The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, episode 2 recap: “Obligations”

Lincoln Lawyer. (L to R) Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, Becki Newton as Lorna in episode 101 of Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2022
Lincoln Lawyer. (L to R) Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, Becki Newton as Lorna in episode 101 of Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2022 /

Get ready for an exciting episode of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, titled “Obligations”. In this episode, we follow Mickey as he fights for justice and deals with complicated relationships and dangerous situations.

There are unexpected arrests, tense confrontations, and secrets lurking around every corner. Mickey has important decisions to make that could have serious consequences. Get ready for a thrilling and emotional ride as we explore Mickey’s world in this captivating legal drama.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, episode 2 recap

The Lincoln Lawyer is back with its second episode of season 2. In this thrilling installment, Mickey faces a dilemma with his client Russell and seeks advice from Siegel.

Siegel warns him not to live in his father’s shadow and offers a solution that abides by the rules. Mickey’s day takes an unexpected turn when Lorna calls him, revealing that Glory Days, another client, has been arrested for solicitation and drug possession.

Mickey agrees to represent her but is also concerned about Russell’s potential threat to Lorna. With Cisco by her side, Mickey rushes back to the office, only to find Russell waiting for him.

Russell wants Mickey to handle a speeding ticket but also reminds him of his obligations as a lawyer, hinting at the consequences if he fails. Despite the tense encounter, Mickey asks Russell to leave and then instructs Lorna and Cisco to stay away from the Jesús Menendez case.

Although they find his behavior suspicious, Mickey remains tight-lipped and offers no explanation. Mickey proceeds to meet Glory Days and takes on her case.

She claims to have been set up by an undercover cop who provided her with cocaine and then arrested her. Facing felony charges, Mickey advises her to provide information on her first client, Hector Moya, in exchange for getting her charges dropped.

Reluctant at first, Glory Days changes her mind when she realizes the severity of her situation. Mickey asks her to talk to Briggs about the Jesús case but surprises her by revealing he is no longer involved.

Once again, he offers no explanation and leaves her bewildered. Meanwhile, Lorna approaches Cisco with the intention of discussing their wedding guest list.

Cisco seems less enthusiastic about the wedding, leading Lorna to suspect he may have cold feet. However, he reassures her that he has just been busy and promises to provide the guest list soon.

Lorna avoids mentioning her encounter with the Academic Dean she wishes to avoid, and Cisco expresses his pride in her before leaving. During their commute, Mickey asks Izzy how she is doing, and she reveals her plan to open a dance studio with Ray.

This implies that she may not continue working with Mickey for much longer. Although Mickey feels disappointed, he remains supportive of Izzy’s aspirations and expresses optimism for her and Ray’s future.

Mickey receives a call from Cisco, who informs him that Hector Moya is a significant player in the Tijuana rival cartel. Given his alleged involvement in three rival members’ deaths, Mickey realizes it could be bad news that Hector is in Los Angeles.

He asks Cisco for the address and changes his plans, heading to see Maggie to strike a deal. Mickey proposes that Maggie takes charge of Hector’s case in exchange for releasing Glory Days.

Although Maggie is reluctant to help Glory Days, Mickey emphasizes his desperate need for her assistance. Maggie agrees to make some calls and get back to him.

Afterward, Mickey is pleasantly surprised to receive a text from Lisa, inviting him to be a taste tester for her restaurant’s mocktails and to have a conversation about the restraining order. Lisa expresses concern about potential encounters with Bondurant, as they both work in the same neighborhood where she was raised.

Mickey assures her that as long as she adheres to the terms of the restraining order, there should be no issue. Lisa also shares her suspicion that Bondurant paid a witness to testify against her.

Mickey promises to look into it and ends the conversation. Meanwhile, Lorna decides to confront the Academic Dean, Wheaton, about his past harassment.

She recounts how he tried to take advantage of her when she turned him down, causing her to drop out of law school. Lorna now feels empowered and tells Wheaton that she is reclaiming her power.

She obtains the signature she needed and leaves. The next morning, Mickey arrives at his office early and leaves a message for Russell, instructing Lorna to inform him to pick up the written declaration for his ticket.

Mickey asks Cisco to stay, as he has work for him later, and tells Izzy he will drive himself. He then heads out to play tennis to clear his mind.

During his game, Briggs calls, expecting Mickey to be present during Glory Days’ interrogation. Mickey informs Briggs that he dropped the Jesús case, requiring them to proceed without him.

Briggs finds this peculiar and wonders what Mickey is up to. Nevertheless, he meets with Glory Days, gathers her statement about the tattooed man, and creates a composite drawing.

Back at the office, Cisco hands Lorna his wedding guest list. Lorna notices that he only has three guests and believes he isn’t taking the wedding seriously.

Cisco explains that he doesn’t have a good relationship with his family and that all he cares about is spending forever with her. He receives a text from Teddy but lies to Lorna, claiming it is spam.

Subsequently, Mickey meets Teddy, who wants an update on the Kaz situation. Teddy suspects Kaz of betraying them to secure a shorter prison term.

Cisco defends Kaz, insisting that he is not a snitch. However, Teddy demands Cisco to continue monitoring Kaz until further notice.

After his tennis game, Mickey meets with Briggs, who is curious about why he abandoned the Jesús case. Mickey cannot disclose the reason but emphasizes his priority of ensuring Glory Days’ safety.

The scene then transitions to Glory Days being released and returning home to relax. Unfortunately, she is attacked by Russell, who is determined to eliminate the last person who can identify him.

Luckily, Cisco and the police were monitoring the situation and promptly arrest Russell before he can harm Glory Days. She positively identifies him as the tattooed man who killed Martha, and Briggs finally comprehends Mickey’s earlier cryptic statements.

Once the dust settles, Mickey visits Glory Days to apologize, and she expresses her gratitude for being able to help. She mentions her plans to travel to Hawaii to spend time with her family.

Mickey also pays a visit to the county jail to inform Russell that he is no longer his lawyer. Although Russell is furious and accuses Mickey of setting a trap, Mickey reminds him that he broke no rules and has no evidence to support his claims.

He warns Russell not to mess with him again and leaves. Lastly, Mickey visits Jesús and delivers the news that his case has been dismissed, and he will never face trial again.

Jesús and his wife are overjoyed and grateful to put the case behind them, especially with their upcoming child. At the end of the day, Siegel’s plan works perfectly, bringing relief to Mickey.

However, his relief is short-lived when Lisa calls and informs him that she has been arrested for Bondurant’s murder, leaving Mickey facing yet another challenging situation.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, episode 2 review

In season 2 episode 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey receives valuable advice from Siegel, which helps him safeguard his career and protect his family. The plan they devised was risky, but fortunately, it paid off.

Mickey, however, finds himself in one difficult situation after another, constantly facing new challenges. The biggest mystery lies in the arrest of Lisa and the police’s belief that she is responsible for Bondurant’s murder.

This turn of events raises questions about the future of their relationship and how it will be affected. Meanwhile, Lorna seems preoccupied and fails to notice the signs that Cisco is keeping things from her.

It’s crucial that she becomes aware of the truth before it’s too late. With Teddy’s looming presence and Cisco’s involvement in questionable activities, they may find themselves in legal trouble.

The next episode promises to shed light on the unfolding events and reveal the consequences they face. Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of The Lincoln Lawyer, where the complexities of Mickey’s professional and personal life continue to intertwine, leading to unexpected twists and gripping developments.

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