the characters grapple with their individual journeys, Cal’s attempt to trigger more Callings and Saanvi’s pursuit of a solution reveal the depths of their desperation.

Ben’s uplifting speech reminds everyone of the importance of love and cherishing their time together. The final moments of the episode introduce new developments and unexpected reunions, leaving viewers eager for the next installment.

As the series approaches its conclusion, Manifest successfully maintains its gripping narrative and keeps fans engaged. The episode sets the stage for an intense and potentially transformative finale, promising to deliver on the show’s mysteries and bring the story to a satisfying close.

Overall, Manifest season 4 episode 18 showcases the show’s ability to maintain suspense while introducing compelling storylines. With the imminent Death Date and unanswered questions lingering, the anticipation for the final episodes reaches its peak.

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