Days of our Lives recap (Sept. 12): Chanel follows her heart

DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Pictured: "Days of our Lives" Key Art -- (Photo by: Peacock)
DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Pictured: "Days of our Lives" Key Art -- (Photo by: Peacock) /

Salem finally gets a break from Hurricane Vivian on the Tuesday, September 12 episode of Days of our Lives. Fans will have to wait a little longer to see what is up her sleeve, and if she truly is still married on paper to Victor Kiriakis.

Chanel and Paulina sat down to catch up on each other’s love lives. Abe may not remember Paulina, but they have been taking things slow and going out on dates.

The second date was a charm but the third might have all the luck. Ava and Harris are on the run after EJ hired a hit woman to take care of Ava.

He is still in full belief that Ava is responsible for his mother’s death and will stop at nothing to avenge his mother’s death. Meanwhile, the hit woman just got out of surgery and is on the road to recovery.

It won’t take much longer for authorities to figure out EJ might be behind this. But justice isn’t exactly on Ava’s side.

Rafe is never going to give Ava the benefit of the doubt. He comes across as way too unprofessional to handle a case of this magnitude.

EJ keeps calling in to check on his hired hand, not for any care or concern but to make sure she keeps her mouth shut. He has a lot at stake with a new baby on the way.

But trouble could be brewing for him. The Salem PD already knows she was hired to kill Ava, but by whom is the question?

There is still no proof that Susan Banks survived the crash. There was also not enough proof that Ava was responsible for her demise.

But EJ is confident she was and he will not be satisfied until the threat of Ava is no more. At the same time, Ava knows that the only way out of this is to find Susan and bring her back to EJ.

Her word is not going to be enough. For now, EJ can only hope that the Salem PD does something right for once and takes Ava down for him; preferably before his hired hand wakes up.

Days of our Lives: Chanel is in demand

Chanel opens up to Paulina about Johnny’s feelings for her. Johnny wants her back but now she’s in a dilemma.

She had just started dating Talia and liked where things were going. Talia recently walked in on Johnny and Chanel, just before Chanel could respond about his feelings for her.

A part of her is angry that he would spring this on her now, just as she’s about to embark on a new relationship that, for the moment, is healthy. And why now?

To her, it’s coming across as a rebound situation because things didn’t work out between Johnny and Wendy. Perhaps it is a fallback over Wendy picking Tripp over him.

The hitwoman is now in critical but stable condition. Johnny talks with his father and seems to be on the defensive about Ava.

Johnny doesn’t believe the accident was her fault and hopes they find her before she or anyone else gets hurt. He’s not quite as ruthless as his father.

And when it comes to affections the heart, he takes a different stand than EJ. EJ thinks he should stand strong for his love and tell Chanel she needs to decide here and now if she wants to be with him.

But Johnny is not about to do that and make a fool of himself. He goes about love more like the Brady way.

I believe he respects her too much to put her in that position. He wants Chanel to come back to him when she’s ready for it.

Days of our Lives: Ava and Harris or Carly and Jason?

Ava is grateful to Harris for saving her life. There is a connection building there.

As I’m watching sometimes my mind takes me back to their Carly and Sonny days at General Hospital. Especially with the storyline these two are in, running from the law and protecting each other.

Sadly, Talia thinks she and Chanel have something special. She has no idea how Johnny feels about her.

Because of the bond Chanel and Johnny still share, I’m afraid her time on Days of our Lives is coming to an end soon. But it has been great to see her growth on screen as a person.

She should take pride in how far she’s come, no matter what happens with Chanel. Paulina is really worried for Chanel.

But deep down Paulina would rather she pick Johnny. Chanel may not be entirely sure of Johnny’s motives but they are a soulmate type of couple.

Talia is lucky that Chanel even talks to her if we are being honest. Chanel may not have liked how Johnny went about it, but she cares too much about him and Talia to leave them hanging.

She knows she has to choose. But even at this stage of the game, I don’t think she’s ready.

Tripp knows EJ has to be behind his mother’s attempted murder. All you have to do is put two and two together.

But Rafe does not have a clear vision when it comes to Ava. He doesn’t know if EJ would stoop that low, but promises Tripp that if there’s evidence to prove he is behind it he will uncover it.

Tripp however doesn’t need proof. He told EJ just days ago how well his mother was doing and thinks that could have been his motivation.

Soon Susan appears in one of Ava’s visions. At first, she isn’t aware if she is a ghost and coming to her with her psychic powers.

Ava knows she stumbled away from the burning car before it exploded. So why is she seeing her?

Now she must figure out a way to find her. Her life depends on it.

The lady EJ hired is now awake and must face her crimes. Jada wastes no time on questioning her about who hired her to put out a hit on Ava.

But I don’t think answers are going to come easily.

Days of our Lives: Where is Susan Banks?

In Ava’s vision, it is revealed that Susan is stuck in the “big smoke.” Harris reveals that’s a nickname for London.

Now they are going to have to get across the pond without being caught. Time will tell if Susan has come to her telepathically to find her whereabouts.

The ball is now in Chanel’s court. Johnny laid his heart on the line, and she calls him over to talk.

It’s time for her to reveal her feelings. Talia has come a long way.

She was indeed looking forward to seeing where things would go with her, but thanks to Johnny’s revelation things have changed. She admits to suppressing her feelings for Johnny because she didn’t think they had a shot anymore.

The love she had for him never died. At first, Johnny thinks she’s chosen a new life with Talia, but she takes his hand and can no longer deny it.

In the end, Chanel chooses to follow her heart and they share a passionate kiss. Trouble will be brewing in Wednesday’s episode because Talia is on her way with a bouquet of roses to, once again, walk in on a steamy moment between Chanel and Johnny.

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