Creepshow season 4, episode 2 recap: “The Hat” and “Grieving Process”

Creepshow season four - Courtesy Shudder
Creepshow season four - Courtesy Shudder /

The anthology series Creepshow has returned to Shudder and AMC for its fourth season, promising more spine-tingling tales of horror and the macabre. In the second episode of the season, viewers are treated to two gripping stories – “The Hat” and “Grieving Process.”

Each of these tales brings its unique brand of horror to the screen, making for a memorable viewing experience.

Creepshow season 4, episode 2 recap: “The Hat”

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“The Hat” tells the story of Jay (Ryan Beil), a struggling writer whose life takes a terrifying turn when he acquires a mysterious hat that seems to possess uncanny supernatural powers. This segment of the episode is a funny, eerie, at times unsettling, experience.

Jay, who bears a resemblance to the legendary Gene Wilder, is a writer on the brink of despair, plagued by writer’s block, and jealous of the success of fellow author Stephen Bachman (David Beairsto). Jay’s agent, Nicole (Marlee Walchuk), encourages him to use a good luck charm to break through his creative slump.

In an act of desperation, Jay tries on Bachman’s hat, a distinctive homburg rather than a classic fedora. To his astonishment, two hours later, Jay appears to have written an entire book in one sitting.

His newfound success skyrockets, his books claiming the number one spot on bestseller lists. However, Jay’s obsession with the hat begins to consume him, and his life spirals into chaos.

His obsession with the hat grows to the point where he loses his hair, believing he cannot write without it.

Creepshow season 4, episode 2 recap: The wrath of The Hat

Jay’s descent into madness takes a gruesome turn when his wife, Astrid (Sara Canning), attempts to remove the hat. In a disturbing twist (what we’ve come to expect from Creepshow), it becomes evident that the hat is possessed by a strange, alien-like monster that attaches itself to Jay’s brain.

As Jay’s obsession intensifies, it leads to a violent confrontation with Nicole, ending in a grotesque attack by the hat’s creature. Meanwhile, Astrid, seeking her own success, wears her own peculiar hat related to her architectural work, setting the stage for further horror.

Creepshow season 4, episode 2 recap: Grieving Process

In “Grieving Process,” the Creepshow episode takes a different, yet equally unsettling, turn. Richard (Sachin Sahel), a skilled cook, is married to the successful April (Rachel Drance), and their lives appear idyllic.

However, everything changes when April is attacked, leaving her severely traumatized and unresponsive. The presence of a mysterious dandelion at the crime scene sparks intrigue.

April’s sister, Jean (Maemae Renfrow), comes to assist her, revealing that she had also been attacked in a previous incident. April, grappling with her trauma, refuses to eat and expresses a desire to have Jean removed from the picture.

As the story unfolds, April’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, at first bordering on maniacal, then eventually crossing that border. Her descent into madness reaches its peak when she attacks and kills their doctor, Dr. Spence (Rebecca Davis), displaying a disturbing appetite for human flesh.

Creepshow season 4, episode 2 recap: Richard the master chef

Richard, shocked and desperate, takes matters into his own hands by hiding the body in the basement and subsequently preparing it like a meal. In a chilling twist, he is revealed to be amassing victims for April, turning them into elaborate dishes to satiate her gruesome hunger.

Jean’s untimely arrival at the scene results in her becoming the next victim of April’s insatiable appetite. Meanwhile, a chance encounter with a young girl named Daisy (Kingston Chan) leads to another horrifying revelation – Daisy is also a vampiric monster, and Richard invites her into the dark depths of his basement.

Another character, Detective Kiernan (Elfina Luk) becomes involved in the investigation, raising the stakes and adding to the suspense, as the episode hurtles toward its terrifying conclusion. Let’s just say it’s a bloody mess.


The second episode of Creepshow season 4 delivers another double dose of horror with “The Hat” and “Grieving Process.” These stories explore the dark and eerie sides of human nature and the consequences of supernatural objects and vampirism.

With decent performances and unsettling twists, Creepshow continues to captivate its audience with its macabre storytelling.

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