Days of our Lives: Vivian Alamain is back in Salem to take what’s “rightfully” hers

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -FEBRUARY 26: Louise Sorel poses at the opening night of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" at The Abrons Arts Center on February 26, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Bruce Glikas/WireImage)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -FEBRUARY 26: Louise Sorel poses at the opening night of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" at The Abrons Arts Center on February 26, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Bruce Glikas/WireImage) /

Vivian Alamain has once again set foot in Salem, and that can only mean one thing on Days of our Lives: chaotic trouble. The legendary villain wasted no time stepping into the Kiriakis mansion following Victor’s goodbye ceremony to take what she believes is rightfully hers.

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Victor Kiriakis and Vivian Alamain have been apart for a decade, but apparently, there is still a connection that was never legally cut. Vivian appeared on Friday’s episode of Days of our Lives looking as ravishing as ever and making herself at home.

Philip, Justin, Maggie, and Bonnie were puzzled as to how she managed to escape jail yet again. Not believing a word she had to say, Vivian showed them the proof of her release.

And just as it always does, when Vivian is around mysterious things start to occur. The will of Victor’s has disappeared so that would mean that the Kiriakis estate goes to the next of kin; his wife Maggie.

Days of our Lives: Vivian Alamain is back

It seems pretty cut and dry, but in the world of daytime dramas, nothing good ever comes easy. Vivian claimed she came to pay respects to Victor.

The only person who doesn’t seem disgusted by her presence is Philip. Vivian never drops the opportunity to tell everyone how she brought Philip into the world.

That is despite the fact that she stole Kate’s embryo to do it. Somehow, she slithered her way out of jail again, released on good behavior.

But most likely she paid her way off. Due to the countless unbelievable crimes she has committed, it’s a wonder she’s not on death row.

There are few people she hasn’t tried to kill. But alas, here we are and one thing you can always count on is Vivian’s snide wit but also direct humor.

Surprised that Bonnie is well…Bonnie and not Adrienne. The same gold digger Bonnie who snagged Mickey Horton.

Vivian is shocked that Justin traded in the love of his life for a carbon copy. Or so she thinks.

Vivian can always be relied on to come with a comedy show. Nothing of what she says is ever wrong and quite entertaining.

Louise Sorel is a masterclass of humorous acting that we truly need more of in Daytime. Vivian has it in her head that she and Victor were each other’s soulmates.

It is a fact that they were a match made in hell. But through the years Victor Kiriakis found somewhat of a heart in life, finding that there was joy to be had instead of so much pain.

There were many layers to him and some weren’t always of the evil variety. Caroline and Maggie both saw something in him that was overlooked by others.

They brought out the best in a man who prided himself in having no goodness at all.

"“It transcended the intellectual. It was magical. It was spiritual. It was sexual.”"

And with those horrible images that they’ll never be able to burn out of their brains, they attempted several times to kick Vivian out. The way Victor would have.

What does Vivian Alamain know about the missing will?

But events started to become even stranger. Vivian may have missed out on the funeral but what she came for was the reading of the will.

The only problem is it’s nowhere to be found. However, she doesn’t seem shocked at the news that the will is missing after Justin opens the safe to grab it.

Justin wanted to prove that Vivian had no place in the will so she will finally leave. Vivian maintains to be there to make sure Philip, her “son”, gets his piece of the pie.

But when it comes to Vivian, she never has pure intentions, something is always up her sleeve. After contacting Victor’s estate attorney, Victor informed his lawyers to destroy the will.

Maybe his knowledge of Philip being alive played a part in that and he wanted to add him to the will. But it is strange because he could have just readjusted it.

Vivian smirks and sips her mimosa almost in a knowing fashion. Or she sees this as a perfect opportunity to cash in and add to her already enormous Alamain fortune.

And if Vivian was behind the will mishap what else is she responsible for? Justin explains, per the laws of the state, if there is no will everything will go to the surviving spouse.

Just when it seems Maggie will inherit the entire estate, Vivian jumps in and informs them that’s not true. Because Maggie is not his legal wife, she is.

Vivian and Victor may have been divorced for over a decade, but the papers were never legally filed. Vivian declares that she is Victor’s real widow with no divorce decree, and she will solely inherit everything.

Maggie, Justin, and Bonnie look completely baffled. Victor had more lawyers than he could count so I’m sure this will go into probate.

But the Vivian storm has come and doesn’t look to be vanishing in the sky anytime soon.

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What are your thoughts about Vivian Alamain? Will she indeed inherit everything?

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