The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, episode 4 recap: “Discovery”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 09: (L-R) Manuel García-Rulfo, Neve Campbell, Becki Newton, Michael Graziadei and Angus Sampson attend Netflix's 'The Lincoln Lawyer' special screening & reception at The London West Hollywood on May 09, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Netflix )
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 09: (L-R) Manuel García-Rulfo, Neve Campbell, Becki Newton, Michael Graziadei and Angus Sampson attend Netflix's 'The Lincoln Lawyer' special screening & reception at The London West Hollywood on May 09, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Netflix ) /

Get ready for our recap of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 episode 4, titled “Discovery.” Mickey Haller faces a challenge with overwhelming paperwork, while his team tries to discredit a crucial witness.

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Accusations of bias and a missing murder weapon complicate matters. Join us as tensions rise and mysteries unfold in this thrilling episode.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, episode 4 recap

In season 2 episode 4 “Discovery”, our protagonist Mickey Haller finds himself buried in paperwork after his opponent, Andy, employs a classic move to overwhelm the defense. Meanwhile, Lorna, another member of Mickey’s team, attempts to discredit a witness in a crucial case.

But her efforts are thwarted when the witness’s exceptional eyesight stands strong. Mickey is confronted with the accusation of bias due to his romantic involvement with the client, Lisa, which prompts Lorna to present her case against Lisa’s innocence.

As the team sifts through numerous boxes, Mickey instructs them to brainstorm potential motives behind the police’s belief in Lisa’s guilt. Lorna raises the possibility that the police might be right, revealing the team’s concern about Mickey’s objectivity.

In response, Mickey reaffirms his commitment to treating Lisa like any other client and asks Lorna to present her argument. While Lorna makes her case, Mickey notices that Cisco, a member of their team, is distracted by his phone but decides not to inquire about it at the moment.

Lorna voices her suspicions about Lisa, believing that something is amiss. Mickey shifts the focus to the missing murder weapon, and Izzy informs them that a hammer is missing from Lisa’s toolkit.

This hammer matches the murder weapon, posing a significant setback for their case. Mickey pays a visit to Lisa to discuss the missing hammer, and she tells him that it used to belong to her ex-husband, implying that he might be the one who misplaced it.

Mickey advises her to get in touch with her ex and cautions her about how the prosecution could use him against her. Lisa seems unsure about how to reach him.

During their conversation, Mickey inquires about the reason for Lisa’s divorce, to which she explains that they wanted different things and her ex-husband lacked ambition. She is interrupted and called away, but before leaving, she invites Mickey to an event at her restaurant that evening.

Overwhelmed and stressed about her business, Lisa seeks solace, and Mickey comforts her. He receives a call from a man named Terrell, who requires his assistance in a case involving his teenage daughter, Angelica.

Terrell fears that his ex-wife will exploit the situation to revoke his custody rights. Having worked hard to rebuild his life, Terrell insists on hiring Mickey to protect his interests.

Taking on the case, Mickey discovers that Angelica is an artist and that she painted a store’s wall, which has enraged the owner. Mickey arrives late to court, leading the judge to admonish him.

He explains that he just took on the case and requests a continuance. Meanwhile, Cisco continues to surveil Kaz, documenting his encounters with various individuals.

Andy seeks a meeting with Mickey and presents Lisa with a plea offer, granting her reduced charges of voluntary manslaughter and a 6-year prison sentence. Suspicious of Andy’s motives, Mickey believes she is up to something.

The plea offer unsettles Lisa, and she grants Mickey time to consider it until the following day. Returning to the office, Mickey ponders Andy’s intentions.

He believes she has uncovered a flaw in their case and realizes they have only 23 hours left to find it. Lorna highlights the absence of forensic evidence, but Izzy suggests investigating Bondurant’s financial situation.

Mickey decides to focus on discrediting the witness, while Lorna warns him not to let Andy’s tactics affect him. Mickey asserts that Andy is skilled, and he must be prepared for any challenge.

Cisco meets with Walter, a building inspector who testified against Lisa, enabling Bondurant to obtain a restraining order against her. Walter insists he didn’t lie and shows Cisco photos of Lisa attacking Bondurant during a protest.

Meanwhile, at Lisa’s event, Mickey encounters Henry, who is interviewing people. Mickey reminds Henry of his position and requests that he retain the footage until the case concludes.

Henry is convinced of Lisa’s innocence and assures Mickey that he is only assisting her. Mickey has a private conversation with Lisa, informing her about the plea deal.

She refuses the offer, and Mickey promises to find a solution. However, when Cisco sends him Walter’s photos, he feels disheartened.

Fortunately, Izzy uncovers positive news. It is revealed that Bondurant faced severe financial difficulties, incurring a $200 million loss due to complications in one of his building projects.

Cisco speculates that Bondurant likely owed money to numerous individuals, suggesting that someone might have targeted him. The team decides to delve deeper into this lead.

Cisco departs to find Kaz, who may be in trouble, leaving Lorna concerned for his safety. Lorna and Izzy discuss their progress, pleased with the breakthrough they have made.

Cisco meets with Kaz and learns that he has been providing information to the federal authorities about Teddy and the biker gang. While in prison, Kaz killed a man in self-defense, and the Feds exploited this to coerce him into betraying the Old Saints.

Kaz disclosed information about an upcoming gun run, so the ATF plans to raid Teddy. However, this exposes Kaz and Cisco to potential danger if Teddy discovers their betrayal.

Cisco must devise a creative solution to protect themselves. Mickey spends the night meticulously examining Bondurant’s emails in search of a lead.

During his evening with Hayley, he seeks her opinion on the Angelica case and receives inspiration on how to handle it. He contacts Terrell to share his idea, and then returns to investigating Bondurant’s emails.

He uncovers a significant revelation: Bondurant had emailed a man named Alex Grant, requesting a refund for payments made in the Terrazo project. Bondurant threatened to report the matter to the appropriate legal channels, indicating that he suspected foul play within the contractor’s company.

Mickey is eager to share this breakthrough with Cisco but Lorna fabricates a story, claiming that Cisco is out getting coffee. She assures Mickey that she will relay the message.

The following morning, Mickey skillfully employs his strategy to have Angelica’s case dismissed. He had asked Terrell to enlist the support of a former NBA player to promote Angelica’s artwork and the store.

Mickey had also registered Angelica’s street art as an official artistic creation, portraying the store owner as refusing to pay an artist for advertising her business. Threatening a lawsuit, Mickey forces the owner to reconsider, and she agrees to pay Angelica royalties, resolving the matter.

Terrell and his daughter express their gratitude and satisfaction with Mickey’s work. Back at the office, Cisco updates Mickey about his investigation on Alex Grant.

Surprisingly, Grant happens to be the son of Sasha Kazerian, the leader of a significant Armenian crime family on the West Coast. Mickey puts the pieces together and concludes that Bondurant must have been blackmailing Grant, using his ties to organized crime as leverage.

Mickey feels confident that he has unraveled Andy’s secret and excitedly calls Lisa to share the hopeful breakthrough. Mickey arranges a meeting with Andy, only to be taken aback when she withdraws her plea offer.

Mickey is left wondering what prompted this sudden change and what Andy has uncovered. He urgently contacts Lorna and delivers the disheartening update.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, episode 4 review

In The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, episode 4, Mickey Haller finds himself caught in Andy’s manipulative web, wasting precious time in pursuit of a smoking gun that may not even exist. It’s frustrating to see Mickey getting sidetracked by Andy’s tactics, instead of focusing on the facts of the case.

He has already overlooked important leads, such as investigating Lisa’s ex-husband and the missing hammer. It’s clear that Mickey needs to redirect his attention and have someone thoroughly explore these avenues.

As a viewer, I hope that Mickey regains his focus and gets back on track in the upcoming episode. It’s essential for him to put aside his concerns about what Andy might have and concentrate on uncovering the truth based on solid evidence.

With his reputation as a skilled defense attorney, Mickey has the potential to turn the tables and overcome the obstacles that Andy has thrown in his path. Let’s hope that in the next episode, Mickey will shake off the distractions, refocus his priorities, and get his head back in the game.

The viewers eagerly anticipate a satisfying turn of events that will showcase his brilliance and ability to outmaneuver his opponents.

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