Which TV Shows Made Show Snob’s Weekly 10?

Invasion. Image courtesy Apple TV+.
Invasion. Image courtesy Apple TV+. /

Who is Erin Carter and Invasion were surprisingly good premieres this week and jump into Show Snob’s Weekly 10 right away.

Best shows of the week

1. Foundation (Apple TV+)

The dialogue and fighting between Empire and the new Queen is a little tedious and I don’t understand how the Mentalics didn’t hide Harry’s body. That seems like a gross oversite. But the failed turning of the Spacers seems like something part of the plan. And Harry showing up as a ghost in front of Empire was cool.

Foundation is definitely a show that is worth waiting for each week.

2. Winning Time (MAX)

Coach Westhead’s (Jason Segal) ego gets in the way of letting the Lakers play like they want to which especially upsets Magic. To make matters worse, the details of Magic’s 25-year, million-dollar-a-year contract is leaked to the press which upsets the rest of the team.

Every fan who is watching the show is just waiting to see how Pat Riley finally gets the head coaching job. The waiting game is painful.

3. Physical (Apple TV+)

Sheila is really flipping out. Her inner self-dialogue has come back as the funniest part of the show. Strangling a hallucination is a close second, though.

4. Invasion (Apple TV+)

Apple TV seems to be the service that has the largest backlog of shows to survive the writer’s strike. Season 2 premiered this week. It would be pretty difficult to start Season 2 without Season 1. Not impossible, but quite a bit happened in Season 1, and you’ll need that backstory to understand some of the significance of events, even in the premiere.

Any which way you watch it, Earth is under attack and one scientist is trying to communicate with them and a mom is trying to keep her kids safe. Invasion is big-budget, complicated science fiction that is well worth watching.

5. The Flowers of Alice Hart (Paramount+)

The show ventured into cliche territory this week with the standard plot for domestic abuse. Though horrific to watch (and probably very realistic), we have seen this episode in countless other shows over the years.

Nonetheless, as a series, this show is very good and hitting the abusive boyfriend with a lamp was quality. The season finale next week where hopefully we’ll get some final answers to what happened when Alice’s parents die, Alice can meet her brother Charlie, and Sigourney Weaver can die.

6. Who is Erin Carter? (Netflix)

Starring Evin Ahmad (Snabba Cash), the show is about an English woman (Ahmad) and her daughter who have moved to Barcelona. Of course, the woman has a secret and dark past that is slowly uncovered over the seven-episode season.

The show has some really great action, hand-to-hand fighting, car chases, and gun fights. Though the last two episodes aren’t great (Ahmad’s character makes some silly choices and then she bleeds for what seems like days), the mystery of the past, her daughter, and the current fight against local organized crime is really interesting.

7. Tacoma FD (TruTV)

Valentine’s Day at the firehouse gets dicey when Penisi breaks up with the woman in dispatch in the morning. The crew gets dispatched to the worst calls across the city (exploding port-a-potties, cow carcasses, etc.).

8. Special Ops: Lioness

Cruz is in love with her target which sounds like an amateur spy move. The big wedding is next week and Aaliyah’s father is supposed to attend so the team can kill him. As a side note, this may be Nicole Kidman’s worst acting performance of her entire career, but the show is still solid.

9. Miracle Workers (TBS)

This week Freya decides that warlording isn’t for her anymore. Like saying goodbye to your 20’s. Is Tai an obsolete terminator? Miracle Workers figures out a way to keep the joke going every week.

10. Only Murders in the Building (Hulu)

Sometimes Murders gets caught in a lull in the season and then they bring out the big guns. Tina Fey comes back this week as a rival podcaster trying to woo Mabel (Selena Gomez) over to her company.

Murders remains a zany Martin Short/Steve Martin goofy vehicle.

Other Great Shows for the Week of August 28 Not in Show Snob’s Weekly 10

Ahsoka (Disney). Rosario Dawson reprises her role as jedi Ahsoka Tano. This new series is looking to root out the last visages of the Empire. Meanwhile, Empire forces and dark Jedis will stand in her way.

Though Dawson’s character is humorless, they add some laughs through some goofy droids. Like any Star Wars show, the plot is fast-paced with plenty of action, especially Ahsoka’s double lightsaber strategy.

Ragnarok (Netflix). The third season starts off with a very YA feel, which wasn’t good. Not using the hammer is also very frustrating. But don’t give up on what has typically been a really interesting fantasy show, ala American Gods.

Billions (Paramount+). The dialogue can be so bad in this show that it becomes so good. Paul Giamatti is the victim this week of really bad writing that becomes such good TV. Did Kareem Abdul Jabar really show up in the middle of the night to motivate Chuck? Yes, he did.

Shelter (Amazon Prime Video). This week’s episode took a YA turn that wasn’t much fun. Every discussion with Mickey and his friends turned into an argument and the surprise speech by Shira was terrible.

Justified: City Primeval (FX). Finally, Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) flips the girlfriend on Clement. And the lawyer is done with him as well. And he has the murder weapon. But now the Albanians have Raylan and Clement and it isn’t clear why the Albanians would be defending Clement.

Next week is the season finale so let’s hope we can go out with a literal bang because the second half of the season has been a little sleepy despite Clement executing Sweety and Del.

And Just Like That (MAX). This season ends in another pretty good episode. The second half of the season was really good, as soon as Miranda broke up with Che. We could still use a lot less Miranda as she just doesn’t have much to offer this series any longer.

Aidan has come and gone, and the show ended with Carrie drinking Cosmopolitans which means things are in pretty good shape. Everybody gets to have sex at the same time in the finale. The show was dramatically better than Season 1.

Painkiller (Netflix). Sarah Jessica Parker can’t be the only one at home making money. Husband Matthew Broderick’s series on the Oxy is pretty good and adds a few laughs to an awful story of the Sackler’s pharmaceutical greed. Not much new information in this show, but a pretty good ride.

Wait and See

Afterparty (Apple TV+). This week was the Ken Jeong episode. The week before was the John Cho episode which was pretty good, but this week it brought the show back down.

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