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My Adventures with Superman has been a fantastic show and one of the best representations of the character in recent memory. Fans have praised the show’s charm, humor, and heart, so they should be thrilled to know that the show will be coming back for a second season.

The first season concluded at the beginning of September, with a cliffhanger that teased a possible season two. So, it’s a good thing that the response to the show was positive enough for us to find out what happens next.

Some might think that ending the very first season of a new show with a cliffhanger is a risky move, especially when it seems like almost every show is quickly getting canceled these days. However, in this case, it wasn’t as risky as you might think.

My Adventures with Superman: It’s always been two seasons…

It turns out that My Adventures with Superman was given a two-season order back in May of 2021, before the first season even went into production. While it’s always possible that a decision like that could have been reversed if the reviews and the ratings were abysmal, there was clearly enough faith in the project for the studio to greenlight both seasons.

And now that the show is a hit with both fans and critics, producers were happy to confirm that season 2 is in production. While there is no current release date for the second season of My Adventures with Superman, it’s possible that fans will not have to wait all that long.

According to the show’s writer and co-producer Josephine Campbell, some of the work for the season 2 has already been completed thanks to the initial two season order. It turns out that both seasons were developed simultaneously.

If the second season of this show is further along, then that means a more traditional second season could release quickly after the end of the first season.

What about the strikes?

Of course, like every entertainment news story right now, there are the strikes to consider. The Writer’s Guild and the Screen Actors Guild are currently on strike, meaning that almost every project currently in production in Hollywood is currently halted.

So does this mean that the strikes will delay the second season of My Adventures with Superman? It’s possible, but this might be one of the rare cases where the strikes don’t affect the production of this show at all.

The guilds that are currently on strike are the Writers and Actors Guild, meaning the work that has stopped is specifically in those two areas. No new scripts are being written, and nobody is performing to create new movies and shows.

However, if we know that some of the work is already done on the second season of My Adventures with Superman, and we know that the writing and voice acting are some of the first things that need to happen, (with the animation coming later) it’s possible that all the scripts were written, and lines were recorded before the strikes. It’s possible that production can continue without any Strike rules being violated.

This hasn’t been confirmed by anyone, and it’s possible that while some of the acting and writing is finished, it isn’t enough for the entire show to be released. We will have to wait until we learn more about the upcoming season.

But for now, Superman fans can be happy knowing that the second season of the show will get here eventually.

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What are some of your predictions for My Adventures with Superman season 2? Share them in the comments below, we’d love to read them!