ABC: General Hospital has a biased problem and it’s name is Carly

GENERAL HOSPITAL - "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)LAURA WRIGHT
GENERAL HOSPITAL - "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)LAURA WRIGHT /

There has been an ongoing feud between Carly Benson and Nina Reeves for what feels like forever now. And it comes to the point where General Hospital fans are asking when is it enough?

The character bashing of Nina Reeves becomes unnecessary to a point. Cynthia Watros (Nina Reeves) is without a doubt, one of the best actresses in Daytime television, who can tackle any storyline with ease. But the torture porn we have witnessed with this character is tiresome and tedious in relation to a character who is never held accountable for any action, Carly Benson (Laura Wright).

If hypocrisy had an image in the dictionary, it would surely show Carly’s face. Carly kept the secret that Nelle Benson was Nina’s daughter; a woman who was in a coma for years and unaware she had a daughter.

But in life she wanted to be a mother more than anything, and Carly stole that dream from her before Nelle’s untimely death. Yes, Nelle was a terror but given the right guidance, there could have been a chance of redemption.

But Nina was never offered that grace. Carly believes Nina can never be forgiven for the mistakes she has made, yet Carly skirts along making far more mistakes in a bigger fashion than Nina ever has.

Is there too much fan favoritism with Carly?

Fans believe there is definite favoritism to the character because she has an extremely loud fan base. Do the writers cave to give Carly a shining light amongst a dark and shady past?

Now this is a soap opera, and everybody makes miles of mistakes but it’s the way she’s hypocritical in nature and refuses to recognize her own errors, meanwhile she’s incredibly judgmental about everyone else’s.

General Hospital: Hypocrisy has a name

Carly screams about how Nina has stolen everything she had and how she kept Sonny away from his family out of revenge. But let’s take a look back at Carly’s own faults.

The first time we met the character she came into town with the sole purpose of revenge against her mother, Bobbie Spencer. She stole her mother’s husband and was a tyrant to everybody in town.

Now unlike Carly, when it comes to Nina Reeves, she is a magnet for chaos. She doesn’t always make the best decisions, but her heart is always in the right place.

Nina just doesn’t handle things as well as you would like. If anyone was the pioneer for taking the road less traveled, it would be her.

But she always has remorse and guilt over the things she does. Being a Nina fan will keep you on your toes and make you feel a whirlwind of emotions.

Watros has taken this Nina to a whole new level and made the hearts of fans grow for her in a much larger way than before.

General Hospital: Sonny fell hard in Nixon Falls

I wouldn’t go as far to say as Nina stole Sonny from Carly. Carly chose to be done with Sonny, Sonny chose not to fight and followed his heart with Nina, and he’s never looked back.

And I can’t blame him. When it comes to his relationship with Nina, we see a new lighter and gentler side of the man.

Not mention a more confident Sonny. I haven’t seen this type of radiance coming off him since his days with Brenda.

There is an equality and great balance to their relationship. That’s a testament to the chemistry that Watros and Maurice Benard (Sonny) have.

The Sona relationship is natural, freeing, and I’ve never seen Sonny happier. In comparison to Sonny and Carly where she was too much of a boss, that relationship often felt toxic and forced.

Nina and Sonny are now engaged, and time will tell if they make it to the altar. Nina’s latest betrayal to Carly may have hindered that when she snitched to the SEC about Carly and Drew’s insider trading.

Though to be honest, if they didn’t do the crime, Nina would have never had that opportunity. And given all the horrible things Carly has done to Nina, do you really blame her?

Even with all that, Nina did purchase Carly’s shares of the Metro Court, which was Drew’s idea. When she tried to give back a piece of what Carly lost (even though it was her own bad business doings), Carly refused out of pride.

Nina is a very mature woman, successful in business. But one thing you must understand is she lost a lot of years on this Earth.

So, her mindset could still be in her twenty’s. It may be why she reacts hastily to situations because she doesn’t have the life knowledge most people in their fifties would.

There’s a reason she hasn’t learned from her mistakes like others do. Nina has had a lot of trauma over decades that she has not quite healed from.

Yet there is Carly, who has been a part of society, made a mountain of mistakes, and still hasn’t really learned from them. But that doesn’t seem to be a discussion most are ready to have.

General Hospital: The Martyr

The problem is not Carly or Nina’s mistakes, everyone makes them. The show is supposed to be dramatic.

The problem is the way General Hospital makes Carly the martyr and Nina the devil. They are both flawed, beautiful, successful women.

But the writing has been unbearably predictable. The bias for Carly is beyond exhausting.

Many people know Carly’s past, so the hypocrisy looms too large. Carly’s main unattractive quality is not just being a hypocrite but a narcissist.

She has no remorse for what she does to people because she believes she’s right. Carly can cry until the cows come home about how Nina kept Sonny away from her and his children, but Carly is the one who set it all in motion.

She took it upon herself and played God with Nelle by deciding Nina didn’t deserve to have a relationship with her long-lost daughter. It was not her choice to make.

And if that wasn’t enough, she was responsible in part, for the death of Nelle. Nina is not the only person who blamed Carly for the fall.

It truly is almost comical that the show portrays Harmony as almost a beacon of light, when in actuality, she’s a liar and double murderer. But somehow, Nina is the monster here.

There were times Nina did try to reveal that Mike/Sonny was alive and okay, even though Mike did not want to know who he was. But it was met with Carly being Carly, crude and undeserving, so she kept it to herself.

And took it about herself to make that choice, just as Carly did. That’s really where the rivalry should have stopped.

General Hospital: Lessons not learned

In true soap opera fashion history has a way of repeating itself. Keeping one child a secret from Nina wasn’t enough.

It’s no secret that Willow and Nina have never gotten along, so when Carly found out she was Willow’s mother too, she once again took it upon herself to not divulge that. And if Willow did not have cancer and didn’t need a bone marrow transplant, she never would have.

Carly made that clear. She wanted to protect Willow from the woman who caused her pain and stress.

Once again, playing God with peoples’ lives. The character has too much of a habit sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong and trying to rule everyone’s lives.

Even if Willow understood the why, it was still wrong. Carly(again) learned nothing from previous mistakes.

Now if anyone knows what’s it’s like to not get along with your birth mother, it would be her. She was her mother’s own wrecking ball, and through the years they grew to have a very close relationship.

It’s not impossible she believed to be protecting Willow but only hurting her in the end. It should also be noted that Willow’s adoptive mother’s, (the one who facilitated Willow’s rape) dying wish was that Willow never finds out the truth about her paternity.

And now Nina is under the knife again after anonymously tipping the SEC about Carly and Drew’s involvement, and crime of insider trading. Which they fully did and fully admitted to.

The show has been more concerned about who tipped them off, rather than the crimes actually committed. It needs to be said that it’s not a crime to tip people off who have broken laws.

The man hunt for the call was ludicrous. However, this is where we are.

Nina and Sonny are on the verge of a wedding. She is worried every day that the truth will come out, just as she has finally agreed to have somewhat of a truce with Carly for Willow’s sake.

Willow has come around to the idea of having a relationship with her mother, and we all know what’s coming. It’s going to blow up in Nina’s face, yet again, while Carly comes out looking like a diamond.

Not only is her relationship with her daughter and grandson in jeopardy, but her relationship with her fiancé as well. Even Nina’s best friend Ava knows their relationship is doomed.

Despite Sonny and Carly’s tumultuous past they always do have each other’s backs and fight for each other. He won’t be pleased with the lies nor will Willow.

Will this be a boulder they can’t get over? Only time will tell.

One thing is for certain, Carly’s karma will not be coming anytime soon.

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