The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, episode 3 recap: “Conflicts”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 09: (L-R) Stephanie Sigman, Manuel García-Rulfo, Adria Arjona and Olga Segura attend Netflix's 'The Lincoln Lawyer' special screening & reception at The London West Hollywood on May 09, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Netflix )
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 09: (L-R) Stephanie Sigman, Manuel García-Rulfo, Adria Arjona and Olga Segura attend Netflix's 'The Lincoln Lawyer' special screening & reception at The London West Hollywood on May 09, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Netflix ) /

In The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 episode 3, tensions rise as Mickey Haller takes on the high-stakes case of Lisa, a woman accused of a murder she claims she did not commit. Faced with conflicts on multiple fronts, Mickey navigates through legal obstacles, personal entanglements, and suspicions of betrayal.

This episode is packed with suspense, surprises, and unexpected alliances. Join us as we delve into “Conflicts” and witness Mickey’s relentless pursuit of justice, amidst a web of secrets and deceit.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, episode 3 recap

The episode begins with Mickey heading to see Lisa but facing resistance from an officer. However, he manages to intimidate the officer into letting him through.

Mickey meets Lisa and obtains a video of her interrogation. Officer O’Brien, who believes Lisa is guilty, strikes a deal with Mickey, asking for a recommendation for the best tax lawyer in return.

Mickey listens to Lisa’s side of the story where she explains that the police questioned her about Bondurant at her restaurant. She willingly went to the station, unaware that Bondurant had been killed.

Lisa was arrested, read her rights, and now awaits her arraignment hearing. Mickey advises her to remain calm and instructs her not to discuss the case with anyone.

Mickey calls Lorna, his assistant, and informs her about the situation. Lorna expresses concerns about him defending someone he is involved with romantically, as it is considered a conflict of interest.

Mickey assures her that it was a one-time occurrence and outlines his plan to handle the case. Lorna also mentions her suspicions about Cisco, her partner, possibly cheating on her.

Mickey attends his daughter Maggie’s horse riding class, where they discuss the Menendez case and Maggie’s complicated dating life. He reveals that his own love life is also complicated.

After the class, Mickey receives information from Cisco about Bondurant’s murder, including the cause of death and a potential witness placing Maggie at the scene. On the following day, Mickey unexpectedly encounters Andy, a previous adversary who now serves as the DEA attorney overseeing Lisa’s legal situation.

Andy blames Mickey for what happened to Maggie’s career and advises him to reconsider taking Lisa’s case. Unfazed by Andy’s words, Mickey boldly announces to the waiting journalists that he is representing Lisa.

Lorna is not pleased, but Mickey remains determined. During the hearing, Lisa firmly declares her innocence, prompting Mickey to request a preliminary session for the following day, accompanied by a motion for bail.

Andy, acting as the opposing DEA lawyer, opposes the idea of bail. However, the judge decides to grant bail, setting it at two million dollars, taking into account Lisa’s reputation within the community.

Worried about her financial ability to meet the bail requirement, Lisa turns to Mickey, hoping for assistance. Unfortunately, he clarifies that aiding her would create a conflict of interest.

Mickey suggests using the press to their advantage and proposes selling Lisa’s life rights to a production company. Lisa agrees, as she needs the money, and signs a paper granting Mickey power of attorney for negotiating her life rights.

Their plan is to secure payment for both of them. Meanwhile, Lorna continues to receive credit card notifications that raise suspicions about Cisco’s activities.

She confides in Izzy, who advises her to investigate the charges. Lorna discovers that Cisco was at a location associated with an old gang.

Worried that he might be returning to his criminal past, she grows fearful. Coincidentally, Mickey encounters Maggie at his favorite food truck, and they share a meal together.

She receives a call from her boyfriend and leaves to meet him. Later, Mickey contacts Cisco for updates on Bondurant’s death, including the murder weapon and a witness placing Maggie at the scene.

Concerned that Andy may not play fair, Mickey asks Lorna to write a motion to compel discovery, which would require Andy to share relevant evidence. Lorna eagerly takes on the task, excited to be involved.

While working in the office, Lisa arrives with her new friend, Henry, a podcaster she has collaborated with before. Henry assists Lisa in making bail and expresses interest in creating a story about her case.

Mickey, suspicious of Henry’s intentions, insists on speaking with him privately and confronts him about his involvement. Mickey and Lorna both believe Henry to be a conman and send him away.

During Hayley’s horse riding lessons, Mickey receives a clue and contacts Lisa. He asks her to examine the crime scene photos to determine Bondurant’s height.

He also learns from Hayley that Andy lied about not talking to Maggie regarding the case. Mickey calls Lorna and requests two additional motions: one to retrieve Lisa’s seized personal items and another for Lisa’s phone.

Lorna wonders what Mickey is planning but works diligently on the motions throughout the night. The next morning, Cisco visits Lorna, offering her coffee and a suit.

Lorna seizes the opportunity to confront Cisco about his actions, and he admits to being in trouble with Kaz and Teddy. They make a promise not to keep secrets from each other, with Lorna sharing her concerns about Wheaton, warning Cisco to stay away from her.

At Lisa’s preliminary hearing, Mickey skillfully employs the motions written by Lorna to pressure Andy into sharing discovery evidence. He threatens to have her dismissed due to a conflict of interest if she fails to comply.

Mickey leverages Hayley’s knowledge of Andy’s conversation with Maggie to his advantage. Later that night, Izzy and Ray meet at the office, and Mickey gets the chance to meet Izzy’s troublesome ex-boyfriend, Ray.

Ray promises to make Izzy happy, and Mickey acknowledges that everyone deserves a second chance. A few hours later, Maggie visits Mickey to express her anger at his behavior towards Andy in court.

She becomes even more upset when she discovers that Mickey had slept with Lisa. Mickey argues that Maggie ended their relationship and he has the right to move on.

Maggie demands that he keep her and Hayley out of his drama moving forward. Mickey receives a message from Lisa and invites her to his place.

They flirt dangerously but agree to maintain a professional relationship until the case concludes. Lisa leaves after providing food and getting Mickey to admit that he believes she is innocent.

As she departs, Henry, who appears to have been following her, spots her.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, episode 3 review

In season 2 episode 3, tensions mount as Mickey and Lisa continue to dance on a dangerous edge, risking both their personal and professional lives. The palpable chemistry between them is evident, and it’s only a matter of time before their flirtation draws unwanted attention that could potentially jeopardize Lisa’s case.

The reckless nature of their interactions leaves viewers on edge, wondering how they will navigate the consequences of their actions. On another note, Cisco’s decision to confront Wheaton seems unnecessary and potentially problematic.

While it may be a romantic gesture, it raises concerns given Cisco’s existing troubles with Kaz and Teddy. Juggling multiple conflicts and engaging in risky behavior could have serious consequences for Cisco, and it would be wise for him to exercise caution and keep a low profile.

In terms of Maggie’s reaction to Mickey’s involvement with Lorna, her anger is justified. However, her reaction to his relationship with Lisa seems misplaced.

Mickey’s personal life should be separate from their professional dynamic, and Maggie’s overreaction may strain their working relationship unnecessarily. Overall, “Conflicts” sets the stage for an explosive and complex narrative.

The storylines intertwine, building suspense and anticipation for the upcoming episodes. As the characters navigate their personal and legal entanglements, viewers are left eager to see how the consequences of their actions will unfold.

The Lincoln Lawyer continues to captivate audiences with its intricate plot and engaging performances.

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