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At the end of the last episode of My Adventures with Superman, Lois and Jimmy both know Clark’s secret and the friend group is moving forward with no secrets between them. To promise that he has no more secrets, Clark shows Lois and Jimmy the spaceship that brought him to Earth.

But he tells them that he still doesn’t know where he came from. Then, with no more secrets between them, Clark asks Lois out for their first official date.

My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 7 recap – Of course, things go wrong.

And of course, the first official date between Lois and Clark sends both of them into a frenzy. Lois wants to give Clark something to thank him for all the wonderful things he has done, and she lands on wanting to give him the answers to the past that he doesn’t know.

Clark, meanwhile, wants to make sure that he’s planned out the perfect first date for the two of them, down to the minute. Both of them have highly detailed flow charts taking up a large wall in their respective apartments.

Most importantly of all, Clark wants this to be a nice, normal date with no world ending danger, or Superman business interrupting things. This plan immediately fails, when Mister Mxyzptlk shows up at Clark’s door, explaining that a league of interdimensional supervillains has kidnapped Lois.

Clark and Mxyzptlk travel through one of Mxyzptlk’s portals to save Lois. Meanwhile, as Lois is hurrying to get ready, another group of interdimensional beings show up for her and Jimmy.

They are the League of Lois Lanes, all of the best Lois Lanes across the multiverse. They explain to her that Mxyzptlk is actually a trickster, and self described chaos god, who has joined forces with her dimension’s Superman to cause chaos.

Lois assures the league that Superman would never do such a thing, but they don’t seem to believe her.

My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 7 recap – Mxyzptlk lives up to his trickster reputation

It turns out that they’re right though, because instead of bringing Superman to save Lois, Mxyzptlk brings him to a vault that he needs to break into, since the vault is portal proof. Once Superman realizes what Mxyzptlk has done, he tries to stop him.

But Mxyzptlk is able to smash and grab a tape recorder from one of the displays and portal himself and Superman to a different universe, before Superman can stop him. The league, getting a signal on Mxyzptlk’s movements through the multiverse, intercept Mxyzptlk and Superman in the new universe.

Before confronting them, they trap Lois on board the ship, saying that she can’t be trusted, and that she doesn’t really know Superman like she might think she does. With kryptonite weapons they subdue Superman, but in doing so, they lose sight of Mxyzptlk.

He steals their ship and heads off back into the multiverse. Lois is still on board, but when Mxyzptlk reveals that he has a way to the headquarters of the League of Lois Lanes, she decides to let him take her there to find out what the League might be hiding about Superman.

Of course, things go wrong at headquarters. While Lois is trying to access a file on Superman, Mxyzptlk is able to access his hat, restoring his full powers.

He quickly sets about initiating a self-destruct sequence. Even when the rest of the league shows up with Jimmy and Superman, having adjusted their gear to give them interdimensional capabilities, they seem unable to stop Mxyzptlk with all of his powers intact.

While Superman isn’t strong enough to stop Mxyzptlk, he is able to distract him long enough for Lois to be able to get the hat back off of his head and allowing the League to capture Mxyzptlk. With Mxyzptlk taken care of, Lois, Jimmy and Superman escape back to their own universe.

While the perfect date didn’t go as planned, Jimmy slips off so that Lois and Clark can have the end of their perfect first date. Back at Lois’ apartment, she looks at the Superman file that she took from the League.

It reveals that not all the Supermans from the other universes were good. In fact, some seemed to be destroying their worlds.

Also, in classic Mxyzptlk fashion, by the end of the episode, he had escaped once again, and told Lois that it will be such fun to watch her try and figure everything out, leaving plenty more to be discovered in upcoming episodes.

My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 7 recap – A fresh spin on the multiverse

With the Spider-verse movies, the Flash doing the multiverse, the MCU’s whole multiverse saga, and the whole Crisis multiverse storyline on The CW Arrowverse TV shows, it can be understandable if you’re tired of these comic book movies and shows doing multiverse storylines. And it can be understandable if you had to stifle a quick groan, the moment you realized that this episode meant that the multiverse trend had arrived for this show too.

Just 6 episodes in, and we already have multiple Supermans and a whole league of Lois Lanes keeping the balance of the cosmos in order. But in just a half dozen episodes, it feels like this show has already earned enough trust to see where they’re going with this, even if you’re tired of multiverses.

First of all, the show clearly expects you to know how the multiverse concept works at this point. Sure, the characters in the show don’t know, so there’s a line or two explaining it, but that’s it.

In a matter of seconds, it’s been explained to us that we’re doing a multiverse thing and we’re once again along for the ride. This show has shown itself to be really good at being able to take the most, out there “comic book” concepts, from deep in the DC archives and present them in a way that is fast, efficient, and keeps us going with the story.

For example, Mister Mxyzptlk, one of the prime examples of comics getting too silly, is the main villain in this episode. We hardly get a moment to roll eyes at his nonsense before we’re off on the adventure and he’s just part of the story now.

They even found a way to bring his hat into the show without it messing up the look or feel that they’ve established for the character. Plus, with the multiverse being introduced, we’re looking at a Dark Superman storyline.

Since the first episode this show has seemed to want to avoid the grim and dower version of Superman that has permeated popular culture in recent decades. The show is very intentionally setting this up to be a bright, upbeat, positive version of Superman.

It seems like the mission statement is to take every trait about the character that people want to complain about and show why those are the traits fundamental in making the character work. But now, it looks like they might not be avoiding the dark, brooding versions of Superman after all.

Instead they’re facing the character directly, calling it out in the show. It looks like, as we head toward the end of this season, we could see a direct comparison of the different characterizations of Superman and why the show is backing the version they’ve put forth.

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