Netflix’s Ragnarok season 3 episode 4 recap: My Precious

Ragnarok. (L to R) Theresa Frostad Eggesbø as Saxa and David Stakston as Magne in Ragnarok. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Ragnarok. (L to R) Theresa Frostad Eggesbø as Saxa and David Stakston as Magne in Ragnarok. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

In the newest episode of Ragnarok season 3, the story keeps weaving secrets, power fights, and fate. The struggle for Mjolnir’s control is getting bigger, and it’s leading to a huge showdown that will decide what happens to the Gods and Giants.

Let’s dive into what happened in season 3, episode 4, and see the exciting things that unfolded.

Ragnarok season 3 episode 4 recap

The episode begins with Fjor returning home, and Laurits confronts him about Little O attacking his brother. Things get interesting when Magne, who claims to have been fishing, returns with a secret. Ran is not happy with Fjor’s near-failure in battle.

Magne seems hurt and hides something in his bag. It’s not Mjolnir, the legendary hammer, which is missing. Magne talks to a local fisherman, adding to the intrigue.

Laurits tries to communicate with Little O, but it doesn’t respond. He’s downcast and talks to Jens about it. Wotan faces drug charges, but Kiwi disputes the allegations, wanting to consult lawyers.

Saxa convinces Fjor to join her as a co-owner of Jutul Industries. Fjor isn’t thrilled and talks to Laurits. Laurits warns against rushing Little O into action.

Laurits shocks Jens by revealing the impending war between Gods and Giants. Jens is skeptical until Little O grows enormous and spits out Mjolnir. Instead of giving Mjolnir to Magne, Laurits takes it. Fjor wants to regain control of Jutul Industries when Saxa leaves.

Wotan works to reunite the group. Magne apologizes for his actions. Laurits is crucial in getting the hammer back.

The group plans to retrieve Mjolnir with Laurits at the center. Time is ticking as their enemies could learn to use it.

The plan doesn’t go as expected. Harry has to stop Fjor’s car, and Saxa seizes the opportunity to snatch the hammer. Sadly, things take a tragic turn when Ran accidentally shoots an innocent person with an arrow.

Saxa has Mjolnir, and Magne’s plan seems doomed. However, Wotan seizes the moment, taking the hammer back and restoring hope.

In this thrilling episode of Ragnarok, we witness a web of secrets, power struggles, and destiny unfolding. The battle for control of Mjolnir intensifies, setting the stage for an epic showdown that will determine the fate of Gods and Giants.

Ragnarok season 3 episode 4 review

In the latest Ragnarok episode, we saw Magne’s character change a lot, like a wrestler in a show. He was good, then bad, and now he’s good again.

But there’s a mystery – Magne talks about “his precious.” Is he really good now, or is he pretending? We’re not sure.

This episode doesn’t have a lot happening. A character, Signy, disappeared, and the parents only showed up when needed. Some storylines, like the police one, just stopped. The family drama is messy this time.

Don’t worry, there are two more episodes ahead. We’re all set for a big showdown, and we’re eager to see what happens next.

So, this episode left us with questions, but that’s okay. We’re on an adventure with Ragnarok, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the next episodes.

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